Apr 24, 2018

GOP Proves Itself To Be The "War Party" Yet Again! (With The Paul Ryan Budget)

1. The GOP Loves Sending Soldiers Into War, But They Don't Give A Damn What Happens To Them Once They Come Home
2. Jon Stewart Purposely Proves That The GOP Is A "War Party" & Seeks To Limit Presidential Power For Peace But Seeks Unlimited Presidential Power For War
3. GOP's Moral Hypocrisy: If Paul Ryan Is The "Conscience", Intellectual Leader" And "Heart & Soul of The Republican Party", Then The Republicans Clearly Have No Soul.
4. Media: How The "Left" Enables GOP Tyranny: The Paul Ryan Example, i.e. "Paul Ryan Is A Bad Person", So Why Won't The Media Tell The American People?

Trump budget sounds like a standard Paul Ryan - GOP - budget where war has it's highest priority. They may not get war but making sure there is a chance for a war (likely on false and misleading claims, such as with the Iraq War) is thier PRIMARY goal in foreign policy.

Democracy Now: David Cay Johnston: GOP Budget Redistributes Money to the Rich & Helps Make U.S. a "Police State"

On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled House Budget Committee approved its 2018 budget resolution. The budget aims to rewrite the tax code to favor the wealthy and to slash funding for Medicare and Medicaid. It would also add another $30 billion to Trump’s record-setting $668 billion request for Pentagon spending. The budget faces opposition from both moderate and conservative Republicans. We speak with David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and founder of DCReport.org.

In other words, same economic policy under Trump as the GOP has ALWAYS had...

Paul Ryan Finally Meets a Budget Cut He Hates

Paul Ryan is a budget hawk's budget hawk, never one to believe a government bureaucrat who self-servingly claims that a spending cut will cause real damage to his program and the people it benefits. But there are exceptions:
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) expressed skepticism Thursday that U.S. military leaders were being honest in their budget requests to Congress. “We don’t think the generals are giving us their true advice,” Ryan said during a forum on the budget sponsored by the National Journal. "We don't think the generals believe their budget is really the right budget."
"You don't believe the generals?" [managing editor Kristin] Roberts asked.
"What I believe is this budget does hollow out defense," Ryan responded...."I think there’s a lot of budget smoke and mirrors in the Pentagon’s budget," Ryan added, saying his proposal was an "honest Pentagon budget."
Just to be absolutely clear here: if we're talking about a program that helps the poor or the elderly or the sick, Ryan is eager to cut spending. In fact, he's usually eager to be the biggest budget cutter in the room. But if it's a program for the military, he won't accept spending cuts even if the military brass supports them. In fact, he insists on raising their budget.
For some reason, this is known in mainstream circles as being a "deficit hawk."

Why is the GOP and thier pawn Paul Ryan so interested in cutting money from everything BUT the military? Obviously because they want war (whether they get it or not).

Check out the sham "stimulus" debate in 2009...

THE NEW DEAL - JONATHAN CHAIT 3/16/09 Jonathan Chait believes the New Deal was successful because it eased people's misery.

When trying to convince people not to do a Stimulus... this was the argument put forward by the Republican National Committee and Fox News i.e. spending leads to a depression... but that's not the best part, the best part is that they were arguing that SPENDING ON WAR (NOT ON PEACEFUL ACTIVITIES) leads to recovery (people seem to have forgotten about that crazy "debate"!)...

What they are willing to cut from (insist on it really, even con people to do it actually) is stuff to destroy the social safety net that actually does keep America great by being a land of opportunity that is stable as a society thus creating an  environment for people to grow. Here are some explanations;

PAUL RYAN'S CHRISTIAN BUDGET CUTS - THOMAS REESE /1/2012 Georgetown University's Father Thomas Reese finds discrepancies between Catholic doctrine and Paul Ryan's fiscal ministry.

MEAL TEAM SIX: HOW TO SAVE MEALS ON WHEELS 3/28/17 After the White House proposed cutting Meals on Wheels for inefficiency, Roy Wood Jr. comes up with a way to make the program more appealing to the Trump administration.

PAUL RYAN'S CHRISTIAN BUDGET CUTS 5/1/2012 Barack Obama and the Catholic Church wage war on Paul Ryan's deeply Christian Republican House budget.

Why risk citizen lives (killing some for certain) with this sort of spending already in progress? Doesn't an audit make more sense?


 The fact that already we have the largest military budget in existence and have military bases all over the place, like an empire, bothers no one despite the likelihood of overexpenditure and misdistribution of military resources. No audits on military spending or any accountability whatsoever exists as it is. 

Paul Ryan

GOP's War On Healthcare

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