Oct 24, 2018

Trump & The GOP Take Voter Suppression And Voting Cons To New Treasonous Levels

1. Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny - The Southern Strategy By The GOP Created Modern Politics But They Continuously Get Away With It! (i.e. "how Southerns went from Democrats to Republicans", OR "how the Party of the North became the Party of the South")
2. Racism: A Historical Fact The GOP Like To Mis-Remember To It's Advantage (Example Of Ann Coulter & Nixon) 

3. The South Has Always Been The Traitors Of America... Always, Bravely, Attacking America To The Death! 

Republicans have taken suppression of votes and other voting related cons to new- treasonous - levels in modern history. This post is just to document this.

Republicans turn to dirty tricks as 2018 election approaches Rachel Maddow outlines examples of dirty campaign tricks taking place around the United States ahead of the 2018 election, as well as age-old intimidation tactics from Donald Trump.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Published on 18 Oct 2018 Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, has made efforts to hold up 53,000 voter registrations, 70% of which belong to black voters, all while maintaining his job as Georgia’s secretary of state, a role in which he oversees the very election he’s running in. This is some Africa-level s**t.

LastWeekTonight - Published on 14 Feb 2016 Every American deserves an equal vote. But in some states, access to voting is becoming less and less equal.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee - Published on 17 Oct 2018 As midterms approach, the parties are starting to roll out their platforms. Democrats are looking towards Medicare for All and Republicans are looking towards Voting for None.

Moment Of Zen;

This voter suppression by the party of the South is a traditional thing as the movie "Free State Of Jones" portrays;

Vote Suppression On Election Day In the South For The Opposition - This was after the civil war when the South was Democrat. The South switched to Republican under Nixon with KKK help. Tactics remain the same at heart.

What the South - and the party representing the South - opposed then, and now (at least in action), is equal rights for non-whites i.e. 15th Amendment (note that the party of the South is also fighting the first amendment);

GOP's War On the Constitution

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