Oct 18, 2018

Clearly, Mitch McConnell Is A Child Of Thanos (Of The Black Order) - Watch McConnell Fulfill Bartlett's Prophecy

1. Height Of Hypocrisy 4: Republican Hypocrisy On The Deficit Is Epic!
2. Koch's Are Like Thanos From Avengers Infinity War! (The Right's Version Of Capitalism Could Be Called Thanos Economics!)

The Children of Thanos are the "Black Order" in Avengers Infinity War, i.e. the people who help him in his scheme to kill people for prosperity of the few. Here you see Mitch McConnell attacking social security and medicare (which many people depend upon to live), while pretending the problem he is trying to solve wasn't created by him and his party. i.e. to have a country whose economy doesn't collapse from debt and the rich get to keep all their money and control of the political processes, some people have to die. All of the ones on the safety nets, to begin with. Deporting these rich traitors should eventually become a talking point (with their money, except the ones who knew about 9/11 and helped the GOP).

McConnell blames rising deficit on entitlements, ignores GOP tax cuts Senate Majority Leader McConnell is raising the alarm about the deficit but blaming it on entitlements and not on the Republican $1.5 trillion tax cuts.

This is exactly what Bruce Bartlett said they would do (i.e. in other words, its a scam to kill people by cutting safety nets!);

New Republican tax plan explodes the deficit for a purpose Bruce Bartlett, former Ronald Reagan domestic policy adviser, talks with Joy Reid about the expected fallout from the new tax plan and the Republican strategy to blow up the deficit with tax cuts for the rich so they can later argue a need to slash benefits to address the deficit. Duration: 7:41

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