May 15, 2018

John McCain Has Helped Kill Millions Of People And Is Treated With Respect Because He Is Rich & Powerful . Clearly The World In America Is Upside Down!

1. The GOP Sentences At Least 15,000 To 17,000 Americans To Death EVERY YEAR! (i.e. The Effects Of 13 Million Uninsured)
2. Jon Stewart: We Should Set The GOP Adrift On An Ice Flow For Thier Iraq War Lies
3. The Iraq Effect (2007): New Study Finds 600% Rise in Terrorism Since US Invasion of Iraq
4. Daily Show Humiliates Both Sides Of "The 47 Traitors" Debate While Accidentally Proving One Side Fights For Peace (Democrats) & The Other Side Fights For War (GOP) 
5. Paul Ryan's And The GOP's Economic Treason In A Nutshell
6. GOP Proves Itself To Be The "War Party" Yet Again! (With The Paul Ryan Budget)
7. Establishment GOP's Hypocrisy On Veterans Is So Thick You Could Cut It With A Knife, How Could The Media Miss This?

Given the amount of Americans he is killing with his heartless - and fake - economic policies (see background links). All the traitors flip flops that encourage the break down of America. Backing Iraq War lies that led to an increase in terrorism world wide and destabilized the middle east. Even blocking fully funded veteran bills during Obama's administration as opposing Obama at all costs - even at the cost of Citizen lives and the economy - was the primary GOP mission. Even the economic bills have taken effect and in 2-3 years we will see the economic damage the GOP have wrought like they did the last time they passed tax cuts under Bush and killed economic growth (then started wars to cover it up). Could John McCain have gotten angry with America for his treatment in Vietnam that was hated by the American people as rapists and baby killers (cause there was a draft and had to fight a war without being poor to provide the motivation)? We will never know but it certainly seems like a good explanation for why John Mccain eventually chose to betray America with his treasonous policies. John McCain has led a life of treason to the country, as have the other Republicans. For John McCain to be treated with respect because he is dying of brain cancer - a diseases many Americans without healthcare will die from anyways because of John McCains actions - is just plain wrong as it suggests if you are rich and powerful you can kill citizens, disrupt the world, help kill millions and cover it up with lies while destabilizing world peace and then get away with it while being treated like Mahatma Ghandi despite him being the opposite of it. Its just plain wrong. I don't for a second thing media will stop helping the GOP traitors so this is just a protest post. As are most posts on this blog.

CNN: McCain in book excerpt: 'This is my last term'

Referring to President Donald Trump, McCain wrote, "He has declined to distinguish the actions of our government from the crimes of despotic ones. The appearance of toughness, or a reality show facsimile of toughness, seems to matter more than any of our values."
McCain said he wants to see the nation's politics "return to the purposes and practices that distinguish our history" and says, "you're damn right, I'm a champion of compromise."
    "I would like to see us recover our sense that we are more alike than different," he wrote. "We are citizens of a republic made of shared ideals forged in a new world to replace the tribal enmities that tormented the old one. Even in times of political turmoil such as these, we share that awesome heritage and the responsibility to embrace it."

    These statements are just pure hypocrisy as a look a recent GOP history shows;

    CNN/GPS: Despite the tea party’s extraordinary energy over the past year, it looks like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will win his party’s nomination. At the end of the day, Republicans are following a familiar pattern: Nominating the mainstream candidate who has waited his turn. This is the party that’s had a Bush or a Dole on its ticket for 20 years. It’s a party that also had Richard Nixon on its presidential ticket for 20 years.

    MITT HAPPENS 4/12/2011 Mitt Romney competes with Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and a long list of dark horses for the Republican nomination.
    Zakaria: Conservatism has lost touch with reality

    "It used to be that conservatism was a hard-headed set of ideas rooted in reality.
    Unlike the abstract theories of Marxism and socialism, it started not from an imagined society, but from the world as it actually exists.

    "This is the way things work," conservatives would patiently explain to wooly headed liberal professors. "Whatever you may want it to look like, this is what it really looks like."
    But consider the debates over the economy these days. The Republican prescription is cut taxes - slash government spending, then things will always bounce back.

