May 16, 2017

Impeaching The Trump Administration For Obstruction Of Justice Part 2 - The Comey Memo

1. The Comey Firing Circus Begins - An Initial Overview Of Trumps FBI Scandal
2. The Case To Impeach The Trump Administration For Obstruction Of Justice

Simply firing Comey while he was looking into Trump Administration and Russia's backdoor connections was obstruction of justice... but now we have conclusive PAPER proof that the Trump Administration directly engaged in trying to shut down an FBI investigation into members of Trump's Administration! OMG! We DO have a Constitutional Crisis going on! And the entire Trump Administration & his loyal appointees & the GOP are in on it!

NYT: Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn InvestigationThe New York Times’ Michael Schmidt, who broke the story, brings us all the details from this memo that claims Trump asked FBI Dir. Comey to shut down Flynn investigation. Duration: 3:46

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Comey memo: Trump asked for end of Flynn investigation: NYT Mike Schmidt, reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about his scoop that James Comey's notes from a meeting with Donald Trump include a description of Trump asking Comey to end the investigation into disgraced Trump NSA Mike Flynn. Duration: 11:36

Lawrence PSA to Trump WH staff: 'Lawyer up' Donald Trump fired James Comey after asking him to drop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn raises the spectre of obstruction of justice. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with former federal prosecutor Samuel Buell, Tim Weiner, and Joy Reid. Duration: 12:57

What Donald Trump doesn't know about the Comey memo Lawrence O'Donnell explains the thing everyone working in government knows – but Donald Trump doesn't. That's the real story of the James Comey memo about his conversation with President Trump. Duration: 6:20

Screenshots comparing Nixon's Obstruction Of Justice during Watergate & Trumps...

Clearly Trump was - literally - taking a play out of Nixon's playbook!...

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Fox News IS Fake News!

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