Jul 25, 2018

Trump Has Become A Dictator Of Orwellian Proportions! GOP Have Enabled A Monster!

1. Proofs That Trump Is Nothing But A Dictator, And Tyrant, At Heart
2. Height Of Hypocrisy 7: The Executive Order & Dictator/Tyrant Hypocrisy
3. Trump Said He Would "Drain The Swamp" And Now He Has Become The Swampiest Of Them All! And The GOP Support This.
4. Trump Is Clearly In Bed With Putin. GOP Are Clearly In Bed With Trump... Are Trump And The GOP Pandering To Putin As An Election Strategy? i.e. "It Worked Before So Why Not Again?"
5. Trump's White Supremacist - And Anti First Amendment - Attack On The NFL's Black Players Backed By Fox News And The GOP While Simultaneously Promoting & Being Nice To White Supremacists & Neo Nazis...

A summary of the dictator Trump has become. Exactly as George Orwell described...

Donald Trump’s Orwellian assault on reality “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening, “ said President Trump today, echoing George Orwell’s “1984.”

Trump finally paraphrased George Orwell (probably unintentionally) as he continues to try and become dictator under, apparently, Putin's tutelage (judging by the ass kissing going on);

Yup. Trump is definitely crazy.

Our President Says Don't Believe What You See And Read
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Published on 24 Jul 2018 Watching Stephen's monologue with the subtitles on would really stick it to Trump for suggesting Americans shouldn't believe anything they're 'seeing and reading.

Trump is even hiding information, literally, from Putin's handbook...

Trump White House cuts Putin support for Trump out of transcript Rachel Maddow shows how the White House transcript and video of the Trump Putin press conference in Helsinki has been edited to remove the question asking Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election, part of a broader campaign of information warfare the Trump administration is waging with Russia against the American people. Duration: 22:24

Trump is waging an information war!

GOP are enabling Trump to act like an unAmerican dick and not impeaching him (as lust for power power has taken over their ability to reason)...

Fox News fealty to Trump every president's dream Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, discusses how past presidents, Richard Nixon in particular would have loved to have a news outlet at their disposal the way Fox News serves Donald Trump.

Basically Trump, using his life experiences as a guide (I assume) made the decision to become a fascist, which fit the GOP's agenda nicely (apparently);

 The Daily Show with Trevor NoahDonald Trump's Fascist Week: The Daily Show Donald Trump comes under fire for unknowingly tweeting a Benito Mussolini quote, and he may have more in common with the fascism founder than he realizes.

GOP are constantly kissing Trumps ass thus enabling him to follow his fantasies of being in control of everything, or in other words, as he may have just discovered, being a tyrant (a con to blame GOP's treasonous polices on Trump?);

Courts a stopgap to Trump's failings on loyalty to Americans Michael McFaul, Chuck Rosenberg, and Matt Axelrod talk with Rachel Maddow about whether Donald Trump could unilaterally hand over American citizens at Vladimir Putin's request.

Clearly, if GOP/Fox-News weren't encouraging evil idiot Trump, he would not be trying to achieve his dreams of dictator-hood;

Lawrence: Trump backs down repeatedly Lawrence O'Donnell points out that no one should buy the rhetoric that President Trump is a tough guy in negotiations. From the campaign trail to his time in the Oval Office, President Trump's record is full of promises made, promises broken. Josh Barro and Jason Johnson join Lawrence to discuss Trump's record of flip-flopping fast and often.

As, Trump is a needy man who depends on people's praise and adoration to get himself through the day;

'Fox & Friends' Couldn't Get Trump Off The Phone
The three couch-hosts of 'Fox & Friends' couldn't get a word in during the President's half-hour filibuster on live television.

Trump even nominated a Judge that has a history of supporting unconstitutional positions that could make Trump "above the law" as a dictator needs to be...

Watergate Prosecutor: Kavanaugh’s past statement on Nixon tapes ‘blinking red light’ Jill Wine-Banks talks with Lawrence about the unanimous Supreme Court decision ordering Richard Nixon to turn over the Watergate tapes- a decision that Trump SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh once said “maybe was wrongly decided.” Ron Klain also joins.

GOP have already proven that Rule of Law isn't a thing for them through thier support of Russia, Trump & attacking the FBI for not investigating Hillary (who is not President), so supporting this Judge shows they would have supported Nixon is they could have;

Lawrence: Mueller indictments are Watergate Part 2 The Special Counsel indictment of 12 Russian Military operatives for attacking the DNC and Clinton campaign and stealing their Emails puts the USA in a situation best called "Watergate Part 2." Jill Wine-Banks, Joyce Vance and David Corn join Lawrence.

Trump is just another low life dictator that the GOP is known for producing since Nixon & Bush, with Reagan being a minor exception;

George Will on Trump-Cohen tape: "Mr. Trump is a seedy man" George F. Will reacts to the Trump-Cohen secret audio recording, comparing the tape to the recordings that brought down Richard Nixon. Will refers to Trump as a "low-life from Queens."

Some tweets;

Donald Trump

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

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