Nov 30, 2017

Yet More Confirmed Evidence Of Collusion/Contacts Between the Trump Campaign & Russia

1. The Collusion Evidence Is Pretty Conclusive... Trump, His Family & Campaign Staff/Allies Are All Traitors!
2. Evidence Trump Is Losing His Grip On Reality (i.e. He's Going Crazy &/Or Senile Folks!)

Contacts indicating collusion (treason) outlined;

Trump campaign had at least 19 Russia-connected contacts Rachel Maddow updates a running list of Russia-connected contacts by members of the Donald Trump campaign, bringing the count to 19, with the open possibility of new ones being exposed. Duration: 4:12

List of Trump campaign Russia contacts continues to grow Rachel Maddow presents an ongoing tally of the Russians who are reported to have had contact with various members of the Donald Trump campaign ahead of the election, a list that is still growing as new interactions come to light. Duration: 8:25

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