Feb 22, 2018

Is The NRA A Terrorist Organization? A Look At The NRA's Incendiary Rhetoric And Attack Ads

Background: GOP & Fox News Are Basically Terrorist Organizations (Based On Rhetoric & Effects Of That Rhetoric) (for context)

Here is a mainstream media mention of the incendiary style of NRA attack ads;

Joe Scarborough: NRA's ads "come close, pretty close to inciting violence" Scarborough: "There's one where a guy took [a] sledgehammer to our image, and it is intended to incite extremists"

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): As Kurt Anderson said, a turning point was '94 where their jack-booted thugs attacks, accusing our law enforcement officers of being like Nazis and like stormtroopers, saying they wanted to kick down doors and kill Americans, seize their property. Again, just an out-and-out attack on America's law enforcement officers, and of course a few days after that vicious attack against our law enforcement officers, we had Oklahoma City, the worst domestic terror attack ever. 
You've seen these NRA ads that they're running now, which just come close, pretty close to inciting violence. There's one where a guy that took [a] sledgehammer to our image, and it is intended to incite extremists. And I just wonder how long Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party can comfortably, blindly follow these people.

Here the Opposition makes fun of the NRA's fearmongering style in its attack ads (the explanations are great). Notice how Dana sounds like a scary communist/State-newscaster type person in some dictator run country;

YOU'RE WELCOME, NRA Jordan's team of Citizen Journalists helps the NRA spread awareness about the wide range of loosely gun-related issues that Americans need to worry about.

Now look at some NRA attack ads (& talking points) intended to fearmonger and create anger... and thus incite violence? Judge for yourself...

NRATV host smashes television with a sledgehammer to defend Trump

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch threatens to burn copy of The New York Times in latest inflammatory video

 News Hashmi Published on 26 Aug 2017 The NRA released this video tirade by commentator Dana Loesch, who threatens to expose the New York Times' 'untrustworthy, dishonest' journalism and declares ominously, 'We're coming for you.'

Here is the ad where the NRA spokesperson attacks schools as "liberal institutions", attacks ALL actors and hollywood as liberal conspirers, ... 

...and then she ends with "the only way we stop this, the only way save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with a clenched fist of truth" (angry rhetoric by a the gun institution towards "liberals" - i.e. half= of America and most of its youth - is clear)...

Fear mongering examples (a necessary component of inciting violence)...

Dana Loesch Responds to Rep. Kathleen Rice Labeling NRA “Domestic Security Threat"

NRA’s media outlet fearmongers about Black Lives Matter committing mass violence against whites Chuck Holton: There are "parallels between what's happening in South Africa and the blatant racism and violence ... from people like the Black Lives Matter crowd"

NRATV correspondent: Liberals have "so much in common" with ISIS: “They both hate America”

As news broke about Florida school shooting, the NRA once again told everyone it's not time to talk about guns

Now compare with the information in this post: GOP & Fox News Are Basically Terrorist Organizations (Based On Rhetoric & Effects Of That Rhetoric) . Is the NRA not a terrorist organization as far as its hate speech is concerned?

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