Jun 5, 2017

The Republicans Killed The Paris Climate Accords (Betraying America & It's People) For Over 10 Million Dollars!

1. The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 1 - Ebola; The Perfect Example Of How The GOP Is Reacting Out Of Fear Rather Than Through Reason & Science
2. The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 2 - The Childhood Diseases Vaccination Debacle Is Just The Latest Symptom Of The GOP's Dangerous Anti-Science Attitude
3. The Anti-Science Party (GOP) 3 - GOP Lacks The Intelligence To Understand Scientists... Thus Their Mantra Is "I Am Not A Scientist"
4. GOP's War On Education 1 : An Off-Shoot Of It's War On Truth? (Examples Of Texas & Arizona)
5. GOP's War On Education 2 : An Off-Shoot Of It's War On Truth? (Example Of Oklahoma)

Documenting Trump abandoning the Paris Climate agreement on the advice of GOP people who took over 10 million dollars collectively to lie to the people.


Republicans don't care about America or the American people... all they care about is the desires of thier rich donors (bribery is legal now, and Republicans have no issues flaunting their corruption, especially with Fox News by the Australian born Rupert Murdoch always there to have their back against America and the Constitution and helps them betray the country and the people with bribes of various sorts as one would expect from traitors... & how did a non American get so much power to influence the population with lies? Apparently Reagan bribed him so he could him with the GOP's onslaught of treason on America);

Mayor Levine: Republicans controlled by fossil fuel industry Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine discusses with Alex the various ways his city is planning to -- and already is -- cope with the effects of climate change and rising sea levels. Duration: 3:0

A list of corrupt politicians betraying the country and the people for a boatload of cash made legal by their party's influence in the Supreme Court;

James Inhofe, Oklahoma
Oil & gas: $465,950
Coal: $63,600
Total: $529,550
John Barrasso, Wyoming
Oil & gas: $458,466
Coal: $127,356
Total: $585,822
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
Oil & gas: $1,180,384
Coal: $361,700
Total: $1,542,084
John Cornyn, Texas
Oil & gas: $1,101,456
Coal: $33,050
Total: $1,134,506
Roy Blunt, Missouri
Oil & gas: $353,864
Coal: $96,000
Total: $449,864
Roger Wicker, Mississippi
Oil & gas: $198,816
Coal: $25,376
Total: $224,192
Michael Enzi, Wyoming
Oil & gas: $211,083
Coal: $63,300
Total: $274,383
Mike Crapo, Idaho
Oil & gas: $110,250
Coal: $26,756
Total: $137,006
Jim Risch, Idaho
Oil & gas: $123,850
Coal: $25,680
Total: $149,530
Thad Cochran, Mississippi
Oil & gas: $276,905
Coal: $15,000
Total: $291,905
Mike Rounds, South Dakota
Oil & gas: $201,900
Coal: none
Total: $201,900
Rand Paul, Kentucky
Oil & gas: $170,215
Coal: $82,571
Total: $252,786
John Boozman, Arkansas
Oil & gas: $147,930
Coal: $2,000
Total: $149,930
Richard Shelby, Alabama
Oil & gas: $60,150
Coal: $2,500
Total: $62,650
Luther Strange, Alabama
(Appointed in 2017, running in 2017 special election)
Total: NA
Orrin Hatch, Utah
Oil & gas: $446,250
Coal: $25,000
Total: $471,250
Mike Lee, Utah
Oil & gas: $231,520
Coal: $21,895
Total: $253,415
Ted Cruz, Texas
Oil & gas: $2,465,910
Coal: $103,900
Total: $2,569,810
David Perdue, Georgia
Oil & gas: $184,250
Coal: $0
Total: $184,250
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
Oil & gas: $263,400
Coal: $0
Total: $263,400
Tim Scott, South Carolina
Oil & gas: $490,076
Coal: $58,200
Total: $548,276
Pat Roberts, Kansas
Oil & gas: $388,950
Coal: $28,825
Total: $417,775
Sum total for all 22 Republican signatories: $10,694,284
More related videos explaining what happened and the antiscience scam the Republicans pulls for thier bribes (betraying the country on a continuous basis... which is why they have no choice to double down on lies, because they have lied too much to get away with it, if it were to come out)...
TRUMP TELLS EARTH TO GO F**K ITSELF President Trump withdraws from the Paris climate accord, making the U.S. one of three nations in the world to not participate in the deal.

IS AMERICA GOING TO S**T? Jim Jefferies explains why it's not a good thing that he knows the name of every member of the Trump White House.

Trump pulls U.S. out of Paris climate deal What does it mean for the world's second biggest carbon emitter to abandon the most ambitious global effort to do something about climate change? Duration: 7:36

Matthews: Trump decries science for votes Trump talks about "re-negotiating" a new climate agreement. We get 195 countries to agree to a change so that we, the United States, can join the effort? Duration: 1:52

Bill Nye: You can’t build a wall around carbon emissions The Science Guy joins our MSNBC panel and says the best use of our resources today is to consider how generations will be impacted by climate change. Duration: 0:36

Climate Change Debate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


As Oliver explains, the only way to make the "climate change debate" accurate (if media manipulation to the debate were removed - which nowadays is only Fox) is to use representative samples rather than the tradition of using one person = one view no matter who that person is or how many credentials they lack...

He gets the three people (to represent 3% of the population) that media (fox) amplifies to pull this con.

To illustrate the dichotomy one of the non-experts who has a weird view based on no science says his view (like a religious person might argue the earth is flat when Galileo was around)...

Then Oliver turns to the EXPERTS (the professionals with degrees, who spend their lives studying this phenomenon) and gets an almost unanimous agreement that the scientific evidence for human caused climate change is very real indeed...

The Republicans brutish (somewhat savage/uncivilized and uneducated) position...

Sen. Lee on Climate: We Don't Want Nations 'Lecturing' Us Republican Senator Mike Lee joins MTP Daily to discuss his support for Pres. Trump's decision to pull out of the international climate agreement Duration: 8:08

Reminds me of this "joke"...

Believe it or not...this is the transcript of an actual radio conversation between a US naval ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October 1995. The Radio conversation was released by the Chief of Naval Operations on Oct. 10, 1995.
US Ship: Please divert your course 0.5 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.
CND reply: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
US Ship: This is the Captain of a US Navy Ship. I say again, divert your course.
CND reply: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course!
CND reply: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

Currently doing the rounds on youtube as well;

Note: Infowars is using the same tactic as Fox News & The GOP, i.e. finding one quack to base policy off of rather than the rest of the professionals in the entire profession

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