Nov 14, 2017

Incontrovertible Proof that Sean Hannity Is Just A Two-Bit Factless Conspiracy Theorist: Alex Jones Of Infowars And Sean Hannity Of Fox News Are Really Just Two Peas In A Pod.

Background: The Daily Show Proves That Fox News Is Fake News

I was thinking of doing an analysis here but analyzing crazy fact less conspiracy theories (with no science or evidence or logic involved) is a pointless endeavor. So I just thought I would put up a bunch of evidence that Hannity & Alex Jones (Infowars) are really the same. there are a few minor differences but the structures of their bull remains the same. 1. Invoke fear & 2. Push baseless conspiracy theory. This can actually be argued to be the entire Fox news & right wing media model for "news" (or more accurately, "Nazi style propaganda campaigns")  as pointed out in the "deep state" proof below. In any case, the following prooves that Sean Hannity is just a cheap conspiracy theorist.

First, notice the link between Alex Jones's Infowars & Sean Hannity on Fox "News"

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones: Sean Hannity Called Me To Say We're Doing A "Great Job" And That "We Appreciate You"

ALEX JONES (HOST): And I tell you, they got the new Fox News director for Ailes, he was on this morning going “oh it’s true, Hillary’s going to win by 12 points,” he’s this real Nellie guy, “and don’t listen to others these unhealthy polls.” They are really --
JOE BIGGS: A psy-op.
JONES: They had to take Fox down though so that they couldn’t challenge it.
BIGGS: Well yeah if you start watching Fox now you start seeing they’re starting to lean more towards Clinton, every time you hear these guys except for Sean Hannity, like it’s --
JONES: By the way, Hannity, well I’m not going to get Hannity in trouble, but he did reach out to us, he said “great job, we appreciate you, I’m trying my best.” They’re threatening to fire him right now, so he reached out to us and said he appreciates us. I just, this country is in deep crap brother, they are couping Fox News.

Alex Jones: "The Sean Hannity Show is now The Alex Jones Show"

Side note: Here is exactly what Alex Jones has said about the Sandy Hook massacre Jones on Sandy Hook: “Staged,” “inside job,” “undoubtedly there’s a cover-up,” “giant hoax,” “the whole thing was fake,” “in my view, manufactured”

Hannity again steals from Alex Jones, interviewing a pro-Trumper who has contributed to Infowars Hannity’s program is increasingly overlapping with Jones’ show
After his sycophantic interview with President Donald Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity aired equally fawning commentary from audience members. In one of these seemingly random interviews, Hannity spoke to Kevin Martin, a man who has previously reported for and hosted Alex Jones’ Infowars. Martin’s insights included his opinion that Trump is doing a “phenomenal job” and that “a lot of the news media is fake, except Hannity.” Flattered by the interview, Hannity responded by saying, “I want this promo.”
Martin was introduced on Infowars in February 2017, after a video of him at the inauguration went viral, and he appeared on the show multiple times, functioning as a guest, a reporter, and a host. During a February 8 broadcast that also featured far-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos, Martin used the exposure to discuss his time at the Women’s March, noting that “it was a bunch of lesbian -- just a lot of angry, angry, angry women,” and claiming when he left, he “took three showers with bleach and steel wool.” Martin additionally appeared in an Infowars video about Jeff Sessions’ appointment as attorney general in which the host claims the reason Sessions’ appointment was held up was “because he is so against what’s going on with these pedophile secret societies,” alluding to Pizzagate conspiracy theories.
Hannity’s and Jones’ shows have become so similar in the era of Trump that in August, Jones remarked, “The Sean Hannity Show is now The Alex Jones Show.” Similarly, in June, Jones commented that “Sean Hannity is currently the main leader of the resistance against the globalists,” adding that Hannity “has the most courage of anybody in the media.” And in 2016, Jones claimed that Hannity called him to say, “Great job, we appreciate you.”

Article: Wash. Post: Fox News’s Sean Hannity is encroaching on Alex Jones territory

Hannity Defends Alex Jones From Hillary Clinton: "Really, She Doesn’t Believe In Freedom Of Speech?" Sean Hannity: “What Did Alex Jones Say That’s So ‘Alt-Right?’”

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Who ever heard of an “alt-right” movement until this week? I’d never heard of it. Somebody said, “Well, Steve Bannon said he’s an alternative-right.” Probably he’s saying that he’s not an establishment Republican that is weak and timid and feckless and visionless. What is this alt-right thing that they’ve come up with? A new name to describe anybody that’s a  conservative that actually believes we ought to have borders, that we should enforce the law, that we should build a wall? Somebody that recognizes it’s a national security threat -- somehow that's racist?
She's out there accusing, what, Alex Jones? Really, she doesn’t believe in freedom of speech? What did Alex Jones say that's so “alt-right?”

Sean Hannity has really gone off the rails lately, but it's earned him a new fan: Alex Jones Jones and Hannity are joined in their subservience to the president

