Nov 30, 2017

Evidence Trump Is Losing His Grip On Reality (i.e. He's Going Crazy &/Or Senile Folks!)

1. The Case To Impeach Trump JUST For Being Crazy
2. Fmr. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Larry Summers Breaks With Tradition And Slams The Trump Administration's Tax Bill As Nonsense
3. Trump Pushes Racist Fake News About Muslims & The Bigots Love It

The evidence that Trump may be going crazy (or senile) is just too much to ignore.

Trump co-author alleges 2 White House aides made calls about...Reports reveal Trump’s alternate reality inside the White House, telling aides and senators theories about President Obama’s birth certificate to saying the “Access Hollywood” tape is fake. Tony Schwartz, co-author of Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ tells Ari Melber about concerns for Trump’s mental health. He says Trump is “losing his grip.” Duration: 4:38

Is Donald Trump losing his grip on reality? Trump has been withdrawing into conspiracy theories as well as promoting anti-Muslim propaganda and myths about voter fraud & Obama's birth certificate. Duration: 3:14

Psychiatrist: Trump's mental state an 'enormous present danger' President Trump is said to be questioning things he has previously said to be true ("Access Hollywood" tape, Obama's birthplace.) Psychiatrist Lance Dodes says this is a sign of mental illness. He joins Lawrence O'Donnell and Eugene Robinson. Duration: 11:09

Matthews: With Trump’s reality, we’re in deep troubleChris says that we’re facing a nuclear threat from North Korea with a commander-in-chief incapable of deciphering reality. Duration: 1:37

Donald Trump

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