Apr 25, 2018

Paul Ryan's And The GOP's Economic Treason In A Nutshell

1. A General Debunking & Expose Of The GOP's Tax Bill Con
2. Illustrated: The Conservative Media's "Echo Chamber" Designed To Increase Partisanship At The Cost Of Truth (For Profit?... Yes!) 
3. GOP Proves Itself To Be The "War Party" Yet Again! (With The Paul Ryan Budget)
4. GOP's Moral Hypocrisy: If Paul Ryan Is The "Conscience", Intellectual Leader" And "Heart & Soul of The Republican Party", Then The Republicans Clearly Have No Soul. (With Samantha Bee)
5. Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny: The Paul Ryan Example, i.e. "Paul Ryan Is A Bad Person", So Why Won't The Media Tell The American People?

This post is basically just an update on the GOP's ongoing economic con. Since thier economics benefits the few at the cost of the many and can thus be seen as the GOP "levying war on the people" albeit an economic one (where deaths from their policies are real nevertheless) I have decided to call this GOP's "Economic Treason". Some say there is no legal basis to indict the GOP for treason based on economic war. I think we just haven't dug deep enough.

US Constitution: Section 3 - Treason. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Case For Economic War or Economic Treason: Always remember; The GOP has been lying about thier position on the deficit to cut medicare and social security to kill people by reducing the safetynets (social security doesn't even contribute to the debt and still they attack it!). Under Trump the GOP were able to give themselves a tax cut at the cost of the poor and middle class which ballooned the deficit (as Bush already proved, so they knew)... and then the GOP tried to cut medicare etc. to "deal with the deficit" as per their original plan to "help" America's debt by killing its poorest citizens while saying they are helping them (standard GOP con since Reagan who even reversed policies when he found they didn't work, but they pushed that bull AGAIN under Bush and then AGAIN under Trump).

Lets begin with the most obvious con, the deficit con...

TRUMP'S CHRISTMAS GIFT TO THE POOR: TAX HIKES 11/27/2017 After President Trump announces that he wants to reform the tax code, Trevor breaks down how a proposed GOP plan will affect low-income Americans. 

Screenshots from 3:36...

Senate Tax plan leads to a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit;

Mitch McConnell said that deficits are the most important issue of our time and until the deficit is fixed, "we can't fix America" (clearly he was lying/being-a-hypocrite);

Paul Ryan said that deficit will destroy the economy (clearly he was lying/being-a-hypocrite) as well (or is intentionally trying to destroy the economy, which is the more likely reason for GOP behavior);

People were immediately on to the GOP's economic con (but not people who watch Rupert Murdoch controlled media, i.e. Fox News)...

EXPOSED: The Ultimate Economics Con by the GOP & Kochs (they are purposely being hypocritical in pushing for a deficit so they can cut medicare and social security to kill more...

New Republican tax plan explodes the deficit for a purpose Bruce Bartlett, former Ronald Reagan domestic policy adviser, talks with Joy Reid about the expected fallout from the new tax plan and the Republican strategy to blow up the deficit with tax cuts for the rich so they can later argue a need to slash benefits to address the deficit. Duration: 7:41

And sure enough...

The backlash from all this hypocrisy, despite the lies fed to the American people through the right wing conspiracy and treason machine (as well as "left" media), is so big that many GOP people are moving onto better pastures (probably as lobbyists or some other full time KOCH propagandist job)....

So Much News, So Little Time - Trump Aims Tweets at Syria & Paul Ryan Is Retiring | The Daily Show - Paul Ryan announces that he is not running for re-election.


Clearly the Republicans know they have lied to a point where too much video exists for them to get away wit hit so they want to pass the torch onto a new generation of liars that would have more credibility than them;

Notice the balls with which Paul Ryan frames his - easily provable - lies and hypocrisy as a "patriotic" political achievement! This reminds me of this video;

One of Paul Ryans's (& the Republicans) biggest lies (based on action and NOT words)...

GOP's economic hypocrisy in a nutshell...

Paul Ryan said increasing the deficit would be selling out our kids future (he was so worried about it he was willing to kill citizens by cutting medicare to save the kids future!). But now he found a reason to be evil. Tax cuts?

