Oct 7, 2018

How Trump Makes The "Privileged Few" Seem Like The Victims (Standard Fox News Techniques Trump Uses Brilliantly)

1. Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News 4 - Demonize Your Opponents As Communists AND Nazis (Then they Can't Call You What You Really Are, i.e. Nazis)
2. The Deep State Red Herring: Created By Alex Jones & Picked Up By The Others To Blame All Of Trump's Crimes On A Fictional Enemy
3. Its Impossible To Talk About Trump And His Decisions Without Fox News

Trump Weaponizes Victimhood to Defend Kavanaugh - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Conspiracy Theory:

Chris Hayes on the presumption of innocence Donald Trump says liberals treat Brett Kavanaugh as "guilty until proven innocent." But the wealthy and connected don't get treated that way. Everyone else does.

Trump attacks NYT after alleged tax schemes report Donald Trump is under pressure to release his tax returns after the New York Times revealed Trump borrowed $413 million from his father and engaged in potentially illegal schemes to avoid paying millions in taxes. Ali Velshi discusses what penalties Trump might face with Tim O'Brien and Josh Barro.

Donald Trump

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