Dec 4, 2017

On the Deficit James Lankford Has Proven He Is Not A Man Of His Word

I thought this first post on the matter should just cover ONE fact. Senator James Lankford is not a  man of his word. He said he wouldn't increase the debt (especially during the Obama years & while he's pretending to be moral) but when it comes right down to the vote he will betray everything he stood for.

Here is James Lankford saying he's all about not increasing the deficit;

Rep. James Lankford Criticizes Obama's Budget For Failing to End Deficits - Rep. James Lankford questioned Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner at a Budget Committee hearing to find answers why President Obama's budget proposal never puts an end to the deficits.

Then Lankford went from "I am no on everything unless deficit is reduced' to "he has reservations"(i.e. he began his Koch planned - use lie detectors to confirm - of making a slow withdrawal to support the plan followed by coordinated lies to sell it to the people like other lies they have sold using these techniques)

 Lankford: 'I am a No' on Taxes Unless Deficit is Managed In an exclusive interview with Chuck Todd, Sen. James Lankford (R-Ok.) says that he has reservations about voting for the Republican tax proposal unless the deficit is kept under control.

Then he voted yes. 

Clearly he is not a man of his word. 

Next, I guess I'll work on outlining the economics he's promoting that was debunked in the 80s. I'll just leave you with this information confirming deficit will increase and the "growth" he is claiming will STILL leave a trillion in deficit. Whenever James Lankford says something know that it means nothing, its ALWAYS just a ploy.

Analysis: Middle class gets average 1% tax cut with GOP bill The Republican tax cut plan in the Senate hit another snag because every analysis shows the bill adds a trillion dollars to the debt and only gives a small cut to the middle class. This move gives some hope to opponents of the bill. Lawrence O'Donnell examines. Duration: 8:53

They are trying to find a way to vote for a bill that will massively increase the deficit by a trillion dollars (most of the GOP) or by half a trillion dollars (Corker & Flake), i.e. no one honestly ever stood for deficit reduction. Everything they say is probably a lie.

There is not Republican in the United States Senate who is standing by a vow many of them have made in the past to never vote to increase the deficit or national debt. (Note: John McCain is saying yes on a 15 AVERAGE tax cut for the middle class and calling it a "middle class tax cut". Average means some have tax increases so calling it a middle class tax cut in any capacity is just blatantly false.)

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