Apr 11, 2018

White Nationalists Say. "Fox News Is Broadcasting White Nationalism Every Night At 8 PM ET" (i.e. Tucker Carlson Tonight)

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Tucker Carlson basically plays the role of a "White Supremacist with an Attitude". Yelling down opposers with self righteousness that is often peppered (or filled) with lies and conspiracy as per standard Fox News "Real News" policy as a sort of white supremacists opinion channel

Tucker Carlson is just the first in the white supremacist lineup of the night but, for some reason, the most obvious as one commentator pointed out....

Here is a look at the clues that Tucker Carlson is a White Supremacist pretending not to be one (the evidence speaks for itself)...

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson is using his Fox News show to mainstream white nationalism

Ever since Tucker Carlson took over the reigns of the 8 p.m. slot in Fox News’ prime-time lineup with his show Tucker Carlson Tonight, he has been using the hour to mainstream white nationalism. Carlson, a belovedfigure of the white nationalist community, dedicates significant time to fearmonger about immigration,defend white nationalists, complain about racism against white people, or regularly provide a platform forbigots, all the while accusing "the left" of making everything about race. Watch:   

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson defends white nationalist "Pizzagate" conspiracy theorist after she was barred from entering U.K. Carlson: This is a country that “hates itself, its heritage, and its own people”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used his primetime platform to defend "alt-right" Twitter troll Brittany Pettibone and others who were recently banned from entering the United Kingdom because of their extreme views. Carlson decried the move as an action from a country that “hates itself, its heritage, and its own people.”
Britain's Home Office explained in a statement that the border force “has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.”
Carlson responded by inviting far-right U.K. media personality Katie Hopkins on his show to defend the far-right activists as victims the U.K.’s political correctness. Carlson’s on-screen chyron described Pettibone and other banned right-wing extremists as “reporters,” and ignored Pettibone’s white nationalist comments. Carlson also failed to mention that Pettibone has appeared on white nationalist outlets like Red Ice Radio, advanced “white genocide” and “Pizzagate” conspiracy theories, and complained about Twitter banning white nationalists. From the March 13 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight:

Media Matters: On Fox News, Mark Steyn promotes “stunningly racist” anti-immigrant French novel

In his April 2 appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Mark Steyn praised Jean Raspail’s The Camp of the Saints, a novel described by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a “favorite racist fantasy of the anti-immigrant movement” and “revered by American white supremacists.” Steyn claimed the novel “actually predicted what is happening before our eyes.” The novel describes “an invasion of France and the white Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees.”
Steyn previously cited the racist novel in a prior appearance on Fox News, when he asked if The Camp of the Saints was “playing out simply incrementally with smaller boats” across Europe.

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson attacks ethnic diversity for “radically and permanently changing our country" Carlson: "Our leaders are radically and permanently changing our country, wholly on the basis of their faith that diversity is, in fact, our strength"


Media Matters: Tucker Carlson guest defends white supremacists and claims that Hispanics in Arizona represent the end of American society Mark Steyn: "The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn't be here"


On acknowledging a heritage other than his own...

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson: Europeans coming to America led to "freedom and happiness" and "far less human sacrifice and cannibalism" Carlson calls Alaska's bill changing Columbus Day to "Indigenous People's Day" an "attack on civilization"

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Christopher Columbus has been ceremonially deported from the state of Alaska. Under a new bill signed by the Alaska governor Bill Walker. Columbus Day will henceforth be known as "Indigenous People's Day." Alaska joins California, Tennessee, and South Dakota in refusing to commemorate the discovery of the New World by Europeans. Why? Well it's an apology of sorts, obviously. The message is "it would have been better if Europeans had never come here at all." Well, that's not just absurd, it's literally an attack on civilization. Things are, in fact, better on this continent than they were 700 years ago in case democracy and penicillin and the internal combustion engine didn't make that obvious. The upstart nations of the new world, in particular this country, the U.S., played a key role in creating a better and freer world, while helping to liberate the old world from despotism, fascism and communism. There's more human freedom and happiness, far less human sacrifice and cannibalism. That's all an achievement, we ought to celebrate it, not mourn it, obviously.

