Jun 13, 2017

An Introduction To Tom Coburn's War On Veterans

Background: James Inhofe: An Introduction To "The Senator With The Snowball" (Information Kept AWAY From The General Public Of Oklahoma!)

Tom Coburn is another fellow who did some weird things. Such as block helps for veterans. I may not agree with foreign policy and kissing ass culture we seem to have developed since removing the draft but I would never intentionally harm anyone (like the GOP did with thier "health care" bill), much less a veteran who went out to war for us no matter how wrong the propaganda was that led him/her there. Of course, this sort of behavior is expected from the GOP. The war on veterans was something Tom Coburn led the charge on, they probably took turns leading stuff like this.

SCREWING PRIVATE RYAN 9/20/2012 Senator Tom Coburn led the GOP charge against America's fighting men and women as 40 senators voted to block the Veterans Jobs Corps Act.

Tom Coburn blocking veteran suicide prevention bill - Richard and Susan Selke, the mother and stepfather of Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Clay Hunt, talk with Rachel Maddow about the features of a bill named for their son, designed to help prevent veteran suicides, and why Senator Coburn is blocking it. 

Coburn obstinate in blocking veterans suicide prevention bill  - Rachel Maddow plays Senator Tom Coburn's oddly self-referential and perplexingly devoid of content remarks on the bill.

Moment Of Zen: TOM COBURN: INTERNATIONAL A**HOLE OF MYSTERY 9/30/2010 Tom Coburn places a secret hold on life-saving aid to Haiti over concerns about possible bureaucratic redundancy.

Background information:

The GOP blocks bill to help veterans
Despite Sarah Palin’s promise to call out those who use veterans as political pawns, Republicans play politics with bill to help vets. Sen. Bernie Sanders and on Soltz discuss.

Message From A Vet For The GOP & Fox News


How are the GOP pulling the wool over everyone's eyes? By creating little enclaves of conservatives who only respect news from sources that the GOP controls. Samples;

Fox News IS Fake News!


Veteran & Soldier Issues

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