Dec 1, 2017

Why We Should Be Talking About Impeaching Trump Everyday & On Everything

1. The Case For Impeaching The Trump Administration For The Emoluments Clause And Other High Crimes And Misdemeanors
2. Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism" Part 3 - The Pattern Of Unquestioned Obedience To Ones Leader Is The Same For The GOP & Trump's Followers As It Was For The Nazis & Hitler!

Impeachment should be how we begin an investigation. This will help keep our government straight and transparent as per the Constitution. Obedience should ONLY be to the Rule-Of-Law/Constitution and nothing else. At least for public officials/servants. 

Ezra Klein: Why we should "normalize" impeachmentEzra Klein explains why impeaching Donald Trump doesn't require him having committed a crime. Lawrence O’Donnell says ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ means whatever the Senate says it does. Duration: 6:46

Impeachment is something we should be talking about: Ezra Klein Vox's Ezra Klein writes about the case to be made for 'normalizing impeachment' regarding the president. Klein also writes of the consequences of impeachment, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss. Duration: 6:37

ALL HAIL AMERICA'S SALESMAN-IN-CHIEF The mainstream media has expressed concern over the state of Donald Trump's mental health, but Jordan doesn't think the president's recent outbursts are out of character.

- Updated Monday dec 18 2017 -

The Growing Case for Impeaching Donald Trump, From Lawlessness and Corruption to Abuse of Power

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