In an indication of how reckless and conspiratorial Sean Hannity’s Trump-boosting Fox News program has become, America’s best known conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, now routinely heaps praise on Hannity, cheering that his show sounds like The Alex Jones Show and praising Hannity for pushing toxic conspiracy theories, such as those about the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.
Like Hannity, Jones -- who is the progenitor of the so-called 9/11 truth movement and has spread conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Las Vegas massacre, and other tragedies -- is a sycophantic devotee of President Donald Trump’s.
Over the past year, Hannity and Jones have both focused on offering flailing defenses of Trump’s unpopularpresidency, making it no surprise that Hannity would eventually catch Jones’ eye and become a routine subject of The Alex Jones Show.
Since June, Jones has praised Hannity as “one of the only real journalists left on broadcast and cable television” and happily noted that “the entire evil globalist system that’s anti-human and wants a world where humans are obsolete hates” him. After Hannity called for investigations into high-level officials of the previous administration, Jones said it was “very powerful to see Sean Hannity telling it like it is.” Jones claims that other Fox programming -- with the exception of Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business show -- is part of an anti-Trump conspiracy, saying that at Fox, “only Hannity is still fighting” and calling his show the “pinhole” that is saving Trump from total isolation.
For his part, Hannity sided with Jones after Jones called on NBC to release the full footage of his interviewwith NBC host Megyn Kelly. According to Jones, Hannity also called him in 2016 to tell him he was doing a “great job” and to say “we appreciate you.”
What seems to please Jones most about Hannity is that Hannity reminds him of himself. In August, Jones announced that “The Sean Hannity Show is now The Alex Jones Show.” And after The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple picked up on parallels between Jones and Hannity, Jones said on his show that “The Washington Post has demonized him saying he’s becoming Alex Jones, that’s good.”
Jones says the reason for the parallels is that both men get their information from the same or similar sources. During his August 21 broadcast, Jones called Hannity “the new Alex Jones” and described supposed meetings between Hannity and unnamed “high level” officials, saying that those officials tell Hannity to listen to what Jones is saying, because Jones knows about “black budget, black ops, globalism, C.O.G.,” referring to continuity of government. Jones has also said that “suddenly Sean Hannity is saying the exact words, the exact facts” that Jones spouts because Hannity gets information from high-level administration officials.
Jones is especially a fan of two specific conspiracy theories promoted by Hannity: that there is an ongoing attempt to overthrow the Trump presidency and that the murder of Seth Rich absolves Trump against claims of campaign collusion with Russia.
One of the most frequently repeated claims on The Alex Jones Show, dating to the early months of the Trump presidency, is that America is on the brink of a civil war, with leftist forces poised to depose Trump. Hannity echoed these claims in June, albeit calling it a “soft coup,” whereas Jones frequently fearmongers about the prospect of mass violence when talking about the subject. Jones was nonetheless appreciative of the “soft coup” claim, taking credit for initially pushing similar claims and saying that his “biggest victory” is that Hannity and others are “saying there’s a C.O.G. plan to overthrow the president. There’s a coup against the election. There’s a coup against the American people.”
Jones has also praised Hannity’s shameful promotion of conspiracy theories about Rich, who police believe was murdered in July 2016 in a botched robbery attempt in Washington, D.C. Conspiracy theorists, most prominently Hannity, seized on Rich’s employment with the Democratic National Committee in an attempt to discredit official accounts that hacked DNC emails were stolen by forces affiliated with the Kremlin. While advertisers left Hannity over his disgusting exploitation of the Rich murder, Jones has defended the Fox News host, complaining that “they have headlines out there that I’m hatefully attacking the family, and so is Sean Hannity, for even questioning this. Now it’s almost like we killed Seth Rich.” During other shows, Jones claimed that Hannity was merely “investigating reasonable murder investigations” and called Hannity’s inquiries “very legitimate.”
Jones, who claims to have a personal relationship with Trump and other officials in his administration, also calls the Trump-Hannity relationship a “major bromance going on forever.” During an August show, Jones called Hannity “one of the most important people in America now” because Trump “religiously watches” Hannity’s show, and he urged his supporters to “lobby” Hannity “to keep hammering the truth of the planned coup.” In June, Jones claimed that Hannity “talks to President Trump two or three times a day, sometimes at length.”
Here’s what Jones has to say about Hannity:

Sean Hannity Unhinged: “Everything That Conspiracy Theorists Have Said” Is “True” Hannity: “It’s A Media Assault On Your Mind”

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I want to go over this, what I'm calling a Republican establishment, Democratic establishment, media establishment, globalist, lobbyist, UN establishment. It's everything that conspiracy theorists have said over the years and all of this is out there now in the open, in terms of what Hillary Clinton thinks and what she believes and what John Podesta thinks about Catholics and well let's have left wing activists plot a Catholic Spring and lets infiltrate the Catholic Church. Let's advance our progressive ideology to foment revolution. Who thinks like this? This is like, you know, Communism in the Soviet Union propaganda. It’s really sad but it's also true and it's also reality and it's also the world you live. You know, Hillary Clinton’s dream of a hemispheric common market, open trade and open borders. She said that in one of her speeches. Hillary Clinton campaign said they wanted to face Trump in the general election. Okay, let's see what happens in 27 days. I still think Trump can win. Now for the Nate Silvers of the world who say “Hannity doesn't believe in polls, he only cites online polling after Trump wins the debate.” No, that’s not true. The polls right now are not accurate, because the polls out now reflect 72 straight hours more coverage of the Access Hollywood tapes that we now know that NBC purposely delayed the release of, to time it before the debate as TMZ reports. So it doesn't reflect Donald Trump's incredible debate performance, it doesn't reflect yet another 1200 Wikileak drops today, it doesn't reflect what we've learned from the previous Wikileaks drops, it doesn't reflect that, you know, that Hillary knew that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS, it doesn't reflect the media -- you know what this is, this is a media assault on your mind. What you mean by that Hannity? Cause they’re propagandizing you, they’re posing as objective journalists and they are not as we know about Univision, as we know about NBC, as we know about CNBC, as we know about the New York Times and the Boston Globe and CNN. And we also know that they conspire and release questions to Hillary ahead of time. We know all of this is true.

Alex Jones: The Texas church gunman carried out his attack while under “mind control” from the deep state Jones: “That guy tried to kill his high command and they said, ‘Put this guy into a black project. Scramble his brain. This guy’s a perfect candidate as a wind-up toy’”

ALEX JONES (HOST): And the deep state wants to embarrass Trump with more terror attacks and it’s all connected to the Antifa, this individual [Sutherland Springs, TX, church shooter] Devin Kelley in mental institutions the Air Force put him in. Trying to go to bases with guns to kill his commanding officers. That’s the Associated Press and CBS News. And protected and allowed to assault his wife, and other people, and children, and to be a pedophile. And then protected, and then turned loose. You know he was told, “You’re our little secret agent now of the deep state. You’re not going to go to jail. Don’t kill your commanding officers. We have a job for you.” And just like a wind-up toy right out of a government mental institutions (sic), allowed to get guns, the files not put into the [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] on purpose so their wind-up toy -- classic manchurian candidate. Let’s put Devin Kelley on screen. And what did our source start talking about yesterday? He said, “I can’t get into this, and I can’t get into him, and I can’t get into his background, but it’s all in the news.” And absolutely there it is. Mind control. If they can’t hype up a revolution on November 4th, they’ll activate their sleeper cells.
And let me tell you something. They got hardcore drugs, they got programming, they got it all. And the proof is they put him in a mental institution for trying to kill his chain of command with weapons and they let him out and then they let him continue attack people and did nothing. They protected him just like Maj. [Nidal] Hasan at Fort Hood for two years was talking to the number two in Al-Qaeda about his attacks and the CIA knew and did nothing, because they’re -- look at that mind control. Look at that guy. I bet if you did an autopsy he’s been under electroshock therapy, you name it. That guy tried to kill his high command and they said, “Put this guy into a black project. Scramble his brain. This guy’s a perfect candidate as a wind-up toy.” “You want to be a killer, son? You’re going to get to be a killer now. Heh heh. You’re in the program whether you like it or not.”

