Oct 20, 2017

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show - Part 11 (2000)

INDECISION 2000 - ANALYSIS 8/3/2000 Nancy Walls is not quite prepared to give Jon her analysis of the Republican National Convention.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - SHINY THINGS GOOD 8/4/2000 George Bush is a leader with a purpose, a man of character who can unite our country and get things done -- but it's his son who's running this time.

BACK IN BLACK - REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION 8/4/2000 The convention was the first time that Republicans heard Jon Secada's music when it wasn't blaring from their gardener's truck.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION - W STANDS FOR WOMEN 8/4/2000 Based on the interviews Nancy Walls and Mo Rocca conducted at the convention, they project George W. Bush as the winner of the election with 100% of the votes.

MOMENT OF ZEN - BO DEREK 8/4/2000 Bo Derek makes a speech in Spanish at the Republican National Convention.

An Overview Of The GOP/Republicans With The Daily Show

Overview Of The GOP/Republicans

BREAKING: Nazism Has Been Repackaged as "Conservatism"

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