Aug 8, 2018

The Infowars Style Group Of Hate & Violence Mongers, Include Fox News & Fox Business!

1. Trump's Terrorist Attack On the Press (With Fox News Support)
2. Hannity The Liar And Hypocrite: Watch Hannity Get Debunked & Contradict Himself Like A Yo-yo!
3. The Right Wing Are Basically Terrorists Or "Terrorist Creators" (Alt Right Terrorists Is The Politically Correct Term)
4. The Main Political Commentators At Fox News & Alex Jones (Infowars) Are Now Joined At The Hip
5. Proofs That Alex Jones (From Infowars) Is Basically Just A White Supremacist Seeking To Incite Violence (Following The Fox News Lead?)

This post is just a walkthrough the fact that Fox is supporting Alex Jones, a right wing terrorist orator, which indicates what Fox is really like and what it is really promoting to most of its viewers who think they are watching fact based news.

Intro: Alex Jones runs a site of virulent hate supported by the right as their bastion of truth and liberty (which shows what the right is made of). Infowars war on the people and truth/facts has begun to get a backlash the Nazi style propagandists of the right are having a tough time with. This post documents this.

MailChimp confirms that it terminated accounts of Alex Jones and Infowars
Update: In a statement to Media Matters, MailChimp confirmed it has removed the accounts for Infowars, citing "hateful content":

False equivalence between fact based speech and lie based hate speech designed for terrorism which is the norm for the right & its media

Fox Business, which used to be a minor business con channel, has taken up white supremacist terrorism under Trump...

On Fox Business, Lou Dobbs defends Infowars and Alex Jones Robert Jeffress: "What is deemed as your opinion could be somebody else's definition of hate speech"


On Fox News, Tucker Carlson defends Infowars and Alex Jones Carlson: "I know we're supposed to think that Alex Jones is way more radical than, like, Bill Maher, or Michelle Wolf, or Rosie O'Donnell, but he's got a point of view, and CNN is trying to squelch his point of view"


Opposing the terrorism of the right is "fighting free speech". It's not like Alex Jones didn't get warnings (that he responded to by calling them globalists and deep state/ liberals etc)... 

Alex Jones says Infowars platform bans are first step in globalist plot to carry out violent false flag attacks against CNN and MSNBC

...and now we have proof of the right wing seeing Alex Jones conspiracies designed to protect Trump and attack everyone else, especially colored people (how white supremacists like them see other skin colors) and Democrats, is the heart of GOP news propaganda further solidifying the Nazi Style Credentials for media standards. Laura Ingraham, a person who uses terrorist style tactics all the time, of course also supports Infowars...

Laura Ingraham calls Infowars social media ban "coordinated" censorship of one of the "sources we as individuals trust and like"

Q. Is ingraham trying to appear sympathetic to 9/11 truthers while she helps the GOP? Its possible. But she will never say 9/11 was an inside job out loud on TV because she works for the same people and saying such a thing outloud would be bad for them and good for America as a Nation and helping America is clearly not her job (as her record shows).

Anyone who opposes the Nazi style "conservative" cult is an enemy (i.e. basically "everyone is the enemy" since few will agree with Christian fundamentalism and Nazism). Democrats/left have been demonized since they began to look into 9/11 and have been seen as evil since (even by people who believe that 9/11 was inside job but for some incomprehensible reason - defying reason - they support the GOP, i.e. the party that did and hid 9/11)

After Alex Jones is removed from iTunes and Facebook, Fox Business guests says that tech companies are full of "hardcore leftists"

Fox's Tammy Bruce says Infowars' social media ban is an example of tech companies silencing conservatives Bruce: "Tech companies are taking the lead in suppressing any voices that dissent against the left"

AZ Senate candidate Joe Arpaio comes to Alex Jones’ defense
Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is running as a Republican for a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona, told his campaign to “stand up” for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after several social media companies banned Jones from their platforms.
Dustin Stockton, a senior Arpaio strategist, wrote on Twitter that Arpaio has directed the campaign to look into purchasing advertising on Jones’ Infowars outlet “to help provide resources as they fight for free speech”:

Sheriff Joe has directed our campaign to stand up for @RealAlexJones and has told us to look at purchasing advertising from @infowars to help provide resources as they fight for free speech. Honored to work for @RealSheriffJoe. I bet you don't see his opponents say a word!

In July 2017, Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt of court over his refusal to comply with a court order that said he could no longer direct the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to engage in racially discriminatory practices against Latinos. He faced up to six months in jail, but he received a pardon from President Donald Trump before he was sentenced.

“The Empire strikes back”: Right-wing media defend Alex Jones after Infowars is banned from several major platforms

After Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes all removed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Infowars pages from their platforms, several right-wing media figures leapt to the extremist’s defense. Jones’ defenders responded by criticizing and threatening “the entire rotten tech machine” and invoking a wide range of comparisons to support him, including Star Wars, George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, reality TV star Kylie Jenner, and the Holocaust.

Read the full piece here.