Sean Hannity Warns Listeners About The “Globalist Establishment” And “Mind Control”

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I am sick and tired of the Republican establishment, and we’re going to deal with this in 21 days. In exactly three weeks from today people go to the polls and we’ll decide our future. But I gotta tell you, there is a corporate establishment, they’re in bed with the Republican establishment, they’re in bed with the Democratic establishment. They are in bed with the globalist establishment. And we have been lied to on a scale, and we have been manipulated on a scale that is frankly, in my opinion, is reminiscent of former Soviet Union propaganda and mind control. That’s how bad I think it is. You know, look at what we discovered, the Politico reporter Glenn Rush, oh isn’t that nice, who identifies himself as a hack for John Podesta. Just please don’t tell anybody I’m a total hack for you. And then WikiLeaks they got all the journalists that dined at the Clinton’s staffer’s homes. Isn’t that nice?

The "Deep State" Correlation Between Jones & Hannity & Fox News (ONE of the many Conspiracy Theories All the Crazies Adopted Together... pretty much confirming that they are lies as these are all fake news outlets on par with pizzagate's infowars)

Alex Jones Says Trump Firing Comey Is About Stopping The Deep State "Fake Russia Narrative" Jones: "It’s Also The Fact That Comey Is Seen As Weak And As Very, Very Manipulative But In A Candy Ass Way"

ALEX JONES (HOST): Obviously I hate to tell folks even the general area where we get our information from concerning the White House, because the media has a big field day with it and then tries to shut off those sources. But I was on the phone very, very late last night talking to multiple sources, and then I called Roger Stone about 11 Texas time, midnight his time, we talked for over an hour and he confirmed a lot of what I was learning from other sources. And of course Roger is one of the only people now that Trump still routinely talks to outside of the White House.
Now I don’t know how much Roger will get into today, but I from my other sources separately have exactly what happened with Comey. Comey was compromised and had been compromised for a long time. And was being clearly manipulated by deep state sources to try to exert pressure onto the White House to have the White House carry out the deep state's political aims with this whole fake Russia narrative that if they didn’t basically do what John McCain and others wanted they would continue on with hearings and try to impeach the president. So they’re blackmailing the president with this fake Russia narrative. Senator Rand Paul obviously knows all about this, he has come out and said that’s basically what it is as well, said good riddance to Comey.

Hannity responds to report Trump is under investigation: "biggest act ... of retribution we have ever seen from the deep state" Sean Hannity: “It has now turned into a political witch hunt against the president of the United States”

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Anonymous sources telling The Washington Post that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, is investigating President [Donald] Trump for possible obstruction of justice. Now this is the biggest act -- I want you to pay attention -- of retribution we have ever seen from the deep state in the history of this country. Just as we have been saying on this program, it has now turned into a political witch hunt against the president of the United States.

Alex Jones ally Kelli Ward is running for Arizona senate. Hannity just endorsed her.

Hannity gets his stories from the internet fever swamps: The Ana Navarro story

Alex Jones: Las Vegas massacre “has the hallmarks of being scripted by deep state Democrats and their Islamic allies” Jones claims that O.J. Simpson was released from Nevada prison shortly before the attack to get the media to converge on Las Vegas

ALEX JONES (HOST): The literal grandchildren of the folks that financed the Bolshevik Revolution out of New York and London are now bragging saying Bolshevik 2 is launching. I told you over and over again that I believe their November 4th launch terror date was a smokescreen for them to begin launching terror attacks in October. They will get successively more intense until you basically come punch-drunk to them, then they’ll launch their main attack.
Here’s the other big news. On Saturday night, Monday morning -- Sunday morning, they released O.J. [Simpson] just 20 hours before the attack took place so all the media would come and be in place to cover this event. The whole thing has the hallmarks of being scripted by deep state Democrats and their Islamic allies using mental patient cut-outs. I’m Alex Jones.

Listen to Sean Hannity's unhinged rant on "the deep state gone rogue"

Newt Gingrich: The "deep state," its "lobbying allies" and "media allies" are trying to destroy Trump

Fox's David Bossie: "Deep state" behind "false" allegation that Trump is under investigation Bossie: Those from "the deep state" claiming Trump is under federal investigation have "Trump derangement syndrome" and "a sickness, a pathology to them"

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Washington Post last week said the president was under investigation. Turns out those were five anonymous sources, so we don't know who was giving that information. So, the president tweeted last week. He said, "I am being investigated for firing the the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director." 
EARHARDT: So, David, he is not under investigation, right?
DAVID BOSSIE: Well that's right. He's not under investigation, and that's important for the American people to understand. Look, there is an ongoing counterintelligence investigation into whether or not Russia meddled in our elections. We all understand that, but we have to understand there's no underlying basis for the Trump campaign to have been involved with the Russians. There's no facts, no evidence whatsoever that the president or our team had any coordination with the Russians. This is a ridiculous allegation, and it's going to be proven false over the summer at some point, that [Russia probe special counsel Robert] Mueller is going to come out and have to acknowledge that there's no evidence. Look, the -- we've been under investigation for over seven months now, almost a year, I'd say, since these allegations -- ridiculous allegations first came up. So, we've had no evidence come up. The Washington Post and others want to create these stories and there's -- with anonymous sources from the -- from what we call the deep state. These are the folks that want to do damage to this president, want to try to nullify an election, really are what I'd consider -- I'd say they're guilty of what Charles Krauthammer termed the Trump derangement syndrome. That these people have a sickness, a pathology to them, that really is a -- we have a problem here in America.

Fox & Friends cites “one of the online blogs” to claim James Comey might be behind "deep-state leaks” Steve Doocy, citing The Gateway Pundit: "You've got to wonder whether or not Jim Comey was actually the source of" the leaks Following former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy cited "one of the online blogs" to claim that, "Out of the 39 deep state leaks, I think I think it was about ten of them related to Jim Comey, so you've got to wonder whether or not Jim Comey was actually the source of" the leaks. Doocy's source appears to be the serially incorrect right-wing blog The Gateway Pundit, which, following Comey's testimony, wrote that "Many of these 'leaks' are now proven fabrications and the probability that many remaining ‘leaks’ are completely inaccurate is very high." The Gateway Pundit is a conspiracy-theory peddling right-wing blog with ties to the “alt-right” that is regularly propped up by Fox News, and that in the Trump administration has participated in daily White House press briefings. From the June 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

STEVE DOOCY (HOST): So, [former FBI Director James Comey] revealed that he leaked this stuff through the guy at Columbia University, the law professor, in hopes that they would come up with a special counsel, and a couple of weeks later they absolutely did. What's interesting, on May third, Mr. Comey was up on Capitol Hill, he told Chuck Grassley -- Charles Grassley, the senator from Iowa, "oh, I've never leaked anything secret in my life." But, what's curious is, and to your earlier point, Brian, one of the online blogs went back and looked at the deep-state leaks that have come that have damaged the Trump administration. Out of the 39 deep-state leaks, I think it was about ten of them related to Jim Comey, so you've got to wonder whether or not Jim Comey was actually the source of it. We don't know for sure, only Jim Comey and the reporter knows for sure. But after he revealed yesterday in public, you got to wonder, why would he reveal that suddenly yesterday? Is it the fact that it's about to be unveiled?
HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): Yeah, I don't believe anybody in this scenario is doing anything coincidental. Two things for you, because I know we're going to talk about Loretta Lynch, you just mentioned her. But you actually forecast -- I was reading about you online -- you actually forecast that this is where we would be with James Comey, that maybe that information that we have learned about those conversations inside the Oval Office might have been coming directly from him. 

