Aug 9, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 33 (2012)

LORD OF THE RINGS - THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY 5/10/2012 Fox News pundits' Republican talking points on gay marriage lack their previous turtle sex and polygamy alarmism.

MOMENT OF ZEN - OFF-LIMITS BEVERAGES 5/31/2012 The Daily Show's Kevin Bleyer rewrites history in "Me the People," and Fox News reports on Mayor Bloomberg's plan to ban large sodas.

GAME OF DRONES 6/6/2012 Barack Obama orders another Al Qaeda hit in Pakistan, and Fox News likens the EPA's aerial drones to the military's Hellfire missile carriers.

MOMENT OF ZEN - CASEY ANTHONY SPEAKS 6/13/2012 The component parts of The Daily Show are revealed, and Fox News reports on CNN's Casey Anthony scoop.

COLBERT NEWS ALERT - OBAMACARE SUPREME COURT RULING 6/25/2012 Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney reports zero information on the Obamacare legal battle.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!


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