Dec 4, 2018

Incredible Animals: A Look At Raccoon Intelligence

Raccoons are highly intelligent and extremely adaptable making them one of the few animals that have adjusted to urban developments. This post takes a look at how intelligent they are with a collection of videos about them.

Racoon Demonstrates Problem Solving Skills | Earth Unplugged - Racoons are as clever as monkeys... so what puzzles can Rascal the racoon solve to get to a tasty treat?

See Raccoons Pass Famous Intelligence Test | Nat Geo Wild - Raccoons are notorious troublemakers, but a new study shows they're also very clever. Scientists used a test to see if raccoons could discern cause and effect by displacing water to access food.

Melanie Raccoon doing somersaults/tricks

Melanie Raccoon gives Mum a tissue

Betty Raccoon Does Tricks

Betty here is showing off her fancy hula dancing moves in exchange for treat rewards through the use of positive reinforcement training. Throughout the video you'll hear a click sound, which serves as a marker when training, meaning "That is correct; a reward is following." Animals who are taught with this method will learn new behaviours (aka tricks) incredibly at a rapid rate and thus will try to figure out how to get the trainer to make the "clicking" sound to earn their rewards; this is very fun for them as it engages their "seeking circuit". Betty was pretty quick to catch on when she learned this behavior last year. Raccoons in general are extraordinarily intelligent which Betty demonstrates well.

Is this the world's cleverest raccoon? Bike-riding critter is 'as intelligent as human toddler'

Raccoon's Secret Superpower
In Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket Racoon can shoot, talk and boss around a talking tree. He also shares a secret superpower with the rest of the raccoon species.

Racoon behavior examples;

Raccoon intruder is too smart to be caught!

Raccoon Acts Like A Human After Rescued by Kind Woman | The Dodo

Funny Raccoons ★ Keep Calm And Be A Raccoon [Funny Pets]

Funniest Raccoon Video Compilation of 2017 | Funny Pet Videos

Raccoon avoids trap & escapes thru closed doors!
See how this raccoon avoids professional trap and escapes through the closed doors!

10 Funniest Raccoon Videos #2

Momma brings 4 babies to the door, 6-20-13

TOP 5 best video from raccoons

Blind Raccoon and his guard cat

Blind Raccoon and his bodyguards

* UPDATE BELOW* This is a Blind Raccoon. He is at least 5 years old and has been coming to our house for about 5 years. There is something wrong with his tapetum lucidum. His eyes shine bright green during the day. He is at least partially blind. He walks into things. He is afraid of the wind, high grass, birds, and snow. He is out and about during the day. He comes to our house for food early in the morning usually around 6-9AM. He often returns for seconds and sometimes comes back for thirds. His bottom lip is missing so we feed him soft pasta noodles soaked in cream of chicken soup. We often cut up small pieces of hot dogs, ham, pork, etc. He refuses to eat canned cat/dog food. ***(And NO, its NOT Rabies or distemper... he would have died and NOT lived for as long as he did. And Raccoons can be out during the daytime. Sometimes they are out in daytime, especially during baby season. So just because you see a Raccoon out during daytime does NOT mean it has rabies)*** Recently (late October 2014) 2 black kittens have been hanging around our yard. And they became close with the Blind Raccoon. They would magically appear when he would come for food. So they figured out that Blind Raccoon = FOOD. So they would appear when the Blind Raccoon (and sometimes other raccoons) would show up. And then THiS happened today.... (November 13, 2014)

NATURE | Raccoon Nation | Living For the City | PBS

The raccoon's intelligence, adaptable nature, and omnivorous diet all help the species thrive in urban landscapes. When the lights go down in cities across North America, another world is revealed, populated by shady little characters that live alongside us, but exist in the margins. These pint-size problem solvers are smart, adaptable and omnivorous, and they love a good challenge. Welcome to the world of urban raccoons. With their busy little hands, they can do what other would-be urban animals can't — open doors, get into attics, and raid secured trash cans. And they are especially fond of big cities, like Chicago, New York, and Toronto — the raccoon capital of the world. In cities everywhere, wherever they've been introduced, they have done very, very well. It seems that the more obstacles you throw in their way, the smarter they get. In an effort to outwit raccoons, we may be pushing their brain development and perhaps even sending them down a new evolutionary path. One biologist who has been studying raccoons for 25 years believes the city life is in fact cultivating "├╝ber-raccoons," ready to take over the world. Only time will tell just how advanced this "nation" of urban raccoons will become.

National Geographic Documentary - Family of Urban Raccoons - Full Documentary 2016

National Geographic Documentary - Family of Urban Raccoons - Full Documentary 2016. Are human beings, in an effort to outwit raccoons, actually making them smarter and unwittingly contributing to their evolutionary success? Are the ever more complex obstacles that our fast-paced urban world throws at them actually pushing the development of raccoon brains? In this film, scientists from around the world share their thoughts and work to explore this scientific theory. Attempting to do something that has never been done before, they closely follow a family of urban raccoons as they navigate the complex world of a big city.

Backstreet Bandits - BBC Documentary (Raccoons)

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