Aug 11, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 35 (2012)

MITT ROMNEY'S "SOLID" GOP CONVENTION SPEECH 8/31/2012 Mitt Romney relies on Hallmark cue cards during his address, and Chris Wallace coins a new slogan for Fox News.

HOPE AND CHANGE 2 - LAST WEEK THIS WEEK 9/7/2012 Discrepancies arise in Fox News's coverage of the Republican National Convention and its Democratic counterpart.

MITT ROMNEY'S & BARACK OBAMA'S SECRET VIDEOS 9/19/2012 Conservatives denounce Mitt Romney for his secret fundraising video, while Fox News boasts 14-year-old secret footage of President Obama.

CHAOS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN - VIDEO DISTRACTIONS 9/19/2012 Fox News suggests media coverage of leaked Romney fundraiser footage distracts from real issues, like a 14-year-old video featuring Barack Obama.

CHAOS ON BULLS**T MOUNTAIN 9/19/2012 In the 48 hours since the Romney video first gained wide exposure, turd containment crews at Fox News have been working overtime on Bulls**t Mountain.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!


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