Note: This is how the CIA botched Iraq post-9/11: Bob Gates, careerist sycophancy, and the real history of the Deep State A veteran CIA officer explains to Salon exactly where the agency has gone wrong for decades — and the consequences

In a lengthy exchange with Ray McGovern, or when you listen to him speak, a lot comes at you. This is a former C.I.A. officer who, as branch chief in the analysis section, counted daily White House briefings among his tasks. Given his years out in Langley, Virginia—from the early Kennedy days until he retired in 1990—he was witness to the agency’s collapse into a factory producing politically and ideologically motivated “intelligence.” Long before the end, Langley had turned into a building full of “prostitutes”—McGovern’s word “not too strong.” McGovern can get very granular as he describes what he saw. Elsewhere in the News, a discriminating new website that searches out material you ought to see but may miss, just posted this remarkable radio interview, in which McGovern analyzes the fate of the 2002 intelligence report advising the Bush II administration there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. More than a million deaths and one Islamic State later, McGovern tells us what this kind of corruption looks like from the inside and how it felt to watch it.

More Of Hannity's Deranged Conspiracy Theories (Go By the Number Of Them, All Easily Debunkable), Comfirming Hist Status As A World Class Bullshitter On Par With Infowars

Hannity hypes fake story falsely accusing CNN of staging an anti-ISIS Muslim protest

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Yesterday, a CNN reporter and crew in London -- well, they were accused of creating fake news after they were filmed seemingly staging a group of anti-terror Muslim demonstrators behind a camera shot in order to create a pro-Muslim narrative. Now, CNN, they're vehemently denying this saying what you can obviously see, saying, quote, "staging." Well the network is calling the story nonsense. They told "This story is nonsense. The group of demonstrators that was at the police cordon was being allowed through by officers so they could show their signs to the gathered media. The CNN crew along with other media present simply filmed them doing so." OK, you really believe that?

Hannity repeats a Las Vegas conspiracy theory from the Gateway Pundit Despite being forced to apologize for sharing incorrect information from the site previously, Sean Hannity shares another conspiracy theory from Gateway Pundit, just a day after it was ridiculed for sharing a 4chan hoax about the Las Vegas massacre

Sean Hannity pushed a totally made-up story that's now being revived by a prominent fake news purveyor

Sean Hannity resurrects the myth of Muslim "no-go zones," a lie Fox was forced to correct in 2015

Sean Hannity has been dumpster diving with conspiracy theorists again Fringe claim that Charlottesville counterprotesters were paid actors jumps to Hannity's radio show

What the Seth Rich conspiracy theory is, why it matters, and why Sean Hannity must be the one to pay the price Enough with the bullshit

Sean Hannity Won't Rebuke National Enquirer Story Accusing Ted Cruz's Father Of Helping JFK Assassination Hannity: "Was That Verified Ever? I Saw That Somewhere On The Internet"

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): What do you think about -- Ted Cruz just went off on you today, sure you've heard it, I think your campaign actually sent out a statement about it.
HANNITY: What is your reaction to it?
TRUMP: Well, you know he's losing so badly, he can't take losses, he can't handle pressure, and you know he's not good under pressure. I've watched this during debates and everything else, and he is unhinged. I mean, he's totally unhinged, and this all started on Fox & Friends. I did the show, and they showed me something, Brian and Steve, and you know, the group, they showed me something that was frankly, you know, I thought inappropriate said by the father. And I think it was -- I think most people agree with me, and then -- in the meantime, as you know there was a picture a few weeks ago, and it was all over the place, about Lee Harvey Oswald and his father, a few months before --
HANNITY: Was that verified ever? I saw that somewhere on the internet --
TRUMP: Yeah well, I'll tell you it was a picture put in, and they wouldn't put it in if they could be sued. They would be sued, that I could tell you. They're very big professionals, and it was put in, and by the way -- and Ted Cruz, I don't think denied it at the news conference. But it -- they don't do things unless it can be verified. But if that were true, what was he doing having breakfast or whatever they were doing, three months before the JFK assassination? Why are they doing that? Why is the father meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald?
HANNITY: You know, I have no idea, because I have seen it, but I never thought it was going anywhere. I don't know the truth or veracity of it.

Sean Hannity boasts that he helped launch the Uranium One lie with Peter Schweizer Hannity: "You know when you wrote Clinton Cash, number one New York Times bestseller, proud we had the first interview"
From the November 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know when you wrote Clinton Cash, number one New York Times bestseller, proud we had the first interview. We put you on many times Peter, but I don't think we ever imagined this bad. But it's worse than bad. It's worse than this bad.

Hannity promotes fringe conspiracy theory that reporters were paid to report on Trump-Russia dossier

From the November 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): There was a Rowan Scarborough piece that actually suggested that Fusion GPS may have actually paid media people to run with these lies. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of that. But here's a question I have: Is there any chance -- because John Solomon and Sara Carter first broke the story that there were warrants of Trump Tower. There was surveillance of Trump Tower. 
JAY SEKULOW: Well, I mean --
HANNITY: Well, here's my question: Did they use the phony Russian dossier information, the lies that she paid for, as a predicate or a premise and go and use those lies before a judge to get a warrant? And if they did, what would happen?