I.e. he sees his cultural group as supreme above all others

Fascism & Nazism go together;

Fascism definitionA form of government which is authoritarian, oppressively conservative, who believe in the supremacy of the stated national group, and which, at least initially, purports to vest law-making and administrative authority in the hands of workers or their organizations.

Other notable stories;

Media Matters: Fox's Tucker Carlson says he doesn't know what the term "white nationalist" even means (an obvious lie)

BRAD WOODHOUSE: Tucker what you want to focus on and every conservative commentator has focused on is the text of the speech and not the context of the people who are advising him, who are writing the speech, the people who have white nationalist -- TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): But this is insane! I don't even know what "white nationalist" means and I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole with you now. But I want to address the ideas themselves. If you have a country full of 335 million people who don't share common values, why does that country not break apart? This is something the left and never thinks about, even as it encourages massive immigration into the country, [with] people don't agree with the people who live here. That's not good! 
Tucker Carlson: Trump's Muslim ban "doesn't ban Muslims" (Trump even CALLED it a "Muslim Ban")

Here is seems to know what a white supremacist is...

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson says it's unfair to call the Portland attacker a white supremacist 
Carlson: This is "hardly the behavior of a coherent white supremacist," but "fake civil rights groups" like the SPLC "jumped onboard immediately"

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As you may have heard, over the weekend, a deranged man in the state of Oregon called Jeremy Christian began berating Muslims on a train, and when three men approached to intervene, he stabbed two of them to death. It was an atrocity, but it was only the first of many in the story.
Almost immediately after it happened, the press scrambled to define what exactly had happened. Right wing, white supremacist commits murder, provoked by Trump's climate of hate, or maybe climate of fear, maybe both.
Fake civil rights groups like the Center for Islamic Relations and the Southnern Poverty Law Center jumped onboard immediately, blaming President Trump's rhetoric.
The accused killer was not a Trump voter, he actually backed Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 race and indeed called for violent attacks on Trump supporters during the election. A video from the day before the stabbing shows him denouncing not just Muslims, but also, Jews and Christians. And in a Facebook posting from last June, he attacked Hillary Clinton for allegedly keeping Honduran refugees out of this country. Hardly the behavior of a coherent white supremacist.
At the alt-right rally, supposedly attended in April, he was apparently there to pick fights with everyone, whether they loved trump or hated him. Once you dig a little, you find this guy wasn't a right-winger, but an unstable maniac who hated almost everybody, and maybe inevitably was going to lash out at some point, but don't tell that tot the media, though. Like progressives everywhere, they see racists under every bed.

Same pattern has been used before to protect white supremacists and right wing terrorists by Fox...

IN THE NAME OF THE FODDER 7/27/2011 The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity.

Others have noticed Tuck's Nazi-like tendencies as well...

Fox analyst compares Tucker Carlson to Nazi sympathizer as the Fox host defends Putin-  Ralph Peters: "You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying, "Hitler hasn't attacked us." 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): It's hard to see why -- I'm not vouching for Putin's character, he seems like a shady guy, a strong man for sure. Wouldn't want to live there.
RALPH PETERS (GUEST): He's a killer.
TUCKER CARLSON:  Hard to see why he's a threat to us. How many wars can we fight at once? And how many people can we be in opposition to at once? Why not just accept that people who are bad people share our interest and side with them? 
RALPH PETERS: You sound like Charles Lindbergh in 1938 saying, "Hitler hasn't attacked us."
TUCKER CARLSON: I beg your pardon? Slow down. Slow down, Colonel. You cannot compare me to somebody who makes apologies for Hitler. And I don't think Putin is comparable to Hitler. I think it's a grotesque overstatement, actually. It's insane.
RALPH PETERS: I think Putin is -- fine, you can think it's insane all you want. 
TUCKER CARLSON: You Just up compared me to a Nazi apologist because I asked a simple question. Which is, - slow down, slow down - which is, why does it contravene American interest to the common cause with a group that's trying to kill ISIS? 
RALPH PETERS: Because Vladamir Putin invaded his neighbors, broke the long peace in Europe, he assassinates dissidents and journalists, he bombs women and children on purpose in Syria, he is as bad as Hitler. And I am sorry if you don't like the Charles Lindbergh thing, I will retract that.

