Jun 23, 2017

How Media Silence Helps With Right Wing Hate: The Laura Ingraham Example Of Explaining Away A Hate Crime Against A Young Muslim Girl

As I outlined previously with the help of Media Matters .org, the media will often work together on issues that seem to benefit the GOP at the cost of everyone else (or just the poor);

How "Liberal" Media Helps The GOP With It's Fake Healthcare (More Examples Of The Corporate Media's Coverups)

You can observe this in the Iraq War media coverage as well;

Corporate Media's Iraq War Coverup: Incontrovertible Proof Of Network News & The Beltway Media Covering Facts About The Iraq War For Their GOP Masters

Generally.  it is the silence that helps the right wing lies the most, such as the way they use it with healthcare;

Media Matters: The GOP is counting on media’s silence and right-wing media myths to push a train wreck of a health care bill that would strip health care from tens of millions to slash taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Right-wing media have repeatedly assisted the GOP with claims that ACA is in a “death spiral” and have attempted to discredit the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office after its report found that up to 24 million people would lose health insurance under the AHCA. Right-wing media have even tried to pacify millions of Americans that would lose access to insurance by absurdly telling them to just go to the emergency room. As Talk Poverty’s Jeremy Slevin pointed out, “It is the responsibility of the press to draw out the contents of the Senate’s health care bill—before it is too late.”

This phenomenon of silence on important facts that creates incendiary rhetoric also manifests itself with Muslims as I covered here;

The Phenomenon Of The Muslim Narrative In America (OR Debunking Fox News Lies About Muslims Part 1)

This post seeks to highlight one example of such coverage;

A girl was tortured and killed by a Christian in a clear example of a hate attack which would be a terror attack if a Muslim had done it to a Christian  but Laura Ingraham uses the GOP's tradition of demonizing Latinos to explain it away (a standard Fox ploy as explained below)...

Democracy Now: Virginia: Muslim Teenager Kidnapped, Murdered After Ramadan Prayers

In Virginia, police arrested 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres Sunday for allegedly murdering a 17-year-old Muslim girl after she left a restaurant following nighttime prayers in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Sterling. Nabra Hassanen disappeared early Sunday after she and a group of friends were confronted by a motorist outside a 24-hour IHOP near her mosque, the All Dulles Area Muslim Society. Police found Hassanen’s remains Sunday afternoon in a nearby pond. She was reportedly killed by blows from a metal bat. A recent study by the Council on American-Islamic Relations found anti-Muslim hate crimes surged in 2016 over the previous year, rising by 44 percent.

The phenomenon in the same we observed in the UK with its attack on a mosque by a right winger;

London mosque attack suspect named, according to media outlets

London (CNN)The driver of the van that plowed into pedestrians near a mosque in north London has been identified as Darren Osborne, 47, a resident of Cardiff in Wales, according to multiple UK media outlets. One man died and nine people were hospitalized following the assault, the latest in a series of terror attacks to hit the United Kingdom this year. The driver, a white man, was wrestled to the ground by members of the public and then arrested at the scene, officials said. He was being held on suspicion of terrorism offenses, police said. Eyewitnesses reported chaotic scenes as the incident unfolded just after midnight, when evening Ramadan prayers had finished. British Prime Minister Theresa May said the attack was directed at Muslims and condemned it as "every bit as sickening" as deadly Islamist attacks that hit the country in recent months.

The Laura Ingraham Example

Here is Laura Ingraham demonstrating HOW the right wing media does these sorts of coverups (with the media silence helping sell that erroneous beliefs/talking-points/lie to the people);

Laura Ingraham exploits the murder of a young Muslim woman to argue American Muslims "should be with Trump"Ingraham also called reports that Muslim women fear for their lives in public "fake news"

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): We have a dead young girl in Sterling, Virginia. It was not a hate crime focused on Islam. It was an illegal immigrant who wanted to cause trouble. And he did. He beat her senseless until she died.

Me: Its interesting that Laura Ingram is demonizing immigrants rather than nothing the similarity in increase in violence and hate crimes that the rights (& Thus Trumps) rhetoric induces in people who listen to thier lies;

Hate crimes rise during age of Trump LeBron James is one of the victims of the both apparent and confirmed hate crimes perpetrated in recent weeks, which authorities say have increased since Donald Trump’s election. Joy and her panel discuss. Duration: 13:38

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): In [The Washington Post] piece, it continues, and it talks about how people are afraid of wearing their hijabs. "I called my sister. I said be careful when you wear the hijab." You see how the media -- this is fake news! It had nothing to do with the hijab.

Me: This is just an outright lie as this connects to Fox News (& Laura INgraham's) own demonizing comments for Muslims;

First off, even Fox News will tell you people have problems with the Hijab;

Muslim girl banned from HS basketball game for wearing hijabMar. 16, 2017 - 1:54 - Maryland high school basketball player was not allowed to play in team’s regional final varsity game, because of her hijab


Secondly, even Laura Ingraham's site has entires on the Hijab which suggests she knows about the problems with Hijab;

Hollister sales associate Umme-Hani Khan thought she was doing everything right: She wore flip-flops and long-sleeved shirts and jeans she bought at the trendy clothing store, and the hijabs, or headscarves, she wore matched company colors. But four months into her job, in February 2010, a district manager spotted her at the store where she worked in San Mateo County, just south of San Francisco, and asked her to remove her hijab. Khan, a 19-year-old who worked part-time in the stockroom, refused, citing her Muslim faith. Within two weeks, the district manager and the head of corporate human relations at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister’s parent company, agreed Khan should be fired for violating the company’s “Look Policy,” which bans headwear.
Getting a trim seems simple enough, but for devout Muslim women who wear a hijab it's not as easy as just making an appointment. Since Islam forbids women from showing their hair to men outside of their families, scheduling a haircut is far from simple. Huda Quhshi is changing that with Le'Jemalik, a Brooklyn beauty shop that caters to Muslim women. "I have always had a difficult time finding a salon that could accommodate me, even for a simple haircut," Quhshi, who wears a hijab, told the New York Post.

