Dec 25, 2017

Christmas Special 2017: The War On Christmas

1. The "War On Christmas"... Exposed!
2. "The War On Christmas" ... Exposed! (Part Deux)

The "War On Christmas" is now an age old right wing political tradition and I figure it should be honored appropriately. Happy Holidays.

EXCLUSIVE - BEST CHRISTMAS MOMENTS 12/15/2008 Jon and the correspondents cover everything Yuletide from the War on Christmas to a Santa-off. (5:35)

STARBUCKS CHRISTMAS CRISIS Starbucks has finally given in to Christmas cup crusaders, and Citizen Journalist Niccole Thurman couldn't be happier.

THE GLOBALIST ATTACK ON CHRISTMAS President Trump may have brought holiday cheer back to the White House, but Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson know the war on Christmas isn't over.

THE YEAR OF THE DONALD Jordan joins Donald Trump's gung-ho supporters at a rally in Pensacola, Florida, to celebrate the president's greatest accomplishments of 2017.

GOING AT THE MOVIES - DODGING THE SEASONAL LEFTIST THOUGHT MACHINE Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson offer a roundup of the globalist liberal trash to avoid in theaters this Christmas.

OPPO-VENT: PUTTING THE "US" BACK IN CHRISTMAS Jordan delivers a special treat for his fellow freethinkers to help combat the war on Christmas.


THE WAR ON ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 14, 2015 - 12/14/2015 An Ohio man is criticized for his zombie nativity scene, so The Best F#@king News Team weighs in on why the unorthodox Christmas decorations are so controversial. (4:57)

AMERICA WANTS GUNS FOR CHRISTMAS DECEMBER 3, 2015 - MASS SHOOTINGS & VIOLENT BABY NAMES 12/03/2015 Santa Claus changes his Christmas Eve travel plans in light of record-breaking gun sales in the U.S. (4:13)


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