May 25, 2017

Greg Gianforte Of Montana...A Perfect Example Of What One Of The Morons Of The Traitorous GOP Looks Like

1. Maddow Slams Bill O Reilly AND Fox News For Lying For Ratings
2. Fox News Has The Highest Ratings As A Fake News Site... Even The President Listens to Them... Yet The Media Says Nothing. 

I have long argued that there are only TWO types of Republicans. Traitors and Morons. This is an incident of a moron who doesn't know that Fox News is a treasonous lying channel designed around Nazi style propaganda.

Report backs up journalist who says GOP candidate attacked him Political reporter Ben Jacobs says GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte body slammed him. And now a FOX News team's report backs up the reporter's version of events. MSNBC's Brian Williams has more. Duration: 6:42


Liberals have been an attack point of the GOP & Fox News for while as per their bullying tactics, that often gets people killed;

24-HOUR NAZI PARTY PEOPLEClip 1/24/11Jon challenges his staff to find someone on Megyn Kelly's show making a Nazi comparison before he finishes a home perm kit.

If Greg was smart he would know that he is in a party of traitors and would seek Koch Brother money the way all these traitors do (if he has treasonous inclinations). Instead he thinks he believes the truth that he hears about the situation of the country today from a bunch of traitors (who shouldn't even be allowed to get away with ONE lies much less hours of lies as is the case today with our useless and incompetent media... as far as Journalism is concerned, they are great at public relations, which is useless for the country and its advancement. Hannity is right. Journalism is dead... and Hannity is the perfect example of it ).

I have several posts on this, here is the best one thus far;

If Fake News Is Domestic Terrorism (& It Is, I.E. "Propaganda") Then Fox News Are Domestic Terrorists

Fox "News" Corroborates Story;

This guy is a reporter who was questioned by a Sheriff. The GOP guy probably thought Fox News would back him up as to him its probably some sort of war against liberals (which makes sense since Fox News is hardcore attacking the rest of the news and the rest of the news is taking it like their little bitch, so its natural to assume that Fox News is telling the truth and the rest of the media (IN AMERICA) is not confronting them as they know they will just get exposed as traitors... THUS no scandal of Fox News & GOP lies (till Trump, but still alot of context is left out). Of course, alot of "reporters" of Fox News know they are a channel of bullshit and treason and so they are surprised when they discover a GOP politician doesn't know it, which is always amusing.

50 Fox News Lies The Morons Believe & Traitors Use JUST For Making Money From Treason

Better Call Foul - Conservatives suggest that Jon's liberal bias has poisoned the Republican brand and negatively impacted political discourse. (10:00):

Here is the Vine Daily Show put up with 50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds (with a link below so you to read them all if you don't want to tap the images over and over).

50 Fox News lies in 6 seconds. (Tap the screen to pause)

Politifact: The fact-checks behind 'The Daily Show's' 50 Fox news 'lies' (click link to view the full 50 lies Daily Show exposed & that Politifact double checked and even they agree these were all lies)

1. "In July 2010 the government said small businesses -- 60 percent -- will lose their health care, 45 percent of big business and a large percentage of individual health."
Sean Hannity, Nov. 11, 2013

Other reports on this incident;

MT GOP candidate Gianforte allegedly 'body slams' reporter Rachel Maddow reports on the claim by Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs (and mounting evidence) that Republican special election congressional candidate Greg Gianforte "body slammed" Jacobs after being asked a question. Duration: 9:53

Reporter releases recording of alleged assault by GOP candidate On the eve of Montana's special election, Greg Gianforte allegedly "body slams" Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. Ari Melber talks to local NPR reporter Sally Mauk. Charlie Sykes and Joy Reid weigh in on whether Trump's combative rhetoric contributed to the incident. Duration: 13:49

This incident is the perfect example of what happens when the high and mighty media channels ignore the highest rated traitor media channel as if it doesn't exists and doesn't influence the population and elections. (calling them crazy is not enough, you have to go after them for their lies and treason you cowards!)

Fox News IS Fake News!

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

GOP Politics

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

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