May 4, 2017

Since Star Wars 7 Was A Remake Of Star Wars 4... Will Star Wars 8 Be A Remake Of Star Wars 5 & Star Wars 6?

It's a pretty well established fact that Star Wars part 7 was a remake of part 4.

Here are basic highlights of the similarities between Star Wars part 7 & Star Wars Part 4...

As Honest Trailers put it, "Force Awakens" or PART 7 of Star Wars is JUST a remake of Part 4 "A New Hope". Trailer;

Some examples (screen shots from the trailer above) of how the story is EXACTLY the same...

Since Star Wars 7 was basically a rip off of Star Wars 4... we can expect these sorts of scenes in Star Wars 8 (plus other ripoffs from Star Wars 5 and Star Wars 6)...

Luke Trains Rey Like Yoda Trained Luke. 'Feel the Force, Rey!'

Sneak Peak Of Star Wars 8 - 1:

Sneak Peak Of Star Wars 8 - 2 - Do or Do not there is no try;

The final fight;

Luke's lightsaber training rehashed from part 4 (updated July 16 2016);

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