Oct 25, 2017

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show - Part 13 (2000)

REPUBLICAN CONVENTION 2000 HIGHLIGHTS - BUSH TRIBUTE 8/4/2000 A tribute film to Governor George W. Bush reveals that he likes to laugh and smile.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - DEATH COMMENTARY 2000 8/4/2000 The Daily Show created a pilot for a show based on the insightful political pundit commentary shows, featuring Ben Stein and Robert Reich.

INDECISION 2000 - WILLIAM BALDWIN 8/16/2000 Billy Baldwin finds the Democratic National Convention more fun than the Republican National Convention.

CHENEY HEALTH 12/5/2000 Republican spin doctors are asking the public to consider Dick Cheney's hard trouble within the context of his other organs.

HEADLINES - ELECTOR COMPLEX 12/7/2000 The Republican-controlled Florida state government calls a session in order to uphold the Constitution, not to engage in partisan politics.

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

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