May 5, 2017

Bill O Reilly's Fall From Grace Through Sexual Scandal Rather Than The GOP's War On The People

Related context: National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month: As Bill O Reilly Gets Caught Up In Sex Scandals We Take A Look At Rape In The Military & Thier Republican Defenders

Bill O Reilly has fought in the trenches to protect the GOP and other traitors from any consequences of the Iraq War Lies and 9/11, not to mention the economic war on the people from the age of Reagan. He will surely be sorely missed.

Trevor Noah points out that Bill O Reilly didn't fall from grace because of his racist viewpoints and tactics...

BILL O'REILLY GETS THE BOOT 4/19/17 Trevor celebrates Bill O'Reilly's ouster from Fox News by looking back at some of "The O'Reilly Factor" host's most racist moments.


Daily Show introduces the topic: ALLEGED PREDATOR HONORS SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH 4/3/17 President Trump honors Sexual Assault Awareness Month, despite the fact that multiple women have accused him of sexual misconduct.


 Bill O Reilly SETTLED WITH FIVE WOMEN (!) so you know he's guilty.

Lawrence O Donnell, of Last Word, seems to have documented Bill O Reilly's scandal in full. So here are the videos for those curious of Bill's departure and how it happened...

Bill O'Reilly loses major advertiser after reports of harassment Mercedes-Benz pulls "The O'Reilly Factor" ads after reports of a $13M harassment settlement against Bill O'Reilly. Plus, a new suit against fmr. chairman Roger Ailes. Gabriel Sherman, who literally wrote the book on Fox News, calls O'Reilly's silence "striking."

New sexual harassment allegations roil Fox News Fox News is facing a new lawsuit against fmr. chairman Roger Ailes and "The O'Reilly Factor" loses a major advertiser after a report Fox News paid $13 million to settle harassment claims against Bill O'Reilly. Nancy Giles & Erin Gloria Ryan join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Lawrence to Bill O'Reilly: Sue me too Lawrence O'Donnell speaks out about allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes, telling viewers what they can do to send a direct message to O'Reilly after his attorneys threatened a defamation suit against one of his accusers.

Advertisers dump O'Reilly amid sexual harassment allegations More than a dozen companies pull advertising from Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" but Bill O'Reilly remains silent on the issue. Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Gabriel Sherman, who literally wrote the book on Fox News, about what may be next for Fox News and O'Reilly.

O'Reilly accuser Wendy Walsh describes sexual harassment Former Fox News contributor Dr. Wendy Walsh tells Lawrence O'Donnell about her encounters with Bill O'Reilly and how she feels about President Trump defending him today as not doing "anything wrong." Her attorney Lisa Bloom also joins.

As advertisers flee, can Bill O'Reilly stay at Fox? Fox News announced an official investigation of sexual harassment claims against Bill O'Reilly, using the same law firm that investigated multiple sexual harassment claims against Roger Ailes. Joan Walsh and Angelo Carusone of Media Matters join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Did Bill O'Reilly just speak his last words on Fox News? Bill O'Reilly is off the air for Easter "vacation," but Gabe Sherman reports the Murdochs are fighting over O'Reilly's future. Attorney Lisa Bloom, who is calling on New York state to investigate sexual harassment claims at Fox News, also joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

Wendy Walsh reacts to latest Bill O'Reilly developments Bill O'Reilly's Fox News career hangs in the balance because Wendy Walsh spoke out about sexual harassment. Wendy Walsh and Ana Marie Cox join Lawrence O'Donnell

Is the O'Reilly era at Fox News coming to an end? New reports - including from Murdoch-owned WSJ - say Fox News may be close to cutting ties with Bill O'Reilly. NYC Public Advocate Letitia James is asking for a probe into the sexual harassment scandal. Media Matter's Angelo Carusone also joins Lawrence O'Donnell.

Bill O'Reilly's firing and the women who made it happen Lawrence O'Donnell talks with Lisa Bloom, who represents three new Bill O'Reilly accusers. She says Fox News was forced to fire O'Reilly because "we persisted."

Three O'Reilly sexual harassment accusers speak out In their first appearance together, 3 women who accused Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment – Perquita Burgess, Caroline Heldman & Wendy Walsh – share their hopes & fears on coming forward. Attorney Lisa Bloom, who brought national attention to their stories, joins.

Three accusers on Trump's defense of O'Reilly Perquita Burgess, Caroline Heldman, and Wendy Walsh tell Lawrence O'Donnell how it felt when President Donald Trump took Bill O'Reilly's word over theirs – and attorney Lisa Bloom shares the kinds of responses they've all received since coming forward.

Fox News and combating the victim blaming culture How will the Bill O'Reilly controversy influence workplace culture and treatment of harassment claims in the future? Nancy Giles and Claudia Reis, an employment lawyer, join Ari Melber to discuss. Plus, how Fox News treated Friday's final "The Factor" episode.

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