Dec 27, 2017

Height Of Hypocrisy 6: GOP & Fox News Helps Trump In Obstruction Of Justice Showing They Don't Care About The Rule Of Law... And Now, The Nation Is in A Constitutional Crisis!

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2. Height Of Hypocrisy 5: Roy Moore Hypocrisy & Deficit Hypocrisy Show GOP Stand For Nothing. Not Family Values. Not Fiscal Responsibility. Nothing. Except Maybe Pedophiles.

A run down of the GOP's hypocrisy on logic and history concerning "Obstruction of Justice" and thus "Rule of Law". 

For a democrat simply the hint of an FBI investigation is a "Constitutional crisis"
For Trump, as per GOP policy of bowing to dictators, even a ton of proof Obstruction of Justice isn't enough. In fact, they take part in Obstruction Of Justice putting the nation in the biggest Constitutional Crisis its ever been in!

Ex-Watergate prosecutor: New Trump FBI threats may be obstruction GOP lawmakers are following Trump's attacks on Robert Mueller, the FBI and its leadership, which ex-Watergate prosecutor Jill-Wine Banks says are a "serious threat to democracy" and could be considered in Mueller's probe. David Frum & Matt Miller join Ari Melber. Duration: 13:31

In fact, the Hannity even launched an attack on the FBI. If being investigated by the FBI is a constitutional crisis imagine how big of a constitutional crisis we are in with the GOP actively engaged in defaming the FBI to protect Trump.

Sean Hannity takes credit for GOP lawmakers' anti-Mueller questioning of Deputy AG during Capitol Hill hearing Hannity: "All this sound familiar? It should. You've heard it here first. We've been doing this now for months"
From the December 13 edition of Fox News' Hannity:Previously:

There is a ton of undeniable proof of Obstruction of Justice that should have gotten Trump impeached by now... which means we no can prove the GOP is corrupt to its very core JUST using this issue (all the other examples together prove treason). On with the Obstrucion Of Justice proof.

Trump tweeted confirmation that he is guilty of Obstruction Of Justice then tried to cover it up by pretending his lawyer wrote the tweet (but all that did was confirm it further!).

Trump Tweet-Confesses Obstruction Of Justice - Donald Trump's lawyer is taking the blame for a tweet in which the President essentially admitted to obstruction of justice.

Expert: Why Trump’s tweet is "more damning" if lawyer helped Fordham law professor Jed Shugerman tells Lawrence O’Donnell that Trump’s tweet about what he told James Comey would be more taken more seriously by a court if it was vetted by his legal counsel. Former federal prosecutor Harry Litman joins. Duration: 5:27

The only way Trump could possibly save himself from this charge is to sure his lawyer for malpractice (since he didn't Trump is guilty of writing that tweet);

Lawrence: Trump testifies about Obstruction of Justice on Twitter John Dowd, President Trump's personal lawyer, claims he wrote a tweet for Trump that may have confirmed he committed obstruction of justice when he fired James Comey. Lawrence argues that move may be grounds to sue Dowd for malpractice. Duration: 10:49

You can see this hypocritical trend on the Rule of Law by comparing Sessions (or any Republican at this point) with historical Sessions of the past...

Sessions on obstruction of justice: No one above the law Then-Senator Jeff Sessions was unequivocal about possible obstruction of justice by President Bill Clinton in 1999. Duration: 2:07

With outright defiance of the principle of "no one is above the law" under Clinton to, "the President can do what he wants" defense for when thier leader is in power...

Trump tries the Nixon defense The president's lawyer argues that obstruction of justice is not illegal if the president does it.

Trump obstruction eyed in Sessions avoidance of pressure question Rep. Jim Himes of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about new Trump obstruction questions after Jeff Sessions refused to tell Rep. Schiff in testimony before the committee whether Donald Trump pushed him to hinder the Russia investigation. Duration: 5:18

Clearly, trump told sessions to hinder the Russia investigation (Trump pretty much admitted to it when he cited his frustration that he wouldn't have hired Sessions as Attorney general if he had known he would recuse himself, i.e. Trump wanted the Attorney General to squash the investigation into his Russia involvement and thus was seeking to obstruct justice from the beginning)

Has Trump kept his promises? Chris and the panel take a look at Trump's promises to see if he's lived up to campaign pledges. Duration: 7:50


More Obstruction of Justice evidence;

Trump pushed top GOP senators to end Russia probeNYT Joyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump's potential legal jeopardy for obstruction of justice in light of new breaking news from the New York Times that Trump pressured senators over the summer to end the probe. Duration: 7:00

... and this also explains the GOP secret meetings looking into the Trump Russia collusion, i.e. they said yes!)...