What going on? Fox News is mainstreaming white supremacism...

Media Matters: VIDEO: How Fox News is mainstreaming white supremacists and neo-Nazis
Fox News has been trying to normalize white supremacy for years. But since Donald Trump’s election, hosts, guests, and contributors on Fox are now openly defending white supremacists and neo-Nazis.
Everyone is well aware that Trump has been continually signaling his support to white supremacists since the 2016 presidential campaign. He retweets them, refuses to immediately disavow them, and even defendsthem. And Fox News is right there to validate him at every turn.
Fox News personalities repeat his talking points without question (and he repeats theirs). They claim that Trump has done everything he can to condemn these groups and everyone should accept it. They tell viewers to be more understanding of where neo-Nazis are coming from, but don't extend the same empathy to NFL athletes who have been peacefully protesting racial injustice by taking the knee during the pre-game national anthem. They praise Trump for not jumping to any conclusions. They make ridiculous comparisons that falsely equate white supremacists with minority groups fighting for equal rights. Fox host Tucker Carlson has even promoted a social media app that’s been called “a haven for white nationalists.”
When white supremacists hear the White House and a major news network repeating and amplifying their ideas, they rejoice because, according to Heidi Beirich at the Southern Poverty Law Center, “It builds their ranks ... because instead of being considered racist kooks by the majority of people, if their ideas are verified in places like Fox News or places like Breitbart, whatever the case might be, they have something to point to say I’m not extreme.” Beirich has called Fox News “the biggest mainstreamer of extremist ideas” and explained that “the horror of this is that people turn on their TV they go to cable, [they] assume this has got to be mainstream," but “what you find is radical right ideas being pushed on Fox.”
Since white supremacists and neo-Nazis “are deeply involved in politics, [and] are a constituency that is being pandered to at the highest level of political office,” and because Fox News is elevating their movement, Beirich urges mainstream outlets to “talk about their ideas, … to talk about the domestic terrorism that’s inspired by white supremacy, and … about hate crimes.”

For example;

Fox News report on Colorado gunman ignores his white supremacist connections Gunman who killed a sheriff’s deputy reportedly had social media “filled with the icons of the white supremacist ‘alt-right’"

After a deadly shooting in Colorado on New Year’s Eve that left one Douglas County sheriff’s deputy dead and four others injured, a Fox News host omitted reports that the gunman had posted white supremacist "alt-right” memes on his personal Facebook page. While host Eric Shawn noted that the gunman had “posted videos criticizing Colorado law enforcement” on social media, he failed to note that the gunman’s personal “Facebook page is filled with the icons of the white supremacist ‘alt-right.’" Fox’s omission of the gunman’s “alt-right” sympathies echoed its reporting on a February 2017 mosque shooting carried out by an “ultranationalist white supremacist” in Canada, where the network ignored that shooter’s far-right background. From the January 2 edition of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom:

ERIC SHAWN (CO-HOST): There are some new details on the Colorado man who police say shot and killed a deputy and wounded four others. Police were contacted with concerns, they say, about the mental state of the shooter over a month before the New Year's Eve incident. That suspect, you see there on the right, identified as 37-year-old Matthew Riehl. He was an attorney and an Iraq War veteran. He also, they say, posted videos criticizing Colorado law enforcement. Police responded to a complaint at an apartment building south of Denver on Sunday. They say Riehl fired over 100 rounds at the responding officers who eventually shot and killed him.

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

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