Nov 27, 2017

Trump Is A Pathological Liar

Trump is the first president in American history to have lied so much. the lies have reached a point where its just pure comedy trying to collect all of them. Trump should probably get the Guinness record for most lies by a sitting President ever! 

Erin Burnett on Trump: 'Hypocrite-in-chief' As Donald Trump signs his 50th executive order, something he regularly criticized Barack Obama for, Erin Burnett labels him "hypocrite-in-chief." Source: CNN

All Of President Donald Trump's Lies | The Last Word | MSNBC The New York Times Sunday published an extraordinary definitive list of the more than 100 lies Donald Trump has told as president. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Stuart Thompson, who worked on the piece.

Donald Trump is a Pathological Liar (May 31, 2016 - MSNBC) Lawrence O'Donnell calls out Donald Trump for being a pathological liar, citing his fraudulent Trump University and his lies about donating millions of dollars to veterans. SHOW MORE

Sanders: Donald Trump is a 'pathological liar' Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses the importance of remaining outraged and his thoughts on Donald Trump.

Lawrence: Pay attention when Trump says 'believe me' In a new interview, President Donald Trump says "believe me" that he's not involved in any collusion, nor is he under investigation. Lawrence O'Donnell argues that the President frequently says "believe me" when he’s not telling the truth. Duration: 7:06

TRUMP LIES ON TWITTER DURING A CONGRESSIONAL HEARING ON HIS TWITTER LIES 3/20/2017 While the FBI and NSA clear Barack Obama on Donald Trump's baseless wiretapping charges, the president takes to Twitter to push more blatant falsehoods.

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