Sep 28, 2018

Its Impossible To Talk About Trump And His Decisions Without Fox News

1. Fox News Has Literally Been Created For Obstruction Of Justice (i.e. Choosing Party Over Country Is What They Are All About)
2. The Deep State Red Herring: Created By Alex Jones & Picked Up By The Others To Blame All Of Trump's Crimes On A Fictional Enemy

This 20 minute video provides a great introduction into how Fox News and Trump have really become the same person/entity. When Trump does something stupid its not just Trump saying this, its Fox News. Trump is Fox News's mouthpiece (and Fox News is enjoying its control of the government)...

In the Foxhole | The Daily Show
The Daily Show examines the role Fox News has had in the Trump presidency, from defending his child separation policy to Sean Hannity retaining Michael Cohen as his lawyer.

Donald Trump

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