Oct 22, 2017

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show - Part 12 (2000)

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - JENNINGS AND STEWART 8/4/2000 Peter Jennings comes to the Republican National Convention for the food and to wear make-up.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - SHADOW CONVENTION 8/4/2000 As an alternative to the main convention, the Shadow Convention deals with issues that are hilarious -- such as infant mortality and hunger.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - ASKING QUESTIONS 8/4/2000 New York Senate candidate Rick Lazio feels that Dick Cheney adds a meat-based gravitas to the ticket.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - PHILADELPHIA 8/4/2000 After a week in Philadelphia covering the Republican National Convention, Jon Stewart has learned that Cokie Roberts can make a bong out of anything.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - HELL 8/4/2000 The Republican National Convention is a hell where the damned languish forever in a black flame that gives no heat, sheds no light, yet consumes the flesh forever.

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

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