May 22, 2017

Netanyahu Is Using The Same Tactics As The Bush Administration Did For Iraq But On Iran

1. An Introduction To Israeli Terrorist Activity
2. 9/11 History: The Case To Investigate Israel For Involvement In 9/11 (i.e. War Crimes Against The United States)
3. Take A Look A Jewish Scripture... Without Jesus To Temper Their Beliefs Can You Imagine How Bad The Israelite Right Wing Must Be?
4. Jon Stewart Slams The Media for Continuing To Not Report Properly on The Iraq War... AGAIN!
5. Rachel Maddow On The Iraq War Lies Ignored In Republican Campaign Coverage By The Beltway Media
6. Beltway Media Covers Up Reporting On A Bi-Partisan Senate Report Proving We Were Misled Into The Iraq War By The Bush Administration & Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of The Media's Coverup
7.What Bernie Sanders (A Jew) Said About Israel To The Treasonous Daily News Is True & Reflects A Bigger Cultural Issue... Our Indifference To Mass Murdering Innocent People In Other Countries (Particularly Colored Ones)

Here you see Netanyahu using the same old tactics of helping the party that lies to the country for Iraq Oil and the money from it (which Israel was involved in thus making the Iraq Treason a Bush Administration effort with Israeli help, see below.

Netanyahu: US shift in stance on Iran is an important change Apr. 21, 2017 - 9:10 - Israeli prime minister discusses how his country faces its security challenges on 'Hannity'


Netanyahu talks dangers posed by nuclear-armed Iran Apr. 21, 2017 - 5:03 - Israeli prime minister shares his thoughts in a 'Hannity' exclusive


Moments Of Zen: Jon Stewart Catches Netanyahu for Repeating What He Said About Iran From 1996 While Others Reminds Us He Helped Dick Cheney Mislead Us Into A War With Iraq

The Daily Show - Without consulting with the White Hour beforehand, Speaker of the House John Boehner invites Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to appear before Congress. (9:52)

In Netantyahu's speech he said Iraq would be close to a bomb...

Jon Stewart asks why Netanyahu didn't bring this up earlier;

Jon Stewart remember that Netanyahu did warn about Iran before... in 1996! i.e. Netanyahu has been claiming imminent danger for almost 2 decades. Clearly he's doing with Iraq what Cheney did with Iraq.

To top it off, Netanyahu helped Dick Cheney in lying about Iraq as well!

Netanyahu reprises 2002 Iraq alarm with Iran warning to Congress - Rachel Maddow reminds viewers of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's 2002 testimony to Congress about Iraq WMDs as context for his speech on Iran as members of Congress made an unprecedented spectacle of showing allegiance to a foreign head of state. 

Iraq War Highlighted

    More News Stories

    Cheney's Playbook: Netanyahu makes his case to CongressAfter weeks of anticipation and controversy, the Israeli Prime Minister argued that a nuclear deal with Iran would embolden the regime to acquire the bomb.

    George Bush used fear as the primary tactic...

    To push a war for oil...

    Documentary: "Why We Did It" - The Invasion of Iraq

    In this war for oil America killed 1.2 Million people...

    America's war lords made allot of money...

    IN other words, Netanyahu has already led us down a path that turned out to be a lie so he is clearly allied with the GOP people who said the same things as him and turned out to be lying. Jon Stewart has beenslamming the media on their Iraq War hypocrisy ever since.

    Moment Of Zen

    Hebrew International- Speaker of the House John Boehner invites Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress just as President Obama pursues nuclear talks with Iran. (5:30)

    Clearly, Netanyahu has America's worst interests at heart and is a threat to our National Security. If Netanyahu was an American I would call him a traitor. But he's not an American, besides his fake accent, so I have to classify him of the Enemy of the State. If we were to make an accurate comparison to the truth about 9/11 then Israel would be the Taliban of 9/11. (with the Bush Administration being Osama Bin Laden, since they placed the explosive in the buildings weeks in advance, as is necessary for such a massive demolition endeavor the people in the building were just icing on the cake for the Republicans as they turned thier treason and genocide into political talking points while the Democrats proved they are nothing but cowards). America has had no leader in decades. Just terrorists and traitors and cowards. Israel is the friend of the terrorists and traitors and enemy of the cowards. This post outlines this fact.

    On Israel

    9/11 Condensed

    Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

    Fox News IS Fake News!

    I SMASH Corporate Media!!!

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