Apr 10, 2017

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 10 (2003 - Jon Stewart Becomes Batman)

Part 9: The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & Terrorism - Part 9 (2003 - Fearmongering To Keep The People From Thinking)

Part 10...

BATMAN! 3/3/03 Jon Stewart single-handedly went from town to town lowering 
the terror alert.

AUTO FOCUS 1/15/03 - Gas guzzlers and drug users in the United States must be stopped from funding terrorism.

HEADLINES - A WAR PERFECT UNION - WAR ON TERROR 1/29/03 Following Bush's speech was the Democratic response, which this year was given by Washington Governor Gary Locke because Wisconsin's Alderman was busy.

TERROR FREE VACATION 4/9/03 Rob Corddry offers travel tips for those of you looking to have a good time and not be killed by terrorists this summer.

SEATTLE TERROR DRILL 5/13/03 Ed Helms explains the simulated Seattle bombing is an event that would have been seared into our national consciousness.

The Daily Show On The "War On Terror" & "Terrorism"

Daily Show on 9/11 & It's Effects

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