Dec 25, 2017

Christmas Special 2017: Happy Christmas With The President!

What could be better than spending Christmas with the President Of The United States! Happy Christmas Everyone. (Related: Christmas Special 2017: The War On Christmas)

THE PRESIDENT'S CHRISTMAS ALBUM Not only did the president create Christmas, he also recorded himself singing all the holidays

TREE-SON'S GREETINGS In an uncharacteristic bit of bonding, the president and his son admire the Oval Office Christmas ornaments, which celebrate the president's many, many successes.

WELCOME TO TRUMP TOWER BETHLEHEM The president and his friends have a tough time sticking to the script during the vice president's nativity play.

SO MUCH TO CELEBRATE The president doesn't want to talk about anything in the news -- he just wants to enjoy Christmas.

THE SAVIOR OF SNOWFLAKE CITY In a lame, stupid town where solar panels threaten to ruin Christmas, an orange-skinned hero arrives to harness the magic of coal.

FAREWELL ADDRESS - IT'S NOT GOING TO STOP The president isn't here to save the American people, and no Christmas miracle is going to change that.

Moments Of Zen

Debunked: Trump’s claim Obama didn’t say Merry Christmas Donald Trump claims he brought "Merry Christmas" back to the White House. We found plenty of evidence proving him wrong. Duration: 2:31

THE PRESIDENT AND THE PRESS NEED EACH OTHER (FEAT. BEBE NEUWIRTH) Though their relationship is fraught, the president and reporter Bebe Neuwirth can't help doing the same old song and dance.

OBAMA'S SOCIALIST CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT PROGRAM DECEMBER 16, 2009 - The Obama administration pushes its socialist agenda on children by asking them to decorate Christmas ornaments. (5:00)

IT'S A TREMENDOUS LIFE The president is shown what his life would look like in an alternate reality, one in which his father was never rich.


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