“Mind control,” “shadow government,” and Seth Rich: Sean Hannity’s history of pushing conspiracy theories

Seth Rich

Hannity was a major driving force behind conspiracy theories surrounding DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder, claiming "the truth" "could become one of the biggest scandals in American history." Fox News host and talk radio personality Sean Hannity was a major promoter of conspiracy theories surrounding the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, obsessing that “the truth” behind Rich’s murder “could become one of the biggest scandals in American history.” Hannity sought to insert Rich into virtually any conversation pertaining to the story about possible collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russia and defiantly said he’s “not backing off” of the conspiracy theories. Yet in August 2016 he had said that “it would be reckless and irresponsible to suggest the Clintons or the DNC had anything to do with” Rich’s murder. [Media Matters5/24/175/25/17; Fox News, Hannity5/19/16]
Hannity agreed to stop pushing his lies “for now” only after the Rich family directly pleaded for him to stop. After spending a week obsessing over conspiracy theories around Rich’s death, Hannity said on the April 23 edition of Hannity that he “got a very heartfelt note” from the Rich family begging him to stop and that “out of respect for the family’s wishes -- for now -- I am not discussing this matter at this time.” However, Hannity’s apology was completely disingenuous; before the show even ended, he was on Twitter asking fans to “please retweet” his earlier tweet that claimed, “Not only am I not stopping, I am working harder.” [Media Matters5/24/17
Hannity says the blowback from his Seth Rich conspiracy theories is “liberal fascism” attempting to destroy him. After his fake apology to the Rich family, Hannity went on a Twitter tirade against Media Mattersfor its criticism of his repetition of these conspiracy theories. According to The Washington Times, Hannity said groups like Media Matters are engaging in “liberal fascism” and “attacking my advertising base … all in an effort to silence conservatives.” In a statement, Media Matters President Angelo Carusone denied “organizing a pressure campaign” against Hannity, noting that his “wild and reckless conspiracies” are driving advertisers away without the need for an organized campaign. [Media Matters5/24/175/24/17The Washington Times5/24/17]

Some of Hannity's Wildest Conspiracy Theories

Hannity warned his listeners about “globalist” “mind control.” Hannity used the October 18 edition of his radio show to sound the alarm about how “we’ve been lied to” and “manipulated” by the “corporate establishment, “the Republican establishment,” “the Democratic establishment,” and “the globalist establishment” that is “reminiscent of former Soviet Union propaganda and mind control.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show10/18/16]
Hannity still believes Saddam Hussein owned weapons of mass destruction when Bush invaded Iraq in 2003. Even though it is now proven fact that Saddam Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction at the time of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Hannity never gave up on the lie. On January 2, 2007, Hannity said, “I believe there were WMDs” in Iraq, and, “I believe they were moved” to a secret location prior to the invasion. In 2016, Hannity reaffirmed the point, saying, “I still think” that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that “he got them out in the lead-up to the war.” [Media Matters1/4/07; Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show2/10/16]
Hannity asked if a Hawaii judge who issued a stay on Trump's Muslim ban did weed and blow with Obama, questioned if Obama interfered in the ruling. After Hawaiian Judge Derrick Watson issued a stay on an iteration of Trump’s Muslim ban, Hannity baselessly speculated that “maybe he should have recused himself from the case” because Watson and Obama, who were law school classmates, may have been “best friends in Hawaii,” and may have been “part of the Choom Gang, smoking pot and hanging out, … maybe even [doing] a little blow.” Hannity furthered the conspiracy theory by commenting that Obama “made a surprise visit to Hawaii 48 hours before the judge blocked the Trump travel ban,” even though Politico reported that the former president met tech industry executives on his trip. [Media Matters3/16/17Politico3/14/17]
Hannity claimed Colin Kaepernick “might have converted to Islam” when discussing his protest. On the August 29 edition of The Sean Hannity Show, Hannity said “spoiled-brat, out-of-touch, super-rich athlete” Colin Kaepernick, who protested by kneeling during the national anthem at a pre-season football game in 2016, “can insult America, and we’re free to insult him.” Hannity then explained Kaepernick’s “version ... of the March on Selma” by saying that he “might have converted to Islam in the off-season.” Though Hannity said he’s “never been able to confirm this,” he continued to press the notion that “during the off-season, he may have converted to Islam.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show8/29/16]
Hannity encouraged Trump’s lie that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. After Trump repeatedly made the outrageous claim that Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) father was a conspirator in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Hannity hosted Trump on The Sean Hannity Show and allowed Trump to air the conspiracy theory. All Hannity said about the plainly false lie was, “I saw that there was something on the internet” and “I don’t know the truth or veracity of it.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show5/3/16]
Hannity accused Clinton’s campaign chair of participating in a “bizarre occult ritual” involving “blood sacrifice.” After a WikiLeaks release of multiple emails stolen from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, The Daily Beast reported that Hannity “tweeted a story from his own website, along with its headline: ‘LEAKED EMAIL appears to link Clinton Campaign Chairman to bizarre occult ritual.’” The November 4 story alleged that Podesta was participating in a ritual involving “blood sacrifice.” [The Daily Beast, 11/4/16;, 11/4/16]

Birtherism and Islam

Hannity repeatedly peddled birther lies about Obama. Although Hannity has claimed birtherism “has not been my main issue,” he reliably hosted, defended, and promoted birther lies about then-President Barack Obama. Hannity complained that birthers are unfairly “crucified and beaten up and smeared and besmirched” for asking about the birth certificate. Hannity demanded that a TV guest “not bring up race” when refuting birtherism because, to Hannity, it’s not racist to imply that a black presidential candidate is secretly Kenyan. Hannity even directly promoted Trump’s birtherism in 2011, devoting an entire segment of an interview with Trump solely to birtherism, and -- on a separate occasion -- defending his racist actions by claiming that “all Donald Trump said was ‘show the birth certificate and move on.’” Hannity also issued a false ultimatum to Obama, demanding he “produce the birth certificate, [so that] it’s over [and] done with”; after Obama released his long-form birth certificate, Hannity attacked the move as a “distraction” from the economy. Hannity also continued to host birthers such as WorldNetDaily’s Wayne Allyn Root after Obama released his long-form birth certificate. [Media Matters9/16/163/24/114/15/114/25/114/29/118/7/12]
Hannity alleged that Obama edited “Islamic radicalism” out of the French president’s speech. On April 4, 2016, Hannity claimed that Obama “actually cut out Francois Hollande mentioning ‘Islamic radicalism’” in a bilateral appearance the two made, because Obama is too “timid and weak” to say the phrase himself. Though the conspiracy theory was widespread in right-wing media, the omission was caused by a glitch in the microphone that was quickly fixed. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show4/4/16Media Matters4/1/16
Hannity said that “Barack Hussein Obama” doesn’t care about terrorism and there's "something that's so off" about the former president. On the March 23, 2016, edition of his radio show, Hannity ranted that “when it comes to militant Islam and terror attacks, this president doesn’t care.” Hannity said there’s “an unwritten story about this man, his radicalism, his point of view, his rigid, [Saul] Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, ACORN-loving, Jeremiah Wright Church of G-D America-attending, Bill Ayers-Bernadine Dohrn connection” that shows there’s “something that’s so off” about Obama. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show3/23/16]
Hannity smeared Michelle Obama’s undergraduate thesis as an argument in favor of radical black liberation. In 2008, Hannity repeatedly mischaracterized Michelle Obama’s 1985 senior thesis at Princeton about “Princeton-educated blacks and the black community” to claim that she believed that “blacks must join together in solidarity to combat a White oppressor.” On at least four occasions Hannity presented those beliefs as Michelle Obama’s, when the full context from her thesis shows that she was quoting the beliefs of others. [Media Matters2/29/083/5/08]