Basically, Laura Ingraham is following a standard tactic Fox News has adopted pushing the falsehood that thier incendiary rhetoric has no effect on the populace. It's a crazy tactic and only works because of media silence;'
Fox & Friends attempted to smear an anti-bullying effort at a San Diego school district and falsely claimed that anti-Muslim bullying is "really not that big to justify use of this policy." The district is being sued for creating a program similar to one protecting LGBTQ students and those of Latino and Native American descent in an attempt to decrease bullying of Muslim students. While co-host Pete Hegseth questioned whether there was "evidence" that bullying is happening, studies show that Muslim students report bullying at twice the rate of their non-Muslim peers, are bullied even by their teachers, and attend school amid an atmosphere of increasing violence against members of their religion. 
Hegseth also claimed the school district was attempting to "insert Islam" into public schools in an attempt to "gam[e] the field" and later co-host Brian Kilmeade claimed that "we have to really address this" because "by 2050, they say Islam will be the number one religion in America." One on-screen banner flashed during the segment wondered if this anti-bulling measure is "Islamic indoctrination?" Fox News has a history of anti-Muslim rhetoric, including Hegseth himself who has previously attacked the Minneapolis mayor for giving her state of the city address in a mosque and has called a Muslim congressman "radical." From the May 30 edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends:
Watch Video Here (if you want)

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): The Bible and Christianity was long ago stripped from our public schools -- rightly or wrongly -- but to insert Islam seems like they are gaming the field here. 
BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): By the way, we have to really address this because, by 2050, they say Islam will be the number one religion in America
HEGSETH: Not in America. In the world by 2050, but it will double in America by 2050. I mean, this is going be something we're going to face more and more. And a secular purpose, it was a great point. Bullying is always the gateway for inserting these type of things. Give me evidence that mass bullying is occurring in these schools.
JESSE WEBER: Well, here's the problem. They say that there's rampant Islamophobia in this school district, but there are reports that it's really not that big to justify use of this policy.

i.e. Fox News pushes the idea that single cases of bullying for religion (as in the case of the young Muslim girl above) don't deserve any action. This means the guy who died in the custody of North Korea, being an isolated case, was OK as well (i.e. their logic is just pure crazy)

The hypocrisy of Laura Ingrahams statement can be illustrated by this segment;

Brit Hume laments Portland murders are getting more press coverage than a protest at Evergreen State College Hume: "Leftist sympathies" keep the media from covering protests rather than "hate crime on a train or wherever"

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What is so striking is how little coverage any of this gets. I mean, you got to think that ten years ago or twenty years ago, if a college campus, Evergreen is a place that I have heard of, I mean, it’s a real college apparently, demanded that people of a certain skin color leave and then threatened anyone who stayed and then occupied all of the buildings on campus, shut the place down, at least it would merit like a note on the front page of The New York Times. It's not there. 
BRIT HUME: No it is not. And it is a story that newspapers, with their leftist sympathies don’t find as interesting as stories about white supremacists kills two in hate crime on a train or wherever. It is just the way it works, and this is part of what we experience daily in our biased media.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST):OK, I have an idea, turn this tragedy into working with us on illegal immigration. The Muslims who are afraid of this type of horrific behavior should be with us on illegal immigration, stopping it. They should be with Trump. They don't want this illegal immigration in the United States, and I frankly -- allowing all the DREAMers to say in the way that they're staying, I'm not convinced that's the right idea. If you're illegally in the United States, why do you have the right to remain here? I do not understand that. And we have a young woman who is dead. Back to what Trump said originally in his first speech that he ever gave when he announced he was running. Doesn't mean all illegal immigrants are criminals, no it does not. But we have a dead American woman and then we have media organizations who are playing this up as a hate crime.There is no indication that I have seen thus far that this is a hate crime. This is an illegal immigrant who got into some altercation on the road with one of her pals. They ran off, leaving her behind. She ends up dead.

Me: Be with Trump? The guy who lies and said he say Muslims dancing in the streets in New Jersey on 9/11 and lied that he had friends who died on 9/11? ...

CALLING B.S. Watch: Michael Daly Calls Out Trump’s 9/11 Lies

Daily Beast: 15 Years of Donald Trump’s 9/11 Lies, Insults, and Slights From the ‘Muslims cheered’ lie to charity claims, the New Yorker has a huge history of indifference and contempt for the darkest day in his city’s history.

Clearly Laura Ingraham has evil intentions (or she is extremely stupid and iIdoubt shes stupid).

Once again, media silence is helping here;

Media Matters: The Awful 9/11 Trump Stories The Sunday Shows All Ignored While Remembering 9/11

Funny thing is Laura Ingraham and Fox News have used this tactic before so despite media's silence on thier demonizing strategies they are still easy to spot;

IN THE NAME OF THE FODDER 7/27/2011 The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity.


Here Laura Ingraham is denying that Andre Brevik was Christian in any way. Despite his manifesto with a cross on it and his idolization of Christian crusaders.

Related links from Media Matters with notes;

Ingraham using a standard demonizing strategy that Republicans use (i.e. demonizing everyone but people who listen to and believe thier lies);

An example of Trump following Fox News and GOP propaganda, i.e.;

Another example of the White Supremacist base the right wing caters to and whose views they seek to spread. For details;

Clear Signs That Trump, The GOP And The Right Wing Media (Such As Fox News & Info-wars) Caters To White Supremacists (& Neo-Nazis) And Seeks To Promote Their Hate

Fox News IS Fake News!

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