May 1, 2017

A Case Study On How Fox News Scapegoats Muslims & Helps ISIS With Its Propaganda To Hide Its Sins

1. "Islamic Terrorism" Is An Arab Problem And Not A "Muslim" Problem - Fareed Zakaria
2. An Introduction To, And A Basic Overview Of, The Fake Economics Republicans Push
3. The Creation Of ISIS Can Be Traced Directly To The Actions Of Jeb Bush's Brother & Dick Cheney
For the longest while people, such as Jon Stewart, have been noticing that Fox News has been promoting the propaganda of terrorists as part of their regular programming and pointing it out (& then probably wondering why nothing happened)...

SHOULD WE BE SHOWING THIS? AUGUST 10, 2005 - Terrorists are using the media to spread hate and Fox News demonstrates by showing a terrorist message of hate. (2:08)

Promoting terrorist propaganda helps the GOP/Fox in two ways.

1. It helps them focus people on a scapegoat for their own crimes (since 9/11 and it's half a dozen of Government appointed experts we now have over 2800 PROFESSIONAL Architects and engineers confirming that the THREE buildings that fell on 9/11 was done with explosives, which couldn't have been done in a day or from a plane, meaning the Cheney-Bush did 9/11, possibly by allowing the terrorists the FBI was following to go through with their plans and then claiming that they were incompetent and that's why the terrorists got through... why? to increase the number of dead which increases the anger and hysteria so Bush-Cheney could carry out their treasonous plans... later this same hysteria was used against the Democrats proving once and for all that the media is useless)

2. It keeps the "war on terror" going which is the main way the GOP & Fox promote hysteria through the population to keep them subjugated through fear (media has already become useless and still talk about events without it's historical context like they are accomplishing more than bullshit/fake news).

Here you see Bill O Reilly following Bush's lead after 9/11, i.e. pushing for a "Holy War" ("Crusade" in Bush's words) as intense religious passion is a great way to motivate people for war while reducing their ability to think. (Considering what they did on 9/11 that was a smart thing).

Why is Bill O'Reilly talking about 'holy war'? Chris Hayes explains why framing the fight against ISIS as 'holy war' is not helpful. 

The basic tactic GOP/Fox is using is illustrated by this image;

Fox News demonizes all Muslims by comparison to Christians with the sort of spin you expect from Communists or the terrorists themselves. In any case,  demonizing people helps terrorists find recruits which seems to be one of the goals here (the other goal being to hide the truth of 9/11 by scapegoating a minority group)...

In the Name of the Fodder - The Fox News rapid-response team distinguishes violence in the name of a religion from the practitioners of that religion -- as long as it's Christianity. (5:17):

To enhance this message of hate (scapegoating Muslims for 9/11 and other crimes) ALL of the media focuses on calling brown murderers "terrorists" and white murderers "insane"...

Right-wing extremist attacks on the rise Rachel Maddow talks to Michael Leiter, former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, about how jihadist violence dominates the media in a way that home-grown, right-wing terror does not.

This shows a pattern of behavior that could only have worked with the support of Fox News and it's "analysts"...

Iraq war lies ignored in Republican campaign coverage - Rachel Maddow sets the record straight on the deliberate lies told to support the decision to go to war in Iraq, and talks with Dan Rather of AXS TV about how political coverage of "the Iraq question" is allowing Republican candidates to re-write history.

Iraq War Lies - In Detail (links);

Jon Stewart Interviews Judith Miller About The Iraq War & We Get An Idea Of What's Wrong With The Media (They're In Denial. They Think They Are Reporters)

GOP Economics

Fox News IS Fake News!

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