Nov 16, 2017

Yet More Proof Of Economic Treason By The GOP

1. Supply Side Economics: Do Tax Rate Cuts Increase Growth and Revenues and Reduce Budget Deficits ? Or Is It Voodoo Economics All Over Again?
2. Ronald Reagan's Policies Began The Destruction Of The Middle Class & The Constitution
3. The GOP Is Pushing The Same Failed Economic Policies That Destroyed The Economy Under Jeb Bush's Brother
4. Synopsis Of GOP's Ongoing - 30 Year Long - Economic War On America & The People
5. The Last Time The GOP Passed A SPENDING Bill... They CREATED AND INCLUDED A LAW That Could Destroy The Economy
6. BREAKING... The Misunderstood Economy: What Counts and How to Count It OR Real Economics VS Fake Economics: How The Kochs Are Destroying America By Attacking Its Societal Structures In Favor Of Social Darwinism Or "Survival Of The Fittest"
7. Economist Robert Reich Calls The GOP's Economic & Political Tactics TREASON

GOP is always trying to do sneaky stuff to try and harm the economy or America and its people in general (go by thier actions and results of those actions and not their words). Currently the biggest enemies of the Nation are the Koch Brothers, Mercer and Sheldon, who have discovered that Republicans have no morals and no brains (or a bit of both) and have gladly sold their souls to these devils to destroy the economy.

TRUMP PERFORMS A TAX MIRACLE (ALLEGEDLY) 9/28/2017 Even though President Trump claims his tax plan would help the middle class, Trevor finds out that the president and corporations would be the real beneficiaries.

i.e. Trump is lying his teeth off (or he's too senile to realize what the GOP is up to... at this point its best to accept he knows he is doing something immoral and wrong)...

Robert Reich and CNN's Erin Burnett Take Turns Debunking Trump's Favorite Economist Stephen Moore tried to rewrite history on the economic recovery. It didn't end well.

Moore was trying to promote President Trump's tax plan as helpful to the middle class, when actually it lines the pockets of the wealthy. His fact-free assertion was that tax cuts promote better wages while liberal policies, like tax increases on the wealthy, do not.
The economist dishonestly bashed the economic recovery under President Barack Obama as "the worst recovery we’ve ever had."
Burnett responded, “Except for the $3,000-a-year increase under the last two years of his presidency.” She was referring to the yearly income wage increase during Obama's administration. 
Reich left Moore with nowhere to hide when he added some indisputable historical context to the discussion.
“Look at the past 44 years, 1972 to 2016. The average typical American is actually, adjusted for inflation, making less today than was making in 1972, with all of the tax cuts from Reagan and Bush," he said.
Watch MSNBC's Ali Velshi debunk Republican talking points about tax cuts Right-wing media routinely push misleading narrative that tax cuts for the wealthy will benefit lower- and middle-income workers


The GOP Has Just Been Caught in Perhaps Its Biggest Tax Lie Mitch McConnell admits he "misspoke" when he promised lower rates for everybody.

After repeatedly promising that all Americans would get a tax cut under their plan, Republicans have had to change their tune—or to, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did, admit that “I misspoke on that.” Just an innocent misspeaking, mind you, and not a calculated PR effort to sell tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy.

Fox News Guest Storms Off Show After Host Refuses to Accept Simple Arithmetic The New Policy Institute's Simon Rosenberg had all he could take Wednesday.

New Policy Institute founder Simon Rosenberg appeared on Fox News and tried to make a point about how the proposed Republican tax plan would actually raise taxes on middle-income families as time passes. “Over time, a majority of middle-class people will be paying more in taxes rather than less,” he explained. Fox News host Melissa Francis didn't like the numbers he was using, so she told him they didn't count. “No, no, I don’t accept that math. It’s static analysis, and I don’t accept static analysis. I only agree with dynamic analysis, because when you cut, the economy’s going to grow." Static analysis is the method the U.S. Congressional Budget Office uses to project the economic impact of tax policies. Predictably, dynamic analysis is a method used by conservative organizations that rely on an assumption that economic growth will be stimulated by tax cuts which will increase overall tax revenue, despite years of evidence that this does not happen.

Nobody believes these lies (except maybe the 'silver spoon in mouth' born derelicts sitting in the Trump Administration who don't know a thing about business or the economy, enough wealth can clearly make and keep anyone rich);

Gary Cohn on tax cuts: CEOs are “most excited group” Gary Cohn had a front-row seat as a group of CEOs repudiated Republicans' flimsy rationale for its massive corporate tax cut. Duration: 3:43

400 millionaires tell Congress not to cut their taxes Many in the top 1 percent think the Republican tax bill will damage the country, so they wrote a letter to Congress

Even members of the wealthiest top one percent are not too impressed with the Republican tax plan. More than 400 millionaires and billionaires signed their name to a letter calling on Congress to abandon the GOP's proposal to cut taxes. Those Americans said that the Republican Party would be harming the country if they reduced taxes on the richest families when the nation's debt and wealth inequality was the highest in decades. "Dear Member of Congress," the letter began. "We are high net worth individuals, many in the top 1 percent, who care deeply about our nation and its people, and we write with a simple request: Do not cut our taxes."

