May 24, 2017

Impeaching The Trump Administration For Obstruction Of Justice Part 3 - Impeach The SOB Already!

1. The Case To Impeach The Trump Administration For Obstruction Of Justice
2. Impeaching The Trump Administration For Obstruction Of Justice Part 2 - The Comey Memo
3. The Case To Impeach Trump JUST For Being Crazy
4. The Fall Of America 2: Explaining Trump Asking Comey For A Loyalty Oath As Trump's Inner African Dictator (GOP's "Loyalty Oaths" & Treasonous Tendencies Are Preventing Them From Impeaching Trump)

Since my lost post on impeaching Trump for obstruction of Justice Trump has gone ahead and asked Intel Chiefs to back his lies like a third world dictator, not to mention a threat to the ex-FBI director James Comey which by itself should land Trump in prison. But it gets worse...

Trump's statement that tests the rule of law President Trump's conflicting statements, possible tweeted threat to Comey, and demands of loyalty are testing the rule of law. Plus, the short list for the new FBI Director includes partisan Republican politicians. Joyce Vance and Joan Walsh join Ari Melber. Duration: 14:10

Trump changes story on Comey firing President Trump seemed to change his story again today on the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Senator Bernie Sanders reacts. Duration: 9:55

Warren on Trump and Russia: Number of lies seem to be stacking up In their full interview, Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Sen. Elizabeth Warren about Trump's proposed budget cut, Michael Flynn pleading the Fifth, and how the Trump-Russia investigation may make it easier for Trump to get his legislative agenda through Congress. Duration: 14:48

Watergate lawyer: Obstruction of justice evidence 'overwhelming' James Comey will testify before the Senate Intel Committee after Memorial Day. And a W.H. official is a "significant person of interest" in the Russia probe. Nicholas Kristof, Michael Isikoff, and Jill Wine-Banks join Lawrence O'Donnell. Duration: 16:09

Was Trump team building a backchannel with Putin? Reuters reports that Trump campaign advisers had at least 18 previously undisclosed calls and emails with Russians during the campaign and sought a back channel with Vladimir Putin. Ned Price and Steve Clemons join Lawrence O'Donnell. Duration: 7:20

Secret GOP audio in 2016: 'I think Putin pays' TrumpThe Washington Post obtains secret audio of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying to Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders in private, "I think Putin pays" Donald Trump. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with Evan Osnos and David Corn. Duration: 7:56

Sen. Warner: 'Outrageous' that Trump called Comey a 'nut job'The ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee called it wildly inappropriate for the president to discuss firing James Comey with Russian officials. Duration: 4:37

What did Pence Know About Flynn? The New York Times is reporting that the Trump transition team knew Michael Flynn was under investigation. Mike Pence was the head of the transition team, but denies knowing Flynn was under investigation. Duration: 7:30

Report: Trump Asked Intelligence Chiefs to Push Back Against...Brian Williams talks with a panel about a Washington Post report that Trump asked intelligence officials to say they saw no evidence the Trump campaign had colluded with Russian election interference. Duration: 8:52

If this is not enough don't worry. Part 4 is clearly on its way.

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