Aug 8, 2017

The Daily Show Does Fox News - Part 32 (2012)

IOWA CAUCUS - CABLE NEWS COVERAGE 1/4/2012 The Fox News team soldiers on in its Iowa caucus coverage despite the loss of basic mental functions, and CNN debuts its tricky flick technology.

THE BATTLE FOR THE WAR ON WOMEN 4/16/2012 While multiple states roll back the equal pay and health rights that women have come to enjoy, Fox News relegates the "war on women" to the rank of "phony" political fight.

MOMENT OF ZEN - THE GSA HEARING 4/18/2012 The GSA hearings get underway, and Fox News comments on the absence of Jeff Neely.

MITT HAPPENED - PUNDITS PIVOT ON MITT ROMNEY 4/19/2012 Now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee, Fox News pundits Charles Krauthammer, Sarah Palin and Dick Morris change their tune.

MOMENT OF ZEN - OBAMA'S BIN LADEN VICTORY LAP 5/1/2012 Suggesting President Obama's oversight, Fox News' Eric Bolling thanks the Navy SEALs, the CIA, and the Bush administration for the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

The Daily Show Does Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!


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