May 23, 2018

While Democrats Aren't Traitors The Way Republicans Are They Are Still A Threat To Democracy

1. Are Democrats Basically Cowards?
2. The Irony Of Malala Yousafzai's Fame In The United States
3. Daily Show: Trevor Noah Totally Humiliates America's Corrupt Political Establishment, By Comparing It With Brazil!

Just a few things I noticed that show that the Democrats are pulling a con about how moral they are. First lets take a look at backroom shenanigans going on at present...

Now notice Senator Warren saying that every vote must count for a Democracy...

This same sentiment was ignored by the Democrat Establishment when they supported Super Delegates (where establishment democrats chose to vote for a candidate irrespective of the people's votes - great for slowing down the momentum and causing the people to give up hope for any non-establishment candidate).  I covered the Super Delegate hypocrisy before (but to no avail, Hillary supporters - establishment dems - turned into Republicans during the Democratic primary)

1. Super Delegates Have Done Exactly What Samantha Bee Said They Would Do, i.e. Put A 'Brake On A Non-Establishment Candidate'... Why Is That OK? OR Samantha Bee & Rachel Maddow Prove They Don't Understand Super Delegates... Are They Too In Love With Hillary To See The Truth?

2. Super Delegates And Corporate Media Bias Prove That The "Democratic" Party Should Be Disqualified AND Disbanded For Rigging The Elections To Serve It's Party Agenda

3. Taking Down "Crooked Hillary" Part 4 - In What World Is Having Delegates Pledged To A Candidate BEFORE An Election NOT AN Issue? (Note: trump did use techniques I recommended but Hillary copied me too, so I consider it to be even)

4. Larry Wilmore Interviews Bernie Sanders & Mentions The Undemocratic Way Hillary Is Winning The "Democratic" Primary

Electoral college is the same as super delegates. More seats go to a guy with less votes. If the Presidential election was spread out over a few months, beginning with Southern States, I'm sure that would have killed Hillary's momentum to the point where she wouldn't even have one the general vote.

Clearly the Democrat Establishment is composed a bunch of undemocratic hypocrites? Just look at the information on media and the GOP that the Democrats haven't used their platform to cover and their treasonous intent of letting the GOP succeed in their treason become clear (or maybe they are just too cowardly to be of any help to the country, same thing basically)...

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans


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