Jun 23, 2017

Debunking A Kimberly Guilfoyle Statement About Democrats

Kimberly Guilfoyle makes a statement about Democrats that clearly describes the GOP...

Fox’s Guilfoyle: Democrats oppose everything except “the abuse of women, and children, and gays”

The following comment essentially describes Fox News & the GOP (the hypocrisy is so thick you could cut it with a knife... or if media stopped being silent while GOP mouthpieces spread lies and slander it could stop as well);

GUILFOYLE: They're against everything except sharia law, and the abuse of women, and children, and gays. I mean, that's so far.

This is easy to debunk. Observe...

Lets start with the GOP opposing help for Military rape victims;

Military rape victims urge accountability...


1. "From denying abortion to military rape victims, to aiming for total bans in the states, the GOP's assault continues"

2. Article: "Raped in the military, then raped by Congress"

3. "Legitimate rape" stops pregnancy because "the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," says McKaskill's GOP opponent

4. From Mother Jones: "Under Ryan's pro-life bill, a rapist could go to court and prevent his victim from getting an abortion."

Of course this is a GOP pattern, i.e. supporting abuse of women...

Flashback - How the GOP's anti science positions affects their policies towards women;

Arizona lawmakers declare that pregnancy begins two weeks before conception

Doctors debunk Rep. Todd Akin's comments on rape and pregnancy

Paul Ryan's Record Looks Alot Like Todd Akins

Paul Ryan Defends His Abortion Record In The General Elections

Rick Santorum on abortion: A child conceived through rape should be accepted as a 'gift from God'

Mitt Romney On Abortions (For and Against!)

Rachel Maddow Video: Here is the GOP answering questions on abortion etc. during the general elections

Maybe its because the GOP likes to keep women in check?...

WASHINGTON — When the House votes Thursday to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, ending a drawn-out fight over whether some groups should be afforded protections under the bill, the measure will likely pass with a minority of Republicans supporting it. In a House led by a Republican conference at odds with itself, which includes a sizable ideologically motivated bloc inclined to oppose almost any major legislation, this dynamic might be the new normal. On Wednesday, Rep. Jason Chaffetz said House Republicans "always saw this on the horizon" and had accepted that the Senate bill would ultimately come to a vote — even though the majority of House Republicans oppose protections for LGBT, Native American, and immigrant women included in the Senate version. 

Here's How a GOP Congressman Opposed the Violence Against Women Act—Then Pretended He Was for It

By now, most Americans know that Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) on February 28, giving the government the resources to better investigate, prosecute, and stopviolent crimes against women. Lawmakers have proudly announced that they helped pass the law—in some cases even when they voted against it.

Representative Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) was one of the 160 Republicans who voted against the reauthorization of VAWA. Prior to that, he had voted for a GOP version of the bill put forth in the House, which gutted key protections for Native Americans, members of the LGBT community, and undocumented immigrants. The bill was rejected by the House. Nevertheless, Fortenberry issued a statement on February 28 suggesting that he supported both versions of the bill, according to screenshots from his official website obtained by Mother Jones. Later that day, after his office started receiving criticism of his statement, Fortenberry changed the statement to more accurately reflect his actual vote. Here is what was changed and added, marked up in red: 

Republican congresswoman upset Violence Against Women Act included ‘other different groups’Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said Monday that she voted against the Violence Against Women Act because it protected “other different groups.”

Last Report: After proposing a non-starter version of the Violence Against Women Act, House Republicans are backing down and signaling that they will clear the way for a vote on the bipartisan Senate version of the bill, which includes expanded protections for LGBT women, Native Americans, and undocumented immigrants.

Abuse of children is ALSO encouraged by GOP policies in GOP states...

Study: Child Abuse & Neglect Deaths In Texas

In fact, it looks like she could even be taking my facts (about abuse against women and children in GOP policies) and throwing them back at the left as the right doesn't require facts just blabbering.

Clearly Kimberly is using the tactic from Teen Witch;

Richie Miller: I'm rubber your glue whatever you call me sticks back on you.
Louise Miller: No! I'm rubber YOUR glue whatever YOU call me sticks back on YOU!
Richie Miller: You think you're hot stuff because you went to a dance. Dream on! No one wants do date you because you are a dog! A dog! A dog!
[after he says this, Richie turns into a dog]

Thus taking all truths abut them and framing the left with it. 

In other words, normal everyday GOP politics.

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