Jan 9, 2018

An Overview Of Trump's 'Fire And Fury' Scandal

As the ‘Fire and Fury’ book publisher defies Trump cease-and-desist order, the scandal for the Fire and Fury book seems to be just beginning. Here is a bunch of videos on this latest scandal in the Trump drama.

TRUMP CONFIDENTLY DECLARES HIMSELF A "STABLE GENIUS" 1/8/2018 After the book "Fire and Fury" calls his cognitive abilities into question, President Trump launches into a Twitter tirade to insist that he's a "stable genius."

Michael Wolff: Trump 'wholly lacking' in 'executive function' 'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff discusses with Lawrence O'Donnell the president's lacking "executive function" and how concerned he is about the possibility of Donald Trump starting a nuclear war. Duration: 4:41

Devastating Trump book offers reporting leads Rachel Maddow looks at some of the reportable, find-out-able claims in Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury, beyond the salacious stories that have left the Trump team sputtering with rage and humiliation. Duration: 8:02

Fire and Fury book: Trump denies author claims ‘Fire and Fury’ is already a bestselling book; meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to decry author Michael Wolff, as few refute the broad outlines of the publication. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. Duration: 13:29

Fire and Fury: Trump book ignored by right-wing media‘Fire and Fury,’ one of the biggest media stories in months, has Donald Trump’s fans in right-wing broadcasting struggling to cover it, or just ignoring it. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. Duration: 15:58

"FIRE AND FURY": MICHAEL WOLFF'S SLOPPY TRUMP TELL-ALL A juicy tell-all book by Michael Wolff depicts a dysfunctional Trump White House, and the MSM can barely contain their excitement.

Fire and Fury book: Stephen Miller interview stuns many Stephen Miller was accused of performing solely for Donald Trump on Sunday, praising the political ‘genius’ of the president and trashing the new book ‘Fire and Fury,’ which asserts the opposite. Joy Reid and her panel discuss. Duration: 11:18

TRUMP UNLEASHES A CATEGORY 5 TWEETSTORM & STEPHEN MILLER CRUSHES JAKE TAPPER Jordan recaps President Trump's barrage of tweets from the weekend and declares a victor in the tense exchange between White House aide Stephen Miller and CNN's Jake Tapper.

After ‘Fire and Fury,’ is a Trump W.H. mass exodus imminent? ‘Fire and Fury’ author Michael Wolff says the Trump’s attacks prove the book’s point, that he is unfit to be president. Plus, a new report that several Trump White House staff are contemplating their exit strategy. Neera Tanden, Daniel Dale, & Jennifer Rubin join Katy Tur. Duration: 17:26

Michael Wolff says he will not release Trump tape interviews Michael Wolff sat down with Katy Tur to discuss his book on the Trump administration, Fire and Fury. After much controversy over the validity of his claims in the book, Wolff asserts that he will not release tapes of his alleged interviews with President Trump. ... more Duration: 17:14

Wolff: Trump has probably spent his whole day watching me on TV 'Fire and Fury' author Michael Wolff describes to Lawrence O'Donnell the Trump machine attacks, his long history with Trump, what he thinks was Bannon's motive to talk, and what Bannon could have possibly meant when he said "the daughter will take down the father." Duration: 18:52

Steve Bannon and Trump: Bannon apologizes after Mercer rebuke Steve Bannon’s advisers reportedly begged him to apologize to Donald Trump, according to Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Gabe Sherman. Joy Reid and her panel discuss his new reporting. Duration: 5:45

Bannon apologizes to Trump after Fire and Fury quotes Steve Bannon apologized to Donald Trump and his family, particularly Donald Trump, Jr., after calling actions of the president’s son ‘treasonous’ in quotes from ‘Fire and Fury.’ Joy Reid and her panel discuss Bannon’s pronouncement. Duration: 11:36 

BIZARRE, UNVERIFIED AND FRAUDULENT: MICHAEL WOLFF STEPS INSIDE THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY 1/4/2018 In Michael Wolff's book "Fire and Fury," the reporter claims that Donald Trump never wanted to be president and that most of his administration thinks he's incompetent.

Note: South Park actually called this (that Trump didn't want to win);

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