Oct 31, 2018

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 68 (2017)

DONCATHLON - FOX NEWS DEFENDS THE INDEFENSIBLE DONALD TRUMP JR. 7/12/2017 After Donald Trump Jr. admits to meeting with a Russian lawyer during the run-up to the 2016 election, Fox News comes up with ridiculous excuses to defend the first son.

FOX NEWS'S SELECTIVE OUTRAGE OVER SEXUAL HARASSMENT 10/23/2017 While Fox News is eager to cover the sexual assault allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein, the network has yet to grapple with former show host Bill O'Reilly.

FOX NEWS HAS A HARD TIME PROCESSING THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING 10/3/2017 While most Fox News anchors struggle to push a narrative after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Sean Hannity takes a preemptive stance against gun control.

FOX NEWS DIDN'T GET THE COMEY MEMO 5/17/2017 Fox News brushes off reports that now-fired FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo claiming that President Trump requested that the bureau drop the Russia investigation.

IS FOX NEWS THE REAL PRESIDENT? 3/20/2017 Trevor examines President Trump's relationship with Fox News, from granting exclusive network interviews to pushing pundit Andrew Napolitano's conspiracies about Barack Obama.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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