Guilt by association

Hannity suggested Obama got an illegal deal on his house with the help of a slum lord. Hannity asked on the June 5, 2008, edition of his radio show, “Did Obama know at the time that [former Obama contributor Tony] Rezko was saving him 300 grand on the purchase of his home?” In August that year, Hannity repeated the conspiracy theory on Fox News, alleging that Obama got “a property next to this convicted slumlord” that was “$300,000 below [market] value.” Hannity advanced these conspiracy theories even after the sellers of the home told Bloomberg that Obama did not pay a reduced price for it. [Media Matters6/6/088/25/08]
Hannity claimed that Bill Ayers helped write Obama’s Dreams From My Father. On the September 22, 2009, edition of Fox News’ Hannity, Hannity alleged that Weather Underground co-founder “Bill Ayers helped [Obama] with the book” Dreams From My Father as shown by “literary devices and themes bear[ing] a jarring similarity to Ayers’ own writings.” Ayers is not credited as a co-author for the book, and an Oxford professor who designed a computer program to detect plagiarism found Hannity’s claim “very implausible.” [Media Matters, 9/23/09]
Hannity claimed Obama was “sending in his SEIU thugs” to attack the Tea Party. In his 2010 book Conservative Victory, Hannity claimed that “the only thing artificial anywhere near the Tea Party protests were the counterprotests Obama staged, sending in his [Service Employees International Union] thugs to shout down, bully, intimidate, and physically attack the Tea Party patriots.” Hannity offered zero evidence for his claim which echoed previous thinly sourced right-wing allegations against Obama and organized labor. [Media Matters3/31/10]

2016 election and beyond

Hannity claimed Obama was leading a “shadow government” against Trump. On March 6, Hannity fearmongered about “the database that Obama’s put together” for his 2008 election and 2012 re-election, which “sounds like a shadow government.” According to Hannity, "The database that Obama's put together will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it's never been done before and whoever runs for president on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. That sounds like a shadow government. Sounds like Sean Hannity's not the great conspiracy theorist that some people may think I am." [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show3/6/17]
Hannity said NBC News is “deep-state Obama propaganda television” on a “media corporate jihad.”Hannity fumed against “the corporate jihad being waged by NBC News against President Trump” on the March 14 edition of his Fox News show. Hannity accused the “alt-left-propaganda-destroy-Trump-at-all-costs media” of being willing to “spin any conspiracy to destroy the commander-in-chief.” Hannity sought to “set the record straight: NBC is not news; it is deep-state Obama propaganda television.” [Fox News, Hannity3/14/17]
Hannity accused Obama of illegally surveilling Trump Tower. On the March 20 edition of his radio show, Hannity acknowledged news reports saying there was “no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.” However, Hannity was quick to add: “That doesn’t mean they didn’t surveil Trump Tower,” and “that doesn’t debunk the story we’ve had for 10 days” that Obama illegally spied on Trump. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show3/20/17]
Hannity used a claim from a hoax website to falsely argue that Obama wanted to admit “250,000 refugees” in 2016. Hannity repeatedly asserted that Obama “said he’s going to bring in 250,000 refugees into this country.” When Hannity was confronted with the fact that his claim came from a hoax website, Hannity told PolitiFact that “your pants are on fire” and told the site to “throw aside … your government calculators,” insisting he was actually correct. PolitiFact also rated Hannity’s response “Pants on Fire!” Despite being proven wrong twice, Hannity still fed the lie to Trump, who campaigned on it. [Media Matters10/27/15]

The 2012 Benghazi attacks

Hannity accused the State Department of orchestrating a “cover-up” over the 2012 Benghazi attacks. On September 20, 2012, Hannity declared that “we are witnessing a widespread cover-up” of the 2012 attack on two U.S. government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, “based on flat-out lies.” He cited changing information about the cause of the attacks as evidence. Hannity also accused Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of “protecting the perpetrators of terror, the murderers of Americans,” because “they don’t want to admit” that torture worked “and the apology tour didn’t work.” In reality, the FBI and State Department both conducted thorough investigations into the attack, and there were eight mostly Republican-led congressional investigations, none of which indicated any sort of cover-up. [Media Matters9/26/1212/12/16; PolitiFact, 10/12/15]
Hannity pushed the lie that a “stand down order” stopped a rescue operation. On August 17, Hannity told then-candidate Trump that U.S. rescue forces “were given the stand down order” when they attempted to rescue the four Americans who ultimately died in the Benghazi attacks. Hannity was repeating a debunked lie Fox News has pushed hundreds of times, and in reality, multiple congressional investigations, including those led by Republicans, consistently found “no support for the allegations that there was any stand-down order.” [Fox News, Hannity8/17/16Media Matters6/28/16]
Hannity falsely claimed the State Department watched the attacks unfold in real time. On October 25, 2012, Hannity told his audience that the State Department was watching the attacks unfold “in real time,” even though an Obama administration official noted that the closed-circuit surveillance at the compound could not be monitored remotely. Furthermore, although some employees followed the attacks in “almost real time” through a series of telephone calls, Clinton, in her testimony before Congress, confirmed that no one at the State Department was watching real-time video of the attacks as they unfolded. [Media Matters6/28/16]

Hillary Clinton’s emails and WikiLeaks

Hannity suggested that the CIA framed Russia and WikiLeaks for election interference. Hannity used the March 8 edition of his radio show to allege that “the CIA, according to these WikiLeaks leaks, uses stolen malware to attribute cyberattacks to nations like Russia” by “put[ting] their fingerprints all over the attack” when in reality it may have come “from within.” The following day on Twitter, Hannity asked WikiLeaks to confirm his conspiracy theory. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show3/8/173/9/17]
Hannity questioned whether there was a “possibility” that FBI Director Comey was blackmailed into not charging Clinton. On the October 14 edition of his television show, Hannity demanded that an “outside investigator” and “a grand jury” re-investigate Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state. After his guest accused then-FBI Director James Comey of having “allowed for the destruction of some of the evidence,” Hannity questioned whether “there's a possibility they may have something on him.” [Fox News, Hannity10/14/16]
Hannity accused NY Times of covering up emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer to protect Clinton and the FBI from WikiLeaks. On the October 28 edition of his radio show, Hannity claimed a report from The New York Times about the FBI examining new Clinton emails found on a laptop owned by Anthony Weiner was “total bull” and that the newly discovered emails were “not what resulted in the reopening of this case.” Hannity claimed it was a cover-up by the Times because administration officials “know … there's too much in WikiLeaks that is coming, that they're dead. That they're about to be exposed.” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show10/28/16]