Deficits don’t matter to the Republican Party — again Remember when Republicans were the party of deficit hawks? Now that they’re in charge, things have changed

resident Donald Trump and the Republican Party are releasing a budget which doesn't even try to eliminate the budget deficit — even though doing so was a major GOP theme when President Barack Obama was in office. But that doesn't mean that there will be federal investment, even though it's infrastructure week.

How the Republican tax bill benefits the rich, according to government analysis

There are two governmental organizations that have conducted nonpartisan analyses of the anticipated effects of Republican legislation aimed at overhauling the tax system. There’s the Joint Committee on Taxation, established in 1926 with congressional oversight to prepare revenue estimates on proposals related to taxation. There’s also the Congressional Budget Office, which produces independent analysis of the budgetary effects of legislation.

Recently released analyses from both groups come to the same conclusion. Over both the short- and long-term, the benefits of the Republican proposal is weighted to wealthier Americans.
The funny part, "Obama was a despot" because of a ballooning debt caused by the unpaid for wars by Paul Ryan's party (another obvious and intentional lie)... and Obama's achievement in reducing the debt meant nothing... because that was never their goal in the first place. All they wanted to do was frame the executive government with lies and make it weaker so they could destroy it!

Instead of focusing on their deficit hypocrisy (or lack of growth hypocrisy proven by history) the GOP's talking point is "we reformed the tax code" (its like killing someone and saying, "hey, I reduced global population!")...

To destroy the American idea with your unpatriotic lies and treasonous economic bullshit?

Paul Ryan's ENTIRE career, is LITERALLY built on a lie! The GOP's entire tax bill was pushed on the same old supply side economics con (an old, well debunked, economics theory). GOP are nothing but lying traitors!

Moment Of Zen

Clearly there is a GOP puppet master at the top. Let this Koch brother stooge explain the GOP's strategy for economic treason (drowning the Constitutionally created government in a bathtub)...

Paul Ryan: Portrait in Courage | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS - Did you know that handsome people can be bad, too? We've got just the Paul Ryan to prove it.

The basic game the GOP (& thier current spokesperson, Paul Ryan) are playing is this one...

So lets get this straight. GOP got Trump to betray his economic promises to the people...

Daily Show: Former Forbes reporter Jonathan Greenberg reveals that Donald Trump lied about his wealth to be included on the debut Forbes 400 list in 1982, and Trevor explains how that story paved the way for Trump's White House victory.

You mean like Scott Pruit?

Chicago Tribune: Tax cuts, spending to raise U.S. deficit to $1 trillion by 2020, CBO analysis shows
The combined effect of President Donald Trump's tax cuts and last month's budget-busting spending bill is sending the federal deficit toward the $1 trillion mark next year, according to a new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.
The CBO report says the nation's $21 trillion debt would spike to more than $33 trillion in 10 years, with debt held by investors spiking to levels that would come close to equaling the size of the economy, reaching levels that many economists fear could spark a debt crisis
Republicans once laced into President Barack Obama for trillion-dollar-plus deficits but mostly fell quiet on Monday's news.
CBO says economic growth from the tax cuts will add 0.7 percent on average to the nation's economic output over the coming decade. Those effects will only partially offset the deficit cost of the tax cuts. The administration had promised the cuts would pay for themselves.

Largest debt ever and now this will slowly take effect as all economic policies do. So far Trump, with medias help (particularly fox) has been reaping the benefits of an Obama economy (an economy stabilized through years of Stimulus and other such measures despite GOP obstructionism. Now their unpaid for wars (based on lies), with proof of this economic hypocrisy using already proven ineffective economic techniques from the 80s, we know these guys are intentionally lying to betray the people and thus constitute traitors. Funniest part is that Trump went back on all his promises (pretty much) and in return he himself, the guy who appreciates loyalty to himself above all quality traitors, is going to be attacked by the GOP after using him to get their way.

The GOP Is Hesitating To Endorse Trump 2020

The distancing has begun (first step to stabbing Trump in the back)...

There are many factors in play but the GOP will try and betray Trump before this is all over. That seems pretty inevitable at this point.

Now we know why Paul Ryan was laughing (it was a con all along!)...

PAUL RYAN LAUGHS THROUGH THE TEARS 3/30/17 House Speaker Paul Ryan tries to play off President Trump's underhanded attempt to blame him for the GOP's failed health care bill.

Paul Ryan

GOP Economics

GOP's War On Healthcare

GOP's "Height Of Hypocrisy" Series

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