Note: This clearly indicates Alex Jones thinks he has way more power than he has. I bet he's trying to start a civil war! Funny.

Alex Jones says Infowars platform bans are first step in globalist plot to carry out violent false flag attacks against CNN and MSNBC

Jones later compared himself to a victim of the Holocaust, claiming, “They always censor someone like the Jews in the Nazi Germany or the Quakers in Nazi Germany before they absolutely rob them and then kill them.” He went on to say that false flag attacks will target CNN, MSNBC, Google, and Facebook and that the perpetrator -- on orders from their globalist superiors -- will “say they did it for internet freedom and sell the idea that see Trump was wrong, Alex [Jones] was wrong, we do have to censor, it’s their fault.” Jones also sold the false flag attacks as an attempt to cause Trump-backed candidates to lose their 2018 midterm election races:

Note: Jews weren't out there trying to kill innocent citizens and unlike the holocaust Jews, Alex Jones hasn't been killed or even imprisoned.

A standard technique Jones & Infowars have been using to cover for right wing terrorists (Fox News terrorism: A right wing tradition since Bill O Reilly got Dr. Tiller killed)

Alex Jones: Phone call with threat to shoot CNN’s Brian Stelter and Don Lemon is a false flag

Jones has used his YouTube channel to heap abuse upon Stelter in recent months, including posting videos (since removed when his account was terminated) with the titles “Brian Stelter And Michael Wolff Are The True Faces Of Evil,” “Alex Jones Challenges CNN's Brian Stelter To Fight For $1,000,000!,” and “Internet on Fire Comparing Subway Spokesmen Jared Fogle With Brian Stelter.” (Fogle is serving a 15-year prison sentence for possessing child pornography and having sex with minors.) During a January broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, Jones went on a bizarre rant where he claimed Stelter “runs your kids, he runs the schools, he runs the banks” and drinks children's blood. During the rant, Jones addressed Stelter: “You will pay. Yeah, you don’t think I see your face, scum? You don’t think I don’t see you, Stelter? I see you, you understand me?”
On the evening of August 5, it was reported that Apple had banned Jones from its iTunes platform for violations of its content policies. Facebook followed suit on August 6, removing the four primary pages where Jones shared content. Last month, YouTube deleted four videos Jones posted and banned him from livestreaming for three months because of content violations. On August 6, YouTube removed Jones' channel from its platform.

It seems that Alex Jones was - and is - relying on the dictatorial powers of Trump to intervene for him in the tech world!

After Infowars is removed from various platforms, Alex Jones begs Donald Trump for helpAlex Jones: Trump must make “censorship” the top issue in the midterm elections or else he will be impeached

Here's me trying to help;

Alex Jones calling his enemies pedophiles while having recently supported a pedophile, along with the rest of the right wing media, following Trump's lead...

Related: Trump, Hannity, And The Pedophile Brigade

Update Aug 9 2018 -

One of Hannity's skills is to sound like he's being a reasonable stand up sort of a guy when he's doing the opposite (lying and hypocrisy is his thing)

1. Sean Hannity thanks Jack Dorsey and Twitter for sticking up for Alex Jones

Extract form Hannity's con words: And while I know Alex Jones is controversial, I don’t listen to other radio shows. I’ve seen segments of his show on Mediaite for example. I know that he’s got this lawsuit and some comments he made I guess post-Sandy Hook, that he didn’t think it happened and he calls other things red flags or whatever, I know he also had supported Trump, but I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention to it.
Total lies. He's been in politics for decades and he doesn't know what a "false flag" is? And calls it a "red flag"? He's trying to appear innocent. Its a tactic girls use to seem dumb for insecure guys. And... didn't pay attention to infowars and Trump while he has calmly taken a ton of his random conspiracy theories straight from Alex Jones? Another lie. But Hannity has a record of lying and contradicting himself with his own words. if nothing else.

2. Sean Hannity brushes off Alex Jones' Sandy Hook smear, claims banning Jones from social media is a "slippery slope"Hannity: Jones "has a fairly significant audience. Yeah, he said what he said about Sandy Hook, I've actually never heard his show"

Lies. Hannity used infowars factless theories in his show as he is a conspiracy theorist and liar himself.

Links disproving the innocent image Hannity The Liar is trying to create;

NY Times: How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?The Fox News host is willing to defend Trump at all costs — and is reaching more than 13 million people a day.

Huffington Post: Jon Stewart Slams Fox News, Sean Hannity For Hypocritical ‘Common’ Outrage (VIDEO)

Fox News is lying to itself: Its violent rhetoric really is putting lives at riskO’Reilly & Co. can rail against Black Lives Matter all they want, but they’re the ones actually inciting attacks

The Root: Sean Hannity Blames Maxine Waters for the Capital Gazette Shooting

CNN: Sean Hannity disputes claim he tied Waters' rhetoric to newsroom shooting

Worst Persons - Coulter and Hannity Use Violent Rhetoric - Countdown with Keith Olbermann

The White Supremacist Gang Of Domestic Terrorists


BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

Alex Jones

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