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign

Hannity hosted a man who published stories about Bigfoot and a “3-breasted intern” on his show to claim he was the Clintons’ “fixer.” On October 24, Hannity hosted Jeff Rovin, former editor of the defunct supermarket tabloid Weekly World News, to talk about his alleged time as a “fixer” for the Clinton family who helped Hillary Clinton hide “illicit romps with both men AND women.” Rovin is also a science fiction writer whose former tabloid printed stories about Bigfoot, Bill Clinton hiring a “3-breasted intern,” aliens endorsing Bill Clinton, and aliens getting in a fistfight with the former president “over Hillary.” [Media Matters10/24/16]
Hannity consistently pushed the conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton hid “a serious, undisclosed medical condition.” During the 2016 election, Hannity hosted numerous radio and TV segments baselessly speculating that Clinton had a severe health problem. Hannity theorized that she was hiding “a serious, undisclosed medical condition,” though the actual condition varied day to day. Hannity has accused Clinton of secretly having Parkinson’s disease, a stroke, and seizures, of making “weird pauses,” and of being drunk at a campaign rally. He also accused her of faking a health report for political reasons. [Media Matters8/8/169/12/168/9/168/10/168/12/169/7/16; Business Insider, 10/31/16]
Hannity speculated that Clinton would rig the 2016 election by pushing the myth that Democrats suppressed votes in Philadelphia during the 2012 election. Hannity alleged on the August 2 edition of his Fox News show that Clinton and the Democratic Party would rig the 2016 election by citing the myth that Philadelphia precincts where no one voted for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 evidenced voter fraud. After his remarks, a Philadelphia elections inspector tweeted that Hannity’s conspiracy theory was “absurd & personally insulting,” noting that there is “absolutely no way to erase votes from the machines” and that the precincts were “almost entirely poor and almost entirely black communities” with less than “1% registered” Republicans. CNN host Brian Stelter also called out Hannity, saying that there are precincts in other states such as Utah “where Obama did not get a single vote.” [Fox News, Hannity8/2/16Media Matters8/8/16]
Hannity’s website suggested Clinton wore an earpiece that may have been a secret “communication device” during a NBC campaign forum. On September 8, Hannity’s website ran a piece alleging that Clinton was spotted with “a communication device” in her ear during an NBC presidential forum, speculating that it may have been “provided by NBC” or “a hearing aid.” The piece also speculated that the alleged device “would be a violation of the rules of yesterday's Commander-In-Chief forum.” [Media Matters9/8/16;, 9/8/16]
Hannity questioned whether “the Saudi government” funded “a fifth of Hillary’s campaign.” During the August 1 edition of his radio show, Hannity cited “a report in one news source” to ask his guest, anti-Clinton author Peter Schweizer, if “the Saudi government … [is] funding a fifth of Hillary’s campaign.” Even Schweizer, who has made a name for himself by smearing the Clintons, did not believe in the conspiracy theory. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show8/1/16]
Hannity claimed a “conspiracy” between the Democratic, Republican, media, and “globalist-UN” establishments to stop Trump from winning. During an October 12 rant on his radio show, Hannity declared that “there is a conspiracy” between the “Republican establishment,” “Democratic establishment,” “media establishment,” and “globalist-UN establishment” that are “all basically aligned together, loosely, but definitely aligned together” to stop Trump from winning. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show10/12/16]

Bill Clinton

Hannity suggested that the Clintons murdered Vince Foster. On the July 22, 2007, edition of his now-defunct show Hannity’s America, Hannity discussed the suicide of Clinton family friend Vince Foster, saying that Foster “supposedly walked through the woods -- and depending on which version of the story that you believe -- he took his own life.” Hannity suggested there was “a massive cover-up” at play. [Media Matters8/16/07]
Hannity repeated an allegation that Chelsea Clinton was conceived when Bill raped Hillary. According to a transcript from, on the June 21, 2005, edition of Hannity & Colmes, Hannity asked Ed Klein about a discussion in Klein’s book The Truth About Hillary about “whether or not Bill raped [Hillary] … and conceived Chelsea that way.” Though Hannity suggested the accusation might be “too personal,” he did not refute it, instead saying “Hillary ought to answer the question” herself, pointing to other sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton. [, 6/22/05]


Hannity accused a Law & Order episode of being a plot to “utterly destroy” Trump. On the October 12 edition of his Fox News show, Hannity said that an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit “featuring a Trump-like character whose presidential campaign is damaged by several women accusing the candidate of misconduct” was an example of “the mainstream media doing everything it can to try and utterly destroy Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.” [Fox News, Hannity10/12/16]
Hannity accused Democrats of using ACORN to “ensure their own reelection.” In his 2010 book Conservative Victory, Hannity wrote that Democrats are “allocating monies to corrupt groups like [Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now] to ensure their own reelection rather than for any legitimate legislative purpose.” Hannity made several other false claims about the defunct community organizing group, all without evidence, including a September 2009 allegation that Obama was going to give ACORN “eight and a half trillion dollars of stimulus money.” [Media Matters3/31/10]
Hannity said the Republican “establishment” was going to steal the nomination from Trump by declaring the primaries “null and void.” Hannity told his radio audience on April 8, 2016, that “the establishment has decided, because Trump is in the lead, that they’re going to align at least temporarily with the Cruz campaign,” meaning that “the entire voting process this year is null and void. It doesn’t matter who you voted for.” Hannity said this was the Republican Party’s plan for a “contested convention” that would allow them to “create an opening” for an appointed candidate to become the nominee. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Sean Hannity Show4/8/16]

Alex Jones: "Sean Hannity is currently the main leader of the resistance against the globalists" Jones: "Sean Hannity talks to Trump two to three times a day"

ALEX JONES (HOST): I talked to witnesses a month ago when the reports came out that he was going to be fired who talk to [Sean] Hannity at Fox News where he'd been chewed out for hours by the general counsel, and they had said you keep doing what you're doing you're fired. But he has so much support, and it's so obvious that Fox News is sinking after the Democrat coup there that they have not gotten rid of him yet. But the fact is I know from the White House that no one in media talks to President [Donald] Trump more than Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity talks to President Trump two to three times a day, sometimes at length, and I'll just tell you right now, Sean Hannity is currently the main leader of the resistance against the globalists outside of Trump and then, of course, myself. But I am more grassroots, and I'm more front-line, being demonized, being attacked. It's my job to get the intel out, to take the main attack, to draw the enemy fire, to show that we understand exactly what we're dealing with. 
But I want to give credit where credit's due. He has the most courage of anybody in the media. And his head's on the chopping block because of it, but he's held on. And then on Tuesday night he came out -- The Washington Post obviously pointed this out -- word for word quoted what I've said. But he wasn't plagiarizing me. Headline: "Fox News' Sean Hannity is encroaching on Alex Jones territory." He was quoting what the Defense department and the president is telling him because what I've told you is what's happening. So Hannity is not even getting this from me. He's getting this from reality. 

