Oct 8, 2018

Easily Provable Lies Brett Kavanaugh Told Under Oath The GOP Disregarded In Their Decision Making (OR "We Now Have A 9/11 Terrorist On The Supreme Court!")

 There is more than enough evidence to prove that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath;

Kavanaugh Testimony Drinking Game - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - 4 Oct 2018 - We made a drinking game inspired by Brett Kavanaugh's alternative facts.

Lies pointed out in video above:
1. Lied about his connections to Yale (in the same way Trump lies about his "loan" from his dad!)
2. When asked what a "devils triangle" Brett replies "drinking game" (no such game ever existed... and would be really easy to find out by asking his former college mates to answer that question under oath. At the most he could have said I don't want my kids to know what I was doing in college, so he doesn't want to say it on TV)
3. Q. "Was there ever a time you drank so much you couldn't remember what happened?" Kavanaugh replies "No". His friends testified otherwise (see news videos below with interviews).
4. "What is boofed"? Kavanaugh replies "it refers to flatulence". Another lie. (Interesting enough, if Kavanugh was talking about chugging beer through your butt, that explains one of Cheney's "torture" techniques! So the torture was just frat boy games by the 9/11 terrorists! Waterboarding is like chugging a keg while upside down!)

Despite restrictions on the FBI's investigation into Brett Kavanaugh...

Secretive, Speedy & Sketchy: The FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh |
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Published on 4 Oct 2018 - As the FBI’s secretive, limited five-day investigation into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh comes to a close, the future of the Supreme Court lies in the hands of the three moderate Republican senators: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake.

(Presidents can do that? I don't blame the FBI for not doing their job concerning 9/11, apparently they were under Presidential orders not to!  Now I blame Obama for not going after the 9/11 traitors! How many other people are following the orders of incompetent fools and the 9/11 terrorists?), 

... there is more than enough evidence to prove that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. In fact, we could completely disregard the FBI's useless "investigation" (and given that there is nothing that was investigated, we pretty much have to) and we still have more than enough proof of Brett Kavanaugh lying under oath;

News Note (Vox): To Kavanaugh’s defenders, asking about his yearbook is a new low for Supreme Court confirmation hearings; the implication is that in such a demeaning situation, it’s understandable for Kavanaugh to lie a little bit. To his critics, Kavanaugh disqualified himself from the Supreme Court by lying to Congress — showing disrespect for either the oath, or the Senators questioning him — regardless of what happened to Christine Blasey Ford.

The people defending Brett are ignoring the fact he lied under oath which is a crime and should have been disqualified from the nomination process by anyone not using the Nazi tactics of Fox News/Koch.

Note: Here is an example of a response so dumb that its clear this republican either is too drunk on power to care about her oath or lacks basic intellectual reasoning skills. The best way to determine what the truth is would be a polygraph. If she refuses to take a polygraph test on her votes intentions then she's a traitor (you can apply this logic to all GOP politician, or every politician for all I care)

News Reports;

Fmr. FBI official on Kavanaugh: This is not a normal investigation Despite the President's word on Monday that the FBI should have a free hand in conducting their background investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, there's mounting concern that the bureau didn't do a thorough enough job.

Kavanaugh's college friends say he lied under oath about drinking Two friends of Brett Kavanaugh's from Yale University say he was not being honest when he testified about how much he drank. Liz Swisher spoke out because "there can be no blurring between truth and falsehood." Lynne Brookes tells Lawrence she will stand by her public statements if the FBI questions her.

Why Murkowski opposes Kavanaugh Lawrence looks at the markedly different standards Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins had for how they weighed their decisions on Brett Kavanaugh and why they ultimately decided the way they did. Maya Wiley, Jill Wine-Banks, and Lisa Graves discuss.

Lawrence: New evidence shows Kavanaugh misled the Judiciary Committee With every passing day, according to Lawrence, more information surfaces that further damages Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. Now, the New York Times has published a letter written by Kavanaugh in high school that appears to contradict Kavanaugh's Judiciary Committee testimony.

 Fmr. Supreme Court Justice says Kavanaugh should be disqualified According to a reporter for the Palm Beach Post, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens said that Kavanaugh's "performance at confirmation hearings should disqualify him" and that "The Senators should pay attention to this."

 Anti-Kavanaugh protestors descend on Supreme Court and Capitol Hill Anti-Kavanaugh protesters descended on Washington today as Senators were briefed on the contents of the FBI report on Kavanaugh.

GOP's War On the Constitution

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