Oct 26, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 57 (2014)

HARD-HITTING NEWS ON "HARD CHOICES" 6/18/2014 CNN and Fox News manage to land exclusive interviews with Hillary Clinton on the same day, an accomplishment apparently warranting its own extensive coverage.

STEPHEN COLBERT'S BATS**T SERIOUS - THE VAST GOVERNMENT SOCCER CONSPIRACY 6/26/2014 Fox News's Dr. Keith Ablow attributes America's peculiar love of soccer to a government-induced marijuana stupor.

CONSERVATIVE CONTEMPT FOR BILL DE BLASIO 7/16/2014 Fox News commentators brand Mayor Bill de Blasio as a socialist bent on punishing the rich.

QUESTIONABLE COMPASSION FOR CHILD IMMIGRANTS 7/17/2014 As the child immigrant crisis continues, Fox News pundits respond with a combination of sympathy and xenophobia.

OBAMA'S SENIORITIS 7/15/2014 Fox News pundits criticize Obama for vacationing in Martha's Vineyard while the immigration crisis continues.

Fox News IS Fake News!

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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