Alex Jones says his “greatest achievement” was briefing Trump about the "globalists" before he got elected Jones: "Nobody talks to the president who isn't in the White House more than Sean Hannity"

ALEX JONES (HOST): They have The Washington Post go, "[Sean] Hannity, you're going to get fired if you keep quoting Alex Jones." He's not quoting me. Nobody talks to the president who isn’t in the White House more than Sean Hannity, let me just give you that news flash. You might as well be hearing Trump talk. So get that -- Trump knows all of it. And guess who briefed him before he got elected, and before he got in the White House, and guess who told him word for word what they would do? Word for word? I did. And I told him, “You go talk to top generals. You go talk to experts of overthrowing countries, and you get ready, sir, because this is how they’re going to do it.” My greatest achievement, that’s right. And that’s why the globalists -- they listen to my phones, they know -- they hate me. They hate me. Because I’m a wartime analyst for the republic and we’re winning.

Its almost like Alex Jones is going further into crazy land just to stand out from Hannity of Fox News:

Alex Jones guest: Children have been kidnapped and sent to a slave colony on Mars Jones: “Well I don’t know about Mars bases, but I know they’ve created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now”

ROBERT DAVID STEELE: This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride. So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony. There’s all kinds of --
ALEX JONES (HOST): Look, I know that 90 percent of the NASA missions are se
cret and I’ve been told by high level NASA engineers that you have no idea, there is so much stuff going on. But then it goes off into all that, that’s the kind of thing media jumps on. But I know this: we see a bunch of mechanical wreckage on Mars and people say, “Oh look, it looks like mechanics.” They go, “Oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist.” Clearly they don’t want us looking into what is happening. Every time probes go over they turn them off.
JONES: Well I don’t know about Mars bases, but I know they’ve created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now.

Alex Jones warns of pig/gorilla/human hybrids who can talk Jones: “You see humanoids, they’re like 80 percent gorilla, 80 percent pig, and they’re talking”

ALEX JONES: But again, I am in a death battle. People ask how I have this much energy. Megyn Kelly asked me what drugs I was on. And I said I don’t use drugs. She was kind of like, “Really, you don’t?” And I don’t know what that meant, but I thought she was trying to get me to saying I was on drugs. Folks, I have hundreds of articles I see every week about human-animal chimeras with no rights. You talked about people you know in research labs, I’ve talked to them too. You see humanoids, they’re like 80 percent gorilla, 80 percent pig, and they’re talking. [...] JONES: We need to make this illegal. This needs to be illegal. They’re talking about making it illegal to make child pedophile robots. Ok. Ok, make that illegal. But what about the humans spliced with animals? I mean this is beyond pedophila.

Note - This is the truth. Hannity is NOT a journalist. He is a fake news snake-oil salesman... PERFECT for the GOP...

"I'm Not A Journalist": Sean Hannity Attacks Critics For Calling Out His Softball Interviews With Trump Hannity Claims He Gives Softball Interviews To All Republicans Because He Agrees With Them

Fox's Sean Hannity responded to criticism of his coverage of GOP front-runner Donald Trump by publishing data showing that he has dedicated more than over four hours of interviews to Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and more than 30 interviews to each on his Fox News show. Hannity also explained that his softball interviews were based on his agreement with the Republican vision, not a bias in favor of any one candidate.
In an April 11 piece, ThinkProgress pointed out that Trump has appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show “an astonishing 41 times since he announced his campaign, giving him a nearly yearlong platform to target GOP voters. Conservative website RedState claimed ThinkProgress' report showed that Hannity “has become, for all intents and purposes, part of Trump’s campaign apparatus.”
Hannity’s executive producer, Lynda McLaughlin published an April 14 blog on his website responding to both pieces by highlighting the amount of total airtime he has given the all the Republican candidates:
To put this plainly, there is no conspiracy here to give one candidate more time over another. The candidates have an open invitation to come on the show, and it is their choice to take that offer or ignore it. Here is the breakdown of candidate times on the radio show since they announced through March of this year (limited to the last top 4 candidates):
Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 188:39
Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 141:00
Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump: 112:28
Governor of Ohio John Kasich: 87:52
Time on 'Hannity' TV Show since each candidate announced:
Texas Senator Ted Cruz: 34 appearances
Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald Trump: 32 appearances
Governor John Kasich of Ohio: 20 appearances
In an accompanying video, Hannity defended his softball interviews with Donald Trump and other candidates, claiming that ThinkProgress and RedState cherry-picked his interviews. Later Hannity admitted that he would interview Hillary Clinton “a hundred times harder than any Republican, because I believe the Republicans represent, and have a far better vision, one that I agree with, I just have less disagreement with them,” concluding "I'm not a journalist, I'm a talk show host" (emphasis added):
SEAN HANNITY: Here's a website, ThinkProgress, remember they did the structural imbalance of talk radio so many years ago? And then they did this hit piece, "Hannity Interviewed Donald Trump 41 Times, And Never Made News," or something to that effect, which is just not true. And they picked some of the easier questions that I asked Donald Trump, which they could have done with any other candidate that I have interviewed. I'll be honest, I'm not sitting here -- If I'm interviewing Hillary Clinton, it's gonna be a hundred times harder than any Republican, because I believe the Republicans represent, and have a far better vision, one that I agree with, I just have less disagreement with them. I'm not a journalist, I'm a talk show host. I can't think of any question that has come up, that I have wanted to ask these candidates, that was relevant to ask these candidates, that I haven't asked them. I've asked them everything.
Media Matters study found that in 2015, Hannity hosted 35 percent of all total interviews of Trump on Fox News. Hannity also gave Trump the vast majority of interviews compared to other GOP candidates in 2015 at 35 percent with over 8 hours of total airtime:

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