Aug 27, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 41 (2013)

EASTER UNDER ATTACK - POPE EDITION 4/1/2013 Fox News criticizes Google for their Easter Sunday doodle, and Pope Francis looks like the spokesman for Linens 'n Things.

MOMENT OF ZEN - MEGYN KELLY'S SEQUESTER SHUTDOWN 4/3/2013 Fox News' Megyn Kelly has heard enough about the sequester.

BILESHOCK INFINITE 4/4/2013 Fox News sees the firing of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice as the latest instance of a wussy American culture in free fall.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CONSPIRACY THEORIES 4/9/2013 A Fox News commentator shares her thoughts on John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and the mob.

MOMENT OF ZEN - FOX NEWS PHOTO BOMB 4/23/2013 Not everyone in Boston appreciates the gravity of the situation.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

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