GOP economic adviser: Tax cuts most irresponsible in U.S. history Republicans' trillion dollar tax cut is being paid for by cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and even some Republicans don’t know that. Bush admin. economist Bruce Bartlett and Obama White House veteran Ron Klain join Ari Melber. Duration: 8:57

More Commentary:

GOP follows string of failures with ill-conceived tax plan Rachel Maddow reviews the string of failures by the current Republican Congress which it hopes to break with a new, wildly unpopular tax plan that they have not done a good job of disguising as not being designed to benefit rich people. Duration: 14:12

Senator Warren: GOP tax bill a "double punch" to middle class Senator Elizabeth Warren talks with Rachel Maddow about the consequences for the American middle class if the Republicans are able to pass their their tax/health care bill. Duration: 5:50

Robert Reich: The Trump Tax Plan Is Downright Unpatriotic Multinationals and the rich owe it to the country to pay their fair share.

Selling the Trump-Republican tax plan should be awkward for an administration that has made patriotism its central theme.
That’s because patriotism isn’t mostly about saluting the flag and standing during the national anthem. 
It’s about taking a fair share of the burden of keeping America going.
But the tax plan gives American corporations a $2 trillion tax break, at a time when they’re enjoying record profits and stashing unprecedented amounts of cash in offshore tax shelters.
And it gives America’s wealthiest citizens trillions more, when the richest 1 percent now hold a record 38.6 percent of the nation’s total wealth, up from 33.7 percent a decade ago.
The reason Republicans give for enacting the plan is “supply-side” trickle-down nonsense. The real reason is payback to the GOP’s mega-donors.
A few Republicans are starting to admit this. Last week, Gary Cohn, Trump’s lead economic adviser, conceded in an interview that “the most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan.”
Republican Rep. Chris Collins admitted that “my donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.’”
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham warned that if Republicans failed to pass tax reform, “the financial contributions will stop.”
Republican mega-donors view the tax payback as they do any other investment. When they bankrolled Trump and the GOP, they expected a good return.
The biggest likely beneficiaries are busily investing an additional $43 million to pressure specific members of Congress to pass it, according to The Wall Street Journal.
They include the 45Committee, founded by billionaire casino oligarch Sheldon Adelson and Joe Ricketts, owner of the Chicago Cubs; and the Koch Brothers’ groups, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners.
They’re not doing this out of love of America. They’re doing it out of love of money.
How do you think they got so wealthy in the first place? 
As more of the nation’s wealth has shifted to the top over the past three decades, major recipients have poured some of it into politics—buying themselves tax cuts, special subsidies, bailouts, lenient antitrust enforcement, favorable bankruptcy rules, extended intellectual property protection, and other laws that add to their wealth.
All of which have given them more clout to get additional legal changes that enlarge their wealth even more.
Forty years ago, the estate tax was paid by 139,000 estates, according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. By 2000, it was paid by 52,000. This year it will be paid by just 5,500 estates. Under the House tax plan, it will be eliminated altogether.
Why do Americans pay more for pharmaceuticals than the citizens of every other advanced economy? Because Big Pharma has altered the laws in its favor. Why do we pay more for internet service than most other nations? Big cable’s political clout. Why can payday lenders get away with payday robbery? The political heft of big banks.
Multiply these examples across the economy and you get a huge hidden upward redistribution from the paychecks of average working people and the poor to top executives and investors. (I explain this in detail in the documentary “Saving Capitalism,” airing next week on Netflix.)
All this is terrible for the American economy.  
More and better jobs depend on increasing demand for goods and services. This must come from the middle class and poor because the rich spend a far smaller share of their after-tax income.
Yet the middle class and poor have steadily lost purchasing power. Partly as a result, a relatively low share of the nation’s working-age population is employed today and the wages of the typical worker have been stuck in the mud.
The Republican tax plan will make all this worse by burdening the middle class and the poor even more.
A slew of analyses, including Congress’s own Joint Committee on Taxation, show that the GOP plan will raise taxes on many middle-class families.
It will also require cuts in government programs that middle and lower-income Americans depend on, such as Medicare and Medicaid.
And the plan will almost certainly explode the national debt, eventually causing many middle-class and poor families to pay higher interest on their auto loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

Social Security on the chopping block: How the GOP plans to fix its own budget mess Republicans are going back to their dream: Cutting Social Security and Medicare

Ugly Stuff: GOP Tax and Budget Plans Will Destroy Finances of Average Americans With Sick Elders or Family Members With Disabilities Tax breaks for the rich, while the GOP targets healthcare safety nets for society's most vulnerable.

The House and Senate Republican tax bills continue the GOP’s war on financially vulnerable Americans, underscoring yet again that the GOP will stop at nothing to take away benefits from any person, in any state, who might vote blue. Both chambers’ slightly differing proposals eliminate the current federal income tax deduction for state and local taxes, hitting hard at blue high-tax states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California, and amounting to a big transfer of wealth to lower-tax red-state America. In addition, the mean-spirited and brazenly partisan fine print would deny deductions for fire and earthquake victims (California), but keep them for hurricane losses (Florida and Texas).

Killing people by cutti Social Security and Medicare is not the first time the GOP tried to kill thousands of Americans in the past year;
Senate GOP Healthcare Bill Estimated to Kill 28,600 More in U.S. Each Year & Drop 22M from Insurance

Since the new adjustment will drop about 13 Million from healthcare the approximate number of people the GOP will kill EVERY years will be about 14,000! GOP are already set to kill more Americans than ISIS or Al Qaeda combined and I'm not even including social security thefts (as its derived from a payroll tax) or medicare cuts.

Lessons In Civics & Economics

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