Aug 31, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 45 (2013)

SMILE FILE - ARIEL CASTRO & THE ERIC BOLLING SUNSHINE EXPRESS 9/5/2013 Fox News' Eric Bolling recommends that more prisoners should hang themselves like Ariel Castro to save taxpayer dollars.

SYRIA CONFLICT & END TIMES PROPHECY 9/18/2013 According to Fox News' Neil Cavuto and Armageddon enthusiast Joel Rosenberg, the Syrian conflict may bring about the apocalypse.

NAVY YARD SHOOTING & GUN VIOLENCE CAUSES 9/18/2013 Fox News complains about background checks after the Navy Yard shooting, and Eric Bolling wonders who started blaming video games for gun violence.

NATIONAL HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH 10/1/2013 Fox News reports from the international foods aisle and presents flattering characterizations of Hispanic kids.

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT & OBAMA'S COMPUTERIZED AMERICA 10/1/2013 As Americans flock to the Obamacare website, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren suggests that people without computers will be left behind.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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