Dec 22, 2018

Daily Show & Colbert Report Explain How Fox Spreads Fake News Through The Population

Background: The Daily Show Proves That Fox News Is Fake News

How Fox News creates the right wings viewpoints;

MASTER REBATORS - THE CRANK CYCLE 8/3/09 Fox News plants the seed, a viewer pollinates the point, and an outrage-generating ecosystem is created.

Here is an example of using an echo chamber for JUST business reasons (i.e. Rupert Murdoch - owner of Fox - comes up with device and tries to sell it through his news channels)

MURDOCH HE WROTE FEBRUARY 16, 2011 The Daily offers the convenience of using an iPad to read the news online without the Internet's annoying habit of being completely free. (4:46)

Stories created and spread only on Rupert Murdoch owned media (such as NY Post) as if its real news (Fox News/ NY Post example);

JOBS BILL CLIPGATE SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 If Barack Obama really believed in his jobs bill, he should have presented it in a leather-bound volume with gold filigree and illuminated initials. (3:03) 

The train of planting News in the video below goes as follows - First story in the Wall Street Journal, Second Story in ...the NY Post and finally, news story on Fox News - Seems like different news sources commenting on a story but in reality it's ONE news story, created and promoted by the SAME news source.

CONFIRMING ELENA MAY 13, 2010 - The New York Post isn't saying Elena Kagan is a lesbian, it's just asking the question next to a photo of her playing softball. (4:23) 

Conservative' Echo Chamber through Murdoch's Network (using multiple books on one view, talking about one perspective ONLY on a network owned by one man, i.e. the new republican party is an invention using multiple media channels all owned by the same group. Ironically, or perhaps, intelligently, the 'left' (i.e. the networks NOT owned by Murdoch) are grouped together as having a separate agenda thereby creating the 'Us vs. them' dynamic.

GOP - SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT JULY 27, 2011 - Conservative pundits hate it when liberals play the victim card because it distracts from the real victims: conservatives. (6:24)

This is the best, most classic, example of Fox News and GOP hypocrisy in action. Here they side with veterans protesting a shutdown THEY (GOP/Fox) caused!;

SHUTSTORM 2013: AMERICA SITS ON ITS BALLS - BIAS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN 10/3/2013 Could there be a higher octane fuel for the Fox News false outrage exploitation engine than wheelchair-bound World War II veterans?


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Fox News IS Fake News!

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