    Now, I would like to see lower tax rates in the context of simplification and reform, but what is the actual evidence that massive tax cuts are the single best path to revive the U.S. economy? Taxes as a percentage of GDP are at their lowest levels since 1950. The U.S. is among the lowest taxed of the big industrial economies.

    So the case that America is grinding to a halt because of high taxation is not based on facts, either past or present. It is simply a theoretical assertion.

    The rich countries after all are in the best shape right now with strong growth and low unemployment are ones like Germany, Denmark and Canada - none characterized by low taxes.
    CNN: McCain, 81, made public last summer his brain cancer diagnosis. He's been recovering from side effects of the cancer treatment at his home in Arizona since late last year.
    "'The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it,' spoke my hero, Robert Jordan, in For Whom the Bell Tolls," McCain wrote in his book. "And I do, too. I hate to leave it. But I don't have a complaint. Not one. It's been quite a ride. I've known great passions, seen amazing wonders, fought in a war, and helped make a peace. I made a small place for myself in the story of America and the history of my times."

    This is his place is American history, a flip flpper that stood for nothing honorable for any serious lentgh of time;

    John McCain’s 44 Flip-Flops

    John McCain -- 61 Flip-Flops and Counting McCain argues that flip-flops are an example of a political leader who can't be trusted -- so he might as well drop out of the race.

    A great example of John McCain backtracking JUST to be an asshole (as per standard GOP policies for decades. His career is full of these);

    Politifact: Maddow: McCain was for the Bergdahl swap before he was against it
    But MSNBC host Rachel Maddow criticized McCain of flip-flopping.
    "Sen. McCain did not think that very same exchange of prisoners would be ‘unacceptable to the American people’ when he himself suggested it in February," Maddow said on her June 4 program.
    In this fact-check, we examine if Maddow has it right when she says McCain gave this exchange the nod four months ago. (A hat tip here to the Washington PostFactchecker for its work on this question.)
    Maddow cited an interview between McCain and CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Feb. 18. Bergdahl’s fate was in the air. A day earlier the Washington Post reported that the Pentagon, White House and State Department were ready to free five Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo to win Bergdahl’s release after an intercepted video of Bergdahl suggested his condition was deteriorating.
    Here is the exchange between Cooper and McCain:
    COOPER: "Would you oppose the idea of some form of negotiations or prisoner exchange? I know back in 2012 you called the idea of even negotiating with the Taliban bizarre, highly questionable."
    MCCAIN: "Well, at that time the proposal was that they would release -- Taliban, some of them really hard-core, particularly five really hard-core Taliban leaders, as a confidence-building measure. Now this idea is for an exchange of prisoners for our American fighting man.
    "I would be inclined to support such a thing depending on a lot of the details."
    COOPER: "So if there was some -- the possibility of some sort of exchange, that's something you would support?"
    MCCAIN: "I would support. Obviously I'd have to know the details, but I would support ways of bringing him home and if exchange was one of them I think that would be something I think we should seriously consider."

    BERGDGHAZI 6/5/2014 Critics question whether Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should have been rescued from the Taliban in light of claims that he was both a deserter and a ballerina.

    FOX NEWS'S WAR ON BOWE BERGDAHL 6/9/2014 Fox News pundits work tirelessly to cast rescued Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl as a Taliban-loving traitor.

    JOHN MCCAIN'S SYRIAN PHOTO OP 6/3/2013 John McCain meets with Syrian rebels and shows the Obama administration how to differentiate between the good guys and the bad.

    This is the stuff John McCain stood for in his life, i.e. hypocrisy and treason and nothing else (no matter what the disillusion media and its supporters say)...

    Veteran & Soldier Issues

    Media's Iraq War Cover-Up

    ISIS was funded (to some extent) by the US but the power vacuum in Iraq, making it possible for ISIS to exist, was created by Bush-Cheney;

    Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

    BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

    Media, Iraq Con & 9/11

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