Apr 25, 2017

Hannity's Righteous Anger Means Nothing. All Hannity Is, Is A Sniveling Liar.

1.If Believing & Following Lies Makes You A "Conservative" Then America Is In BIG Trouble (The Conservative Movement Is Basically JUST Terrorism/Nazism)
2. Jon Stewart: The Republicans' Refusal To Accept Any Tax Increases To Help America Out Of Debt Is Like A Doctor Believing Strictly In Magic To Cure A Patient
3. Fox News Has The Highest Ratings As A Fake News Site... Even The President Listens to Them... Yet The Media Says Nothing.

Here you see Hannity acting righteous while hes actually a sniveling liar. I put screenshots of the beginning of the bull and then put a series of Hannty's lies (that Fox News hides to get higher ratings) to show the outright hypocrisy.

Hannity: I can no longer let the slander against me slideApr. 24, 2017 - 6:47 - There is a well-orchestrated attempt to silence the voice of every single conservative in the country


Screenshots of Hannty's fake righteous anger (or misplaced righteous anger given how big of a traitor he really is! Aee links below)...

This is all BULLSHIT. Hannity is nothing but liar ...

(Punditfact just started this rating pundits things)

Links outlining the sort of treasonous lies Hannity promotes on his treasonous shows...

Lessons In Propaganda From Fox News

Fox News IS Fake News!

Lessons In Politics From The Republicans

9/11 Condensed

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