GOP attacking witnesses to head off Trump obstruction case Rachel Maddow looks at how Republican congressional investigators seem less interested in answering the question of whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia than they are in smearing FBI officials who would be witnesses in a Trump obstruction of justice case. Duration: 9:21

Obviously the Trump Administration has obstructed justice. That shouldn't be a point of debate here!

Did Trump obstruct justice? Both Presidents Nixon and Clinton were scrutinized with obstructing justice. Does Trump fall under that category? Duration: 5:51

Ultimately, its the moral fiber and integreity of Congress that will decide whether trump is impeached or not....

The GOP, of course, are the epitome of a modern Nazi party so they will never impeach Trump no matter what he does and there is a ton of evidence of Trump breaking the emoluments cause of the Constitution (the Constitution is what brings us Rule of Law and "no man is above the law" to society so ignoring the emoluments clause, something which they clearly did with Cheney for his Iraq oil war, is not a surprising thing and also its easy to prove).

Here is Trumps link to Russia during the elections;

Roger Stone's link to Wikileaks and Julian Assange uncovered We now know who the go-between for Stone and Assange was - and he's been subpoenaed by the House Intelligence Committee. Duration: 2:22

Republican attack on Mueller Trump investigation falls apart Rachel Maddow looks at how the Donald Trump campaign was already having contact with Kremlin-connected Russians as the FBI warned them about exactly such outreach, and points out that the texting scandal Republicans have tried to whip up is not actually good for Trump. Duration: 16:59

Oversight Democrat Cummings: GOP trying to discredit Mueller, FBI Elijah Cummings, ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, says Republicans are trying to smear and delegitimize Robert Mueller's investigation and the FBI. This come as the probe closes in on Donald Trump. Eric Boehlert & Jonathan Capehart join Joy Reid. Duration: 14:01

Report: Documents show W.H. lawyer told Trump Flynn broke law Rachel Maddow shares a report from Foreign Policy that White House counsel Don McGahn informed Donald Trump that Mike Flynn had broken the law, though the official White House line was that McGahn had said the opposite. Duration: 25:21

& now, coverup?...

WaPo: Trump team plans to cast Flynn as a liar The Washington Post is reporting that President Trump is now ready to throw his former National Security Advisor under the bus. Duration: 7:28

Related information:

22 ways Sean Hannity has tried to undermine the Russia probes And counting...

Fox & Friends host outraged that Mueller legally obtained all Trump transition emails Brian Kilmeade: "Now all of a sudden they go to the GSA and they say, hey, do me a favor, give me everybody's [emails]. And the GSA does without checking with the Trump administration."
From the December 18 edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends:

Video: Right-wing media call Mueller's investigation a coup against Trump Since Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel, right-wing media have worked overtime to delegitimize the investigation

Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel on May 17. Since then, right-wing media have repeatedly called the investigation of Russia's interference in the 2016 election (and a few related issues) a coup against Donald Trump. Watch:


Fox’s Napolitano baselessly claims GSA acted unlawfully by not informing Trump transition team of Mueller's request for emails GSA told Trump officials that it would comply with requests for information from law enforcement

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano baselessly claimed that the Government Services Administration (GSA) “had a legal obligation to tell” President Donald Trump’s transition team that the agency had handed over emails to the team investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election at the request of special counsel Robert Mueller. Not only is there no indication GSA has a  legal requirement of the sort, but officials at the GSA said they warned Trump officials that anything they created could be turned over to law enforcement.
When discussing on Fox & Friends a (falseclaim from Trump’s lawyers that Mueller’s team improperly obtained emails from the presidential transition team by going to the GSA rather than the transition team itself, Napolitano claimed, “The GSA had a legal obligation to tell” Trump’s transition team that it had handed over the emails to the special counsel. Co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed, saying, “I would think so. It seems logical.”
But the GSA did notify the Trump transition team that it would be handing over documents and other materials to law enforcement if asked. BuzzFeed reported that GSA Deputy Counsel Lenny Loewentritt said, “Transition team members were informed that materials ‘would not be held back in any law enforcement’ actions.” Additionally, a memorandum of understanding between the GSA and the transition ream obtained by Crooked Media’s Brian Beutler shows “no provision denoting the documents as being the property of the transition team” and suggests transition members agreed to rules that “include a privacy waiver, which notes that, ‘Users have no expectation of privacy on GSA IT resources since all activities are subject to monitoring.’”
From the December 19 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends:

