Nov 9, 2017

GOP Lose Elections DESPITE Rigging The Elections In Thier Districts To Win Like Dictators

"Gerrymandering" Is Just A Polite Way Of Saying Election Fraud. Democrats Won't Even Call Corruption & Election Fraud What It Is... While The GOP Yells "Election Fraud" Even When There Is No Evidence Of It (Or Not Enough Evidence To Warrant Expenditure Of Tax Dollars On It)

First, a little overview from a comedic perspective before looking at how badly the GOP rigged their districts and still lost...

SO MUCH WINNING FOR DEMOCRATS ON ELECTION DAY 2017 11/8/2017 One year after Donald Trump wins the presidency, Democrats sweep state and local elections in a series of karmic victories. 

Jordan Keppler makes fun of the rights "sore-loser"reactions;

DEMOCRATS TAKE AN ELITIST VICTORY LAP The mainstream media can't stop reporting on the 2017 election wins by Democrats, but Jordan knows they're ignoring America's real winner, Donald Trump.

REPUBLICANS NEED TO BE TRUMPIER THAN TRUMP Jordan blames Ed Gillespie's Election Day loss on his inability to embrace President Trump, and offers useful advice to future Republican candidates.

Here is Maddow explaining how the Democrats swept the elections despite the districts being rigged against them (she uses the misleading word of "gerrymandering" though, as is common in our political culture, i.e. not calling things what they are, which the GOP/Fox takes advantage of in their "politically correct" rants)

Democratic wave brings new faces into politics Rachel Maddow reviews the sweep of Democratic election victories and points out how the diversity of the Democratic candidates in brought significant change to Virginia politics, even as gerrymandering tempered the overall outcome. Duration: 23:33

Basically, GOP have rigged their districts to get voter percentages in favor of them that resemble the favorable elections wins of third world dictators (they even bragged about it while subverting American interests of peace in favor of GOP-Bush-9/11 interests of war). Yet they still lost the most recent elections.

A little background on how the GOP rigged thier elections to get dictator like approval ratings...

SHUTSTORM 2013: AMERICA SITS ON ITS BALLS - REPUBLICAN SHUTDOWN 10/2/2013 John Oliver explains the electorally invincible strategy behind unpopular Congressional actions.

Point highlighted;
Here is an example from Fox News from yesterday on the Laura Ingraham show where she poses easy to debunk lies as strong GOP talking points;

Ingraham: GOP needs to move past the politics of angerNov. 08, 2017 - 5:34 - Republicans need to start talking about how things are getting better.


Ingraham skips election fraud (gerrymandering) as it shows her party are rigging thier elections like a bunch of dictators (read "dictators" as 'traitors to the Constitution').

Lauran Ingraham skips economic trends for coincidence of existence, i.e. simply having a situation in a Presidents term is enough to give him credit for it. This, of course, defies every scientific principle of economics and time but facts are not an important thing on the right.

This sort of fake news is common to Laura Ingraham and Fox "News" in general...

Laura Ingraham

Not to mention a completely new Nazi style propaganda channel that has popped up just to support Trump's full blown dictatorship like attempt at the Presidency, i.e. the Sinclair Group taking over local news like State media did to secure media for the Communists;

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