As multiple Fox News figures suggest the FBI is corrupt, Chris Wallace says that no one is attacking the FBI as an institution

Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell ​calls​ Mueller's investigation "Stalinist" Farrell: "No one can tell you what crime has been committed, and instead they're investigating people, looking for a crime, which frankly is Stalinist"

Fox's Jeanine Pirro calls for "higher ups in the FBI and DOJ" in "cuffs" if they're conspiring against Trump

Fox News pays contributor Kevin Jackson to push blatant lies and conspiracy theories In addition to speculating about an FBI plot to kill the president, Jackson has falsely claimed that Colin Kaepernick supports terrorism and Trump released his tax returns - (Me: Not releasing tax returns is very suspicious and pretty much confirms that Trump is hiding something in his taxes, thus people like to lie and claim he released them)

Fox's Shepard Smith: Michael Flynn's guilty plea proves it is "a lie" to call Mueller's investigation "fake news"

Fox's Gregg Jarrett: "It was always a myth that collusion in a political campaign is a crime" Jarrett: The FBI and DOJ “hated Trump, they loved Hillary Clinton, they were trying to elect her”

Why the anti-Mueller sentiment on Fox keeps getting worse
Fox News’ coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is growing ever-darker, as my colleague Simon Maloy noted last week, with the network’s Trump-loving commentators offering up increasingly hysterical warnings that Mueller needs to be fired before he destroys the rule of law and the republic.
Eight nights ago, for example, Sean Hannity declared Mueller a “direct threat to you, the American people and our American republic.” Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett chimed in, claiming that “Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon,” turning the bureau into “America's secret police” just like “the old KGB.”
This discussion was irresponsible and dangerous. But it also set a new bar for fearmongering about the Mueller investigation. And so the president’s lackeys, who are eager to kill Mueller’s probe before its completion, have spent the last week going on Fox and trying to clear it.
They are on an invective escalator. Every new development in the Russia probe requires ever-more-inflammatory rhetoric -- for Jarrett and Hannity, the false KGB comparison was just the logical next step from comparing the Mueller team to the Mob. The tenor of the criticism only becomes more hysterical. A new, baseless “conflict of interest” for a member of Mueller’s team raises the bar. But so does a former Trump aide copping a plea in exchange for working with the special counsel’s office -- it gets presented not as evidence Mueller’s probe is on the level, but evidence that it is not.
Meanwhile, their audience -- which at times includes the president -- receives increasingly dire warnings that a professional probe run by a Republican who was appointed FBI director by a president of each party is actually a corrupt effort at a deep state coup.
But how do you top comparing the FBI to the KGB?


Lou Dobbs: Trump should be exonerated because he won the election
On December 11, Lou Dobbs said on his Fox Business show that Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation may be because he’s been blackmailed by the “deep state.” After Fox contributor Jason Chaffetz criticized Sessions, calling for congressional action but clarifying that he’s “not saying it has to go the Republicans' way,” Dobbs replied, “Why the hell shouldn't it go the Republicans' way? We elected a Republican president.” Dobbs added that the congressional Republican leadership should be “standing shoulder to shoulder with Trump” and “bring this thing to a conclusion.”
And there it is, a direct call for ending the Mueller investigation purely because it targets the Republican administration. It’s hard to top that. But they’ll find a way.

...This is actually the standard operating procedure of fox and the GOP on everything and thus explains thier hypocrisy patterns perfectly.

MSNBC justice & security analyst slams the conservative media "death star" aimed at destroying the credibility of the Justice Department Matthew Miller: "The conservative movement built this death star in the conservative press ... they're now pointing